Debbie Gibson - Call Yourself A Lover Lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
You have no idea what a woman wants
What a woman needs
Don't go by what you hear
You won't find it in the books you read
Come on strong man
That's the wrong man for me
Have you no clue
What a real man's supposed to be

So you call yourself a lover
A romeo, a Cassanova
Thinkin' that there is no other
Well guess again
Don't you think yourself attractive
Your mind's a bit too overactive
You don't know from any other
So you call yourself a lover

[VERSE 2:]
Once upon a time
Maybe then some help, just what we needed

Wake up the world has changed
I just need your touch some tlc
I won't shrivel up and die without you
The sooner the better you hear those words
Ring aloud and true


They say romance
Is dead and gone, gone, gone
Don't you know it's love sweet love
That this girls world is built upon
A token to show
A tall tale to tell
Won't get you anywhere with me


A romeo, a Cassanova
Thinkin' that there is no other

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Debbie Gibson Call Yourself A Lover Comments
  1. Maurilio Pasquini Neto

    Vai fazer em 2020, 25 anos em que debbie Gibson lançou seu 1 ,único e último disco pela emi music think your heart ,também vai fazer 30 anos em que ela lançou o 3 disco pela Warner music, anything its possible

  2. Timothy Yap

    love this song! thanks! do you have "you know me" the other japan only track from the same album. love to hear the other one too. thanks

  3. Steve Lee

    OMG, I forgot about this gem!

  4. Eric Springer

    Look for Think With Your Heart the Japanese was a non lp track and did not appear on the american release...try looking on Ebay for the cd

  5. Eric Springer

    this song should have been done on the american release, but no matter it is a great song

  6. sunny631

    I have been looking everywhere for this song. Thank You!