Deborah Cox - Who Do U Love Lyrics

Last night I slept alone
I stayed at home
For the first time since you've been gone babe
No friends to understand
To lend a helping hand
To ease the greatest pain I've ever known

How you walked away so easily
Still remains a mystery to me
Don't you remember that you promised me?
Yes you promised me that you'd never leave boy
But you went away babe
And it's such a shame
How could you turn your back on me?

If you really don't want me
If you really don't need me
If you really don't love me
Tell me who do you love?
If you really don't want me
If you really don't need me
If you really don't love me
Then who do you love?

I gave, gave everything
A man could ever need
I was there whenever you would call me baby
But somehow your feelings changed
You don't act the same
I guess you're not the man that I once knew at all

How you walked away so easily
Still remains a mystery to me
Don't you remember that you promised me?
Yes you promised me that you'd never leave boy
Now the love is gone babe
Tell me what went wrong
How could you leave me hanging on? Oh baby

[Chorus x 2]

I once was blind but baby now I see
That I'm not the one
Who can fill your every need
I painted a picture so clear, it's reality
Now I know, yes I know
That you're not the one for me
Ooooh baby, oh yeah
Who do you love baby?
If you don't want me
If you don't need me

How could you walk away from me?
Baby you promised you'd never leave
Slept alone since you've been gone
The greatest pain I've ever known
Oh babe, oh babe oh yeah

[Chorus x 2]

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Deborah Cox Who Do U Love Comments
  1. Lama Ghee

    This song still rock in 2020 and she lovely and can sing

  2. Jonathan Bennett

    Still watching January 2020 👍

  3. Sharon Viviers

    Song still amazing

  4. Fanella Niuia

    Yeah right .....

  5. Agnes Annor


  6. Bruno mulelu

    now i understand why they say m old

  7. Chasity nicole

    I love the dancing in the street. Deborah has a great voice.

  8. Ariues_Love

    these 90s rnb women was fine as hell. god damn

  9. Aquila PURUA


  10. Lawrence Bundala

    I'm still listening dec 2019

  11. Cleon Pierre

    Also, anybody know if that's ja rule in this video??

  12. Cleon Pierre

    Boyyyy! Those were the days! Classics! Brings back so many great memories 😌

  13. David Maine

    1:58 OMG. Deborah invented twerking. She is so innovative.

  14. jossyj1

    I remember ALL these 90's back up dancers.... AINT nothing better tan the 90's!! CLASSIC DC jam!!💕

  15. Mathew Mwalimu

    9 days to 2020 and this jam still rocks.

  16. Velda Chavez


  17. Gwen Gaykungu

    Still listen to this even though it's old school 🖤

  18. B Anderson

    She's nowhere near the talent of Janet Jackson, but I do recognize a few of her dancers here.

  19. Stephan Le

    She’s gorgeous!! ❤️❤️

  20. sam chen

    oh I love to see janet jackson 's danser in this video .... OUUUUH who do you love ....


    Nostalgia 😎

  22. Denise Collier

    who do u love fool

  23. Tamás K.

    sounds exactly as awesome when it came out - if not better ^^

  24. Beverly Hammonds

    Congratulations Beautiful

  25. Latifa Ahmed

    I miss the 1990s see how women were natural n fully dressed

  26. Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo

    Why'd I feel like going back to this life, guys?

  27. Harolyn Taylor


  28. Trieste Campbell

    Jermaine jackson boy friends make mine is be do yes you can come back to are not the delight of the most common cause I come baby is born and raised in the boss and a few of the boss and a few of them were not come back and a few of them are no just like girls fuck so good come back to are NOW I think I have fuck so good come back and a few of them were not come back and a half of them were not come back and

  29. telacy lindsey

    I love me some Deborah Cox music

  30. drunkman6914

    Jamming to this in December 2019 well into 2020 !!! Lol when her girl says don’t get sentimental on us !!!!

  31. albert issa

    Who is here dec 4 2019 ??

    Greetings from east afrca tanzania

  32. lovale lovale

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️TISH & SHAWNETTE ❤️❤️❤️💋❤️❤️

  33. Scare bear

    Was surprised to find out she was Canadian. Not too many popular black artists from Canada.

  34. Abdullahi qaboojiye

    2020 ,2021 2050 never get old this song ❤️

  35. Rumel Ali

    Bring back real music real women real beats. ....this new age garbage is so shit so confused so bland that it's total nonsense. ....

  36. Amara’s Lifestyle

    A classic

  37. Jerry Finn


  38. Russel Mohan

    'I painted a picture so clear it's reality,' Slay!

  39. Mr.M Habvane

    She is a bad ass love 😍

  40. Caroline Mbugua

    I miss when girls used to wear clothes in videos ;(

  41. Kuhle mragala

    Hahahahahah Gosh! I was 10 or 12 years. When I heard this song. Wow Miss Cox.. Certainly taking me back to childhood ❤️💃💃

  42. CheryliciouS 1

    I never seen so many guys biting their lips in the background watching all them fine ladies dance😂 dude smiling like Chris Rock too

  43. shirlaine williams

    love this bring it back real songs


    Damn how i miss the 90`s

  45. Abu Africa Mosanya

    That has to be the earliest dab I have seen

  46. Bizmark Alexander

    These ladies are thotlessly beautiful as hell , with they clothes on too 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  47. Motlatsi Lebereko

    They had their clothes on and man they still could invoke a most powerful feeling in us. 90's we had the best

  48. David Church

    Still coming back to this wonderful song and performance by my celebrity crush the beautiful and talented Deborah Cox November 2019

  49. Me Myself And I

    Love how they just kick out a whole dance routine in the middle of the

  50. bee boo

    She wasn't singing Whitney back then. But you can hear it. Watch the movie and Deborah owned shit !!

  51. Bruno Mujuni

    Good memories music will never be like dis!!!

  52. Amber Williams

    I sang this in 2001 at my high school talent show 🙌🏽😝👌🏽💁🏽‍♀️

  53. Rad Emm

    Wouh finally I catch it

  54. Delfina Castro

    Love It.

  55. free star

    Now this is music at its best

  56. Willi c

    90s is the best ....

  57. Suzy Qew

    This was my JAM!

  58. Marie-ange Joseph

    No way I was listening to the French version of Jane Fostin " la taille de ton amour" thinking it was the original...great version by the way but I never knew about this one.

  59. Rivers Bliss

    This video is so sensual and sexy and yet they have clothes on. What sorcery is this.

  60. Shea Jackson

    I might be old by saying this... but these were the good old days 😍

  61. Sarita Frances

    Her voice is incredible.

  62. Terrance Wade

    J. Lo damn near STOLE the entire choreography from this video and did it In Love Don't Cost A Thing when she performs it live

  63. wix sta

    Who use to record on VCR
    And rewind an pause to learn the dance moves. And still to this day remembers the moves and when ever it's play at a party bust out and dances each time ❤ that's what's up

  64. renee thompson

    Aren't those JJ dancers ..


    At 3.28 I was literally in goose bumps I don't know why?...

  66. MrKiwispirit

    I loved it when Tina Landon came in at the end boss entrance

  67. Chris Goffe

    ..i was chillin 😂😂

  68. luiz césar

    I don’t know why but I cried a river watching this video!if I can back to 90’s with my actually head....

  69. Isildo Pires Borges Cardoso Cardoso

    Real Love!
    I Give 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    This One of my Favourite Songs in All of This Years!
    An Unforgettable Song!
    On Top of The Best All Time Songs!💋💋💓💓💖💖💟💟

  70. Amy

    This is so 90s. High school memories.

  71. Ngarimu Solomon

    Clean vibrant

  72. Rebecca Reeves

    Take her ear rings out we rolled back then 😝

  73. anna khan

    lovethe old tunes

  74. Leigh Cox

    Love you

  75. Maletsika Matela

    Lekhale attire!!!!!!

  76. Kendra Jackson

    I’ve always loved her voice she did that

  77. Kendra Jackson

    Aye this was my shit and still is a banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Venusjones Jones

    Work it on out Mrs Deborah Cox men are Dogs ain't that the truth this my jam 🙂

  79. Jones Proctor

    great music of all time..... reminds me those 1990 -2000 years

  80. lio lef

    very cool

  81. cadarus cabdiraxmaan

    One of dancers is Janet jackson dancers that's the way life goes video.

  82. Olivia O


  83. Fa'atoina Faletagaloa

    💕👌🏼Still blasting this song mate! 👌🏼💕

  84. Patrick Essel

    still loving Deborah cox's sentimental

  85. shirajai

    That choreographer used to choreograph all of Janet’s videos

  86. Maribel Hernandez

    I just came across this song and it brought back so many memories. Now, I cannot stop listening to it 😁 🎶 🎵

  87. Kenny Osewa

    It's September 2019 and this joint is still waaay doper than most RnB out now..


  88. sabinasabina2010

    The line "take her earrings off" in the start of this video still kills me laughing to this day

  89. nyah hoppie

    i'm here the 90's still sound great

  90. Lishomwa Lishomwa

    Whisky and listening in 2019 September wow my gosh music that stood the taste of time like the taste of scotch whiskey on rocks.

  91. K Rawlly

    God I loved the 90s. Home girl at 3:07 showed up in her bells and payless sneaks to kill it hahahahaha

    Nya's World

    omg 🤣🤣🤣 I'm so glad I wasn't the only one thinking this..she came out of nowhere and killed it

  92. Ghostballs

    Michelle Obama nee Deborah Cox

  93. urogbho Cop

    I'm with flex, why is she tripping


    Her voice, her looks 🔥🔥🔥