Debison, Aselin - Most Of All Lyrics

I love the sound of the rain
Fallin' down on the roof
In the month of May
I love to feel the sun
After the rain
On my face
But most of all
Yeah most of all
I love
I love the tree's of gold
Against the blue
October sky
I love to feel the sea
Runnin' over my feet
As the waves pass by
But most of all
Yeah most of all
I love

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Debison, Aselin Most Of All Comments
  1. J P

    M Á G I C O 

  2. Golddusttwin1

    This song is so lovely.

  3. Zeldaprincess

    I really wish I had a voice like hers..

  4. Elizabeth Googe

    her voice sounds like the mixture of a kids and a grown womans lol

  5. pinkii93

    1:26 where IS that place? it's beautiful O.O

  6. Dennis O'Leary

    I find this young woman refreshing and wonderful. Her voice is unique and her talent immense. Aselin holds a rare ability to touch your inner soul.

  7. 89ptr


  8. bellasong75

    Simply beautiful

  9. bellasong75

    Love this!

  10. Audrey K

    she's 20 this year!

  11. Gilles Gauvin

    Your voice are better,,, we can see the experience. Bravo

  12. whitedove200x

    Her songs are usually short, this is too, but they're cute :) And I thik she's cute 2 :P

  13. GrangerGirl41

    i like that she still sings even tho shes older now

  14. Frank Alt

    she must be 17 or 18 now

  15. Amy Liu's all I can manage to say

  16. Nicole C

    I love how she still has that childlike purity in her voice that she did when she was 12. She grew up to be such a beautiful young woman, I'm glad shes still going. I still have her first record and play "out of the woods" all the time.

  17. bellasong75


  18. bellasong75

    I wonder if she's been doing anything else lately. I haven't heard anything.

  19. pepeneutron

    i love you Aselin Debison

  20. KarAneG

    I love this song! *-*

  21. irmoboy18

    the picture at 1:22..where is that?does anyone know?

  22. Najmods

    My girlfriend dedicated this song for me, I blushing all over. This song is simply wonderful

  23. bellasong75

    such a pretty song:)

  24. Anastasia Anagnostopoulos

    This is a sweet song. I love it. =)

  25. liteshine

    <3 this song (:

  26. Jennifer Lantzer

    I heart this song.