Deaf Havana - Cassiopeia Lyrics

I blacked out ‘til the morning broke,
I was swallowing glass and inhaling smoke,
I lost my mind in a haze of cobbled streets and broken windows.
I managed to get away, for a minute or two,
to catch my breath, just long enough to catch sight of a man with a broken nose and a bandaged leg,
sleeping silently in a photo booth on the road where I caught a cab,
back through the heart of the tourist district and into our rundown, rented pad.

I met a strange girl from Brazil,
she made me laugh for an hour or two and it took me back to the festival where I was sure that I was gonna go (die).
But then I bought a beer from a nice bar lady with the kindest eyes that I’d ever seen,
she said "...take a water too honey, it’s warm outside, we don’t want you dying do we..."

Oh Berlin my love, I’ve got you underneath my skin.
In the early hours of the morning, I can’t help but let you in/win.

I was there talking to you about some of the shit they’d put you through,
and I knew that this could be my chance to get you closer.
So I met you round the back, away from the others,
I was trying to fight off my brother but I knew,
I knew that you didn’t have eyes for me...

I’ve got a fire and it burns in me, it takes me back to the very day I was with you there.
I’ve got a fire and it burns in me, I knew back then it was clear to see that I was running scared.

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Deaf Havana Cassiopeia Comments
  1. Simon Franklin

    Everything i love about music. Right here. No arguments

  2. Akintunde-Rotimi Olawale

    Why would anyone dislike this song?

  3. Синельников Александр


  4. Thomas Bliss

    Norfolk's own, love this band!

  5. Gordana Irina

    everything about this song is perfect 💕

  6. Paul Taylor

    My favourite DH song. So good.

  7. Billy The Flid

    This is better than anything on the new album. They should have stuck with this direction and not followed the trendy indie rock sound of the new album. Deaf Havana have so much potential, they could be the next U2, only good. Deaf Havana have an identity crisis.

  8. Jessica Rodrigues

    meu sonho vcs no brasil... pelo amor de DEUS!!!!

  9. poisenbery

    James, turn down the EQ on your vocals.

  10. Kyle Ginn

    Bloody good this

  11. Abi Askew

    whatever direction deaf havana choose to go, I can't help but love it. all the music they create is just fantastic

  12. Moni Alex

    ❤️ Deaf Havana

  13. David Allan

    Jesus Christ this is good

  14. Oliver Berisford

    This song makes me miss Berlin so much

  15. Синельников Александр

    This is a most beautiful song. Strange and strong. With love from Russia

  16. Melissa Ann

    I'm so happy this song is longer than your average run time. Beautiful.

  17. Holly Morgan

    totally different from other DH songs but it will always be my favourite.
    Love from Canada

  18. Gafner Christian

    this is so good! and then there is this part of me who misses Chris, cause i see now the effect he had on the band.. nevertheless the song's brilliant, but deaf havana will never be the same without him.

  19. Rick Astley

    Amazing guys, very attractive video.

  20. Paul Ockenden

    Deaf Havana constantly amaze me with their reinvention of their sound exploring various genres with epic conclusions yet all the time retaining the magic chemistry they have as a band.

  21. seleven - Gameplays, Reviews and more!

    I need a new album NOW! :c

  22. HenriqueSilvaG12

    Tu conheceu a Brasileirinha então...

  23. Setfly Rock

    the only problems is the indie way of they are taking for the strumental :/

  24. Petr Boska Nylander

    The most epic song I have heard at live show. Their intro and then transition into the song is simply amazing and gave me shivers all over the body.

  25. Mr Cyn

    They have a lot of good tracks but I think this is their best yet. Great melody, well performed and the lyrics really tell a story.

  26. MaiHead

    They brought their old style back! I love it !

  27. Interestingenough4

    This is a nice return to the "Smiles All Round"/Fools and Worthless Liars pop-punk/alternative rock sound. I did enjoy some of the songs off of Old Souls, but it felt like they were going through some growing pains on that album.

  28. Marta Santos Lagares

    I'm still waiting for the new album.

  29. Alex Putz

    Fell asleep trying to listen to this, where the good music go?

  30. Char10tti3

    Just found gnoosic online nd I love it, found loads of great songs and bands already :-D

  31. Bryan Pasupathi

    wtf!! this song deserves more attention honestly.

  32. WoodenGhost

    this is fucking perfect, I hope there next album will be similar to this.

  33. Nori Jan

    Even though i have like 500 rock song, this one is the only one i've been listening for days...can't get enough... i didn't know you at all but gonna check your work for sure, good job quys !!

  34. Senim Silla

    Absolutely love this track!

  35. Darryl Shabong

    Man they got that old style again...which i LOVE!!! Keep it up guys i can't wait for the album. Cheers from India!!!

  36. Martino Martino

    so catchy

  37. juanita gaitan

    the people that dislike this have no taste in music. this song is so amazing, have a lot of smiles all around in and I love it 💕

  38. englandleeds

    Seriously one of the best songs they have made

  39. avimukta1

    Great song and a cool video

  40. Dzur

    I don't understand people's dislike of "Old Souls" in the fan base. I'm a massive DH fan and always will be, no matter in what direction they take their sound. I think James is a musical genius and have been so happy with everything he's written and they've put out. I don't know who can listen to "Saved" or "Tuesday People" from "Old Souls" and not be swept up in the sound and poetry of the songs.

    Having said that, I do like that this sounds more like "Fools & Worthless Liars", which to me is their best album.

    Scott Smillie

    I agree

    Michael Lilley

    100 percent. same. huge fan of everything. I want the next album to be all like this. to be honest. I didn't think they would ever beat anything since they released smiles all round. feck was I wrong

    Juampa Ortiz

    +Dzur I think these people loved the first album that is more hardcore and not this beautiful simplicity. I heard all 3 of their cds and I think they were evolving in the latest two, to a more simplistic and centered type of songs. You can actually hear in Fools and Worthless Liars some of the songs are like their first album, such as I'm a bore Mostly and Leeches, and some like the latest album such as I Will Try and Hunstanton Pier. Now, with Cassiopeia, they are deepening this latest genre more, with the unique sound James can make.


    +Dzur it could be because the band sounds totally different from how they used to

    Aaron Marshall

    +Juampa Ortiz they have done 4 cds. what about "its called the easy life?"

  41. Nadine Botterman

    Fuck yes!

  42. Matt Ramsden

    Amazing work guys, I believe that music is like religion, it can take u to another level and when I hear great music like this it takes me away. Your progression has bin outstanding and I can't wait for the album to drop, hope there will be a tour soon as it would be awesome to see u guys in Leeds. Keep up the good work

  43. Unwelcome Jonnie

    What a comeback! Waiting more from you guys

  44. David Stone

    Such an underrated group. They keep growing their sound and I'm excited for their future

  45. tu tu

    [ this is so good i'm crying ]

  46. Rebbecca Thompson

    Never a disappointment sooooooooo goood

  47. Ashley Standfield

    I remember seeing these guys like 4 yrs ago when they came to coventry, I didn't know whole they were when i bought the tickets but man im glad i did! I lost my best shirt that night, crowd surfed by mistake and met some of my very closest friends! To this day, I STILL FUCKING LOVE DEAF HAVANA!

  48. Douglas Hill

    As ever pure quality

  49. SonPan96

    You guys deserve to be more famous. Brilliant stuff.

  50. Zdeněk Marek

    Who the hell gave it a disslike? We will find you!!! :D

    oldskool heineken

    +Zdeněk Marek awww i was gonna t-bag him :/

  51. laura H


  52. Matt Morse

    Incredible, can't wait for this album please release it soon!

  53. DL Johnsss

    how does this not have more views?
    good song, reminds me a bit of old deaf havana :D

  54. Sam Sanders

    This is fucking great

  55. satryo pradana


  56. quietriot

    Great song, but please don't get stuck in Berlin. The city will eat you up. :P

  57. Sonic J Marz Jr


  58. Andrés Felipe Gómez Uribe

    Man! this song is just incredible! I can't describe what I feel every time I listen to your songs. Please come to Colombia!

  59. lindsey taylor

    Love this so much!

  60. Perri Bowman

    Worth the wait! Welcome back boys!

  61. Alex Jones

    It sounds way more like fools and worthless liars, than old souls... this makes me so happy!

  62. Matt Childs

    back to their best!! can't stop listening to it! it's been a while and I am not disappointed

  63. Bea Kujawsky

    There is a club called Cassiopeia in Berlin. Wondering if they went there. Anyways great song. Come back to Berlin soon, please :D

  64. dotkomist

    Deaf Havana really are fucking brilliant aren't they

  65. G Markos

    Great Voice//Great Music!!!Loved it!!!

  66. Kea-ra Jackson

    Absolutely amazing!! Yet another awesome tune from your guys!

  67. Coquewar

    This song is dedicated to Oberyn Martell

  68. Wilza

    8,500 views, nearly 500 likes, and zero dislikes. That's pretty impressive.

    Charlie Lord

    How's 170k views?

  69. jessica barker

    love the new track guys takes me back to previous tracks good to see some new stuff from you can't wait for what's to come x

  70. András Alexa

    wow its actually not folk LOL love you guys <3

  71. Nathan Clare

    One of the best Deaf Havana songs yet! Why oh why can it not be a whole album though I'm impatient for more new James!

  72. Euan Robertson

    Different from what i was expecting, especially after the different vibe of Old Souls but I cannot get enough of this! Lyrics are incredible as per.

  73. ZeusNoTenshi

    For me, this is a great return to form for DH. Hopefully songs like this become the norm rather than the exception going forward.

  74. MB2314

    Love it guys!

  75. Sam C

    playing this tune none stop. favourite band

  76. oldskool heineken

    amazing :D , they just keep getting better and better :D

  77. 로라

    Amazing, I love it. Come back to Birmingham on tour next UK tour, this needs to be heard live!

  78. Jack Prentice

    Amazing !

  79. Katnip

    I love this! Old Souls had some seriously catchy tunes as well but this is just beautiful to listen to, great job guys☺️

  80. axel de soomer


  81. Coquewar

    Thank god you guys are making good songs again!

  82. Sean Messier

    This could not possibly be better. Sounds like it'd be massive live.

    Dabba Jabell

    +Sean Messier It is, my favourite song that they played on their recent tour, along with the past six years.

    BeardedBuffoon Gaming

    when I saw them a few weeks ago in leicester and they opened with this. it's such a huge song live.

    Dabba Jabell

    Yeah I was there too :)

    Hä was is hier

    Saw them a few days ago opening for Jimmy Eat World in Germany where they played this song; so so awesome live! Definitely a fan now.

  83. Yazmin Dinnematin

    Been waiting for this for a while and I am not disappointed!

  84. Eskild E


  85. Crutiancookie

    true detective season 3?

  86. stuart clarke

    Good song . Didnt really feel the last album. Maybe cos of the shift in sound but this is mint

  87. Martijn.

    well.. this song is going on repeat for a few hours


    Yes, same here. This and Leeches is really difficult to get sick of in my opinion.

  88. Xselleton

    This is more melodic than their last two albums which I loved but I'm not disappointed at all. Sounds great!

  89. blackmarya

    yes! welcome back!! :D

  90. Hakan Tekin

    Reminds me of Smiles All Round era Deaf Havana and I love it

  91. SofiaMolko

    Speechless. I'm so proud of you, you guys never stop to amaze me

  92. Jack Boughen


  93. Katy Anne

    Love it!


    +Katy Anne hey katy haha

    Katy Anne

    +laurabirkin12 we are so in sync LB ;)


    +Katy Anne yesss, great minds think alike aye :) !

    Walking Exploring Urbex UK

    deffo good ;) x

  94. Paul Ambrusch

    deaf havana is back!!

  95. SwannP


  96. Josie Myers

    Amazing. Proud of you guys, can't wait to hear this live.

  97. Glenn Mario DeMarco Hammond

    DEAF HAVANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. UnarmedTV

    Simply incredible!

  99. Mette Koch

    Perfection!! Welcome back :D

  100. Sam Parsons

    You guys just keep on getting better and better. This definitely has a Nicotene and Alcohol feel to it. Can't wait for the rest of the album!