Deaf Havana - Anemophobia Part II Lyrics

I took a boat the other day
And I felt like things had changed
The calm of open water
Numbed my nerves away
But the clouds are coming in
And I felt my body shiver
I guess it's just my trigger
To revert to darker days

I still worry about the weather
But not as much as I used to
I think I'm getting better
Or maybe growing up
I know I'm growing old
'Cause the cracks begin to show
When I wonder where did twenty-five years go

I see it now
It's not what I need
'Cause a saving grace
Never came along for me
I see it now
And I'm asking for help
And only I can fix myself
I see it now

I feel so ashamed some times
'Cause I'm a privileged man
With a privileged life
My friends have suffered tragedy
And terminal disease
Yet they still laugh about the bad
Because the good is all they see

I see it now
It's not what I need
'Cause a saving grace
Never came along for me
I see it now
But I'm asking for help
'Cause only I can fix myself
I see it now
I see it now

I'm not quite there
I remember names and faces
But I haven't got away from this place
Maybe it's for the better
Maybe I'm just better off this way

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Deaf Havana Anemophobia Part II Comments
  1. Yoni


  2. whaat now

    WHAT a tune. In love.

  3. MyLittleDashie 7

    Well the first part made me cry when I first heard it, only reasonable this one would to.

  4. Kyle William

    Can’t wait to finally have this on CD and download on 27/10

  5. Kyle William

    Gotta be one of the best on the album. What a stunning song

  6. Dimitris Vasileias

    Is there literary any way you can provide us with a download link to this? I need this in studio quality!

    Liam Ibberson

    Dimitris Vasileias nope! Going to have to buy the album 😊 its worth it

    Dimitris Vasileias

    Already have man but the standard version, it kinda sucks now cause I really wanted that song

  7. Dimitris Vasileias

    Its like my story has been moving along from part 1 to part 2 now, the ways I can relate to both songs are unreal

  8. Jack


  9. Graeme Costa

    Hmmm. Is the original Amenophobia or part 2 my favourite song of the last few years ? Can't decide.

  10. missing hours

    this is real growth and natural progression as musicans and humans. deaf havana is one of the few bands from a whole slew of bands I started listening to 8 to 10 yrs ago that isnt actually regressing and getting worse or just remaining complacent. most all the other bands that I started listening to from that 2007-2010 era havent grown a bit and are still putting out complete shit aimed towards high schoolers/middle schoolers

  11. MusicallyInclined101

    anyone else feel really old now?

  12. Kevin Meakin

    Stunning album, great band

  13. Bouhraoua Karim

    great song by a great band.

  14. ladydiuk

    Need to buy CD now . Enjoyed Anemophobia Alternative version on Fools and Worthless Liars too !

  15. Amanda Jennings

    Might be even better than part one. Sooo good! Thanks for posting!

  16. nibblerseven

    Was the deluxe CD regional? I'm from the States and I was super bummed when I didn't get this track.

    Liam Ibberson

    nibblerseven they are a England based band pretty much so it's likely yeah.m


    Yeah, I know. It doesn't make me feel any better though haha

    Liam Ibberson

    nibblerseven there's loads of American released stuff I can't get hold of either. Pretty frustrating haha but yeah this track isn't even a hidden track

  17. lee p

    This is the most amazing and beautiful song I've heard in a while.. please don't ever delete this 🤞🏻


    All These Countless Nights (Reworked) NOT available in the US. It sucks to not be able to listen tho this album.

  18. Shaun Hall

    such beautiful powerful songs love the new album can't wait to see them again

    Liam Ibberson

    Shaun Hall agree with you completely! Might get a Vinyl player anyway 😂

    Shaun Hall

    😂 yeah do that I'll only buy it once it's available for purchase anyway but if I can get a listen beforehand I'm not gonna say no :)

    Liam Ibberson

    Shaun Hall all of Linkin Parks early albums sound insane on it apparently! If you're into them

    Shaun Hall

    Yeah I love all their old stuff from the 90s wasn't to keen on their new stuff so don't follow them like I did but I'll give it a listen when I get 5 since you're recommending them must be picking back up again :)

    Ollie Flux

    I've got the Sickago vinyl and its such an amazing song, it should really be a single it's that good, really should be released because the world needs to hear that song.

  19. Lewis Whittaker

    This is literally the best thing since sliced bread

    Josh Collier

    Soz Mr Calvert

  20. Paige Nolan

    Yessss! Thank you so much, I haven't had the money to buy the album yet and I've been dying to listen to this!

    Liam Ibberson

    Paige Nolan Best song on the album in my opinion :) ooh and 'pretty low'

    Sam Thorpe

    Yeah deaf Havana are one of the best bands in the country when you listen to happiness lyrics carefully through out

  21. Heart Condition Kid

    Daddy's back and just as good as ever

  22. Paul Ockenden

    dumbstruck by the sheer brilliance of this track ❤

  23. Oliver Watson

    how did you get hold of this?? thanks so much for uploading!

    Liam Ibberson

    Olly Watson it's available only by CD or VINYl on the deluxe edition

  24. David Barron

    Thanks for posting this, waiting on my copy to arrive!

  25. SuperKlessa

    Can you please upload Sickago?

    Liam Ibberson

    SuperKlessa unfortunately I don't have the vinyl or a vinyl player

  26. poeticchances

    thanku for posting this, for some reason i didn't get the deluxe CD so didn't have this on my pre-order!!

  27. Vikki Black

    Thank you! Do you have Sickago too from the vinyl?

    Liam Ibberson

    Vikki Black unfortunately I don't have the vinyl or a vinyl player

  28. Laura Elwin Haner

    Thank you so much, I've been dying to hear this !