Dead Or Alive - Total Stranger Lyrics

It's funny, with you
I really felt secure
Because I wanted to
Who is zoomin' who
But I really must explain
That I can't hide the pain
When you enjoy yourself
With someone else

But there's one thing
That you should know about me
That I can't stand the lies
That I can't take the infidelity

I know you've been seeing
A total stranger
(A total stranger)
All the love we built
Has been tumbled down
'Cause of a total stranger
A total stranger
I know (I know)
You've been seeing
A total stranger
(A total stranger)
Everything we had
Has been thrown away
'Cause of a total stranger
A total stranger

What's good for you
Is good for me, too
And I've had enough
Of your lying
Enough is enough
I've taken to much
You've made your mistake
Now you're crying

You better beware
When I come to town
I'm gonna paint it so red
You'll think it's burning down
That's how I got my name
(How I got my name)
And some things never change
And so I'm going home
Into the party zone

But there's one thing
You've got to know about me
That I can't stand the lies
That I can't take the infidelity

And I know you've been seeing
A total stranger
(A total stranger)
All the love we built
Has been thrown away
'Cause of a total stranger
A total stranger
I know, I know
You've been seeing
A total stranger
A total stranger
Boom, boom
With a total stranger
A total stranger

What has been done
Should never have been
You were just headed for heartbreak
I won't pretend
That I'll be your friend
You pay for mistakes

Now I know your game
I know what must be done
I'm gonna fan the flame
You will remember my name

Oh baby, I know
You've been seeing
A total stranger
In the boom-boom room
With a total stranger
A total stranger

And all of the time
That you were out all night
Well, I already knew
It was me who's fooling you

And I know you've been seeing
A total stranger
(A total stranger)
All the love we built
Has been thrown away
'Cause of a total stranger
A total stranger
I know, I know
You've been seeing
A total stranger
(A total stranger)
Boom, boom
With a total stranger
A total stranger

I know what you've been doing
With a total stranger
(A total stranger)
Everything we had
Has been thrown away
But it was me who was fooling you

Now, baby, and I know
I'm gonna, I'm gonna fan that flame
Because I'm goin' home
To the party zone

I know, I know, I know, I know
You've been seeing
A total stranger
(A total stranger)
Everything we had
Has been thrown away
And so I'm goin' home
To the party zone

And that's how I got my name
(How I got my name)
I'm gonna fan that flame
(Gonna fan that flame)
I know your game
So I know what must be done
But I was foolin' you

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Dead Or Alive Total Stranger Comments
  1. Michaela Jurčová


  2. 薫木村

    It might have been the pinnacle that these places could reach by shaping.
    Who else wanted to do so far?
    And he ended up ruining it.
    He was like a splendid red apple full of additives.
    A dangerous spirit, an extreme personality, a beautiful but unusual appearance, a violent way of life.
    He was a wounded but unforgettable person.

  3. francés team

    Hermoso por siempre pete

  4. William H. Baird

    Sad to loose such a talent

  5. Jose Angel Orge Iglesias

    Estaba guapisimo..... sus gestos, su encanta

  6. girly girl

    nobody :
    me, when I get my nails done :

  7. ldognz

    A great'''singer

  8. Felipe silver arrow foxx

    Dra Aniela Moreira endocrinologista do centro de especialidades de Hortolândia SP purinha!
    O Pete burns é clone da dra Aniela 😂😂😂

  9. Emil Kiełczyński

    Fan The Flame (Part I) is an very underrated album.

  10. 薫木村

    Good appearance but like an actress of Holly Wood in 1950's.I don't like it.

  11. ldognz

    This is my favourite song:)

  12. Laurence Cooper

    he was so himself

  13. W Odb

    Great song pete you're unique viva dead or alive forever you look great in the clip R.I.P. P E T E we'll never forget you ! ! !

  14. Angela Emo

    Had this song in my head last night sleep and had to come on YouTube and listen to this song ❤️

  15. ldognz

    Miss this beautiful person:)

  16. Adriana Castillo

    Here he was only 30 Years!

  17. mychesturseat

    so beautiful then

  18. Ocelotl Izquitl

    The original Theme musical of Taric (League of Legends)

  19. ldognz

    I love this guy

  20. random person

    F that rip bs! come back Pete to haunt and possess us!

  21. ldognz

    anyone?he is great:):)

    Juan Guess

    He's amazing!!! 😍😍😍

  22. Rodrigo Algorta

    Perfectness. Such a beautiful person and artist. One would hope to reach that level someday.

  23. Jason Coletta


  24. E・F 92


  25. Al Ale

    Pete Cher Burns.

  26. Agustin Cuenca

    Eeessspectacularr....como siempre teeeemazzzzooooo...kkk buenooo...

  27. Snice !

    Wow! I loved this song. Then I forgot about it. Then I saw it again. I love it!

  28. James W Bell

    Ironically prophetic this song in some respects

  29. Felipe silver arrow foxx

    A Dra aniella Moreira endocrinologista daqui do centro de especialidades médicas de Hortolândia SP canta muito hein 😂😂😂

  30. Daniel Asamota

    some people in memphis tn during this time were just such srdent dream killers. I wanted to go to england during this time and start a band and put out some music, but everyone around me told me I couldn't sing. Never made it to england but left that racist (kkk used to always come to us espousing hatred) despicable memphis tn, and am happy here in Boston with my lover.

  31. 한슬

    my pete, our pete. rest in peace. i miss you

    Juan Guess


  32. Daniel Asamota

    he was so cute...r.i.p. sista gurl

  33. Dead Dentist

    Jonny 🐈 Jesus Christ loves you. U R going to Heaven. peace and love from San Antonio Texas,Grace

  34. Pedro Delgado Jr

    Wow cool video 💚🧡💖💗💕💘💙💜😄🤘🏼❣️✝️💯👍🏼✌🏽😀🤟🏼❤️😋😛👨‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤🌈🌈🌈✨✨✨🌟⭐️💫🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Noelia Burns

    omg your hands so beautiful

  36. dedpxl

    Nice song! I haven't heard it before.
    Is this really a remix though? I just checked the original version and it sounds the same.

    Juan Guess


  37. Isabel Johnsyn rosario

    definitely nobody like my idol for ever.

  38. Brad Bernier

    Wish there was a version with NO TIME stamp on it. I could do some amazing re-editing!!

  39. Junno Junno

    This video makes me think of every person who we tell “you look great” but they just don’t know how to stop. He over did it. So sad he is gone

  40. bonbondevi


  41. ldognz

    no-one appreciates this wonderful artist

  42. ldognz

    it's such a tragedy that no-one understands an artist like him or appreciates him and now he's gone

  43. Laurence Cooper

    he was the best :)

  44. Larissa HH85

    No creo que vuelva a ver en mi vida algo más icónico que sus miradas💘

    Safe And Elegant

    Larissa HH85 era fantástico

    Larissa HH85

    Martín Acevedo Fuentes la era de fan the flame resaltó su elegancia en todos los sentidos. Me encanta cómo luce aquí♥

    Fan de Dead or alive

    Larissa HH85 Fan The Flame es mi 2 álbum favorito

    Larissa HH85

    Fan de Dead or alive este mes pasado me acabo de escuchar este albúm y estoy fascinada💕

    Fan de Dead or alive

    Larissa HH85 Ahora te falta Nukleopatra

  45. ldognz

    an absolutely fantastic artist

  46. ldognz


  47. ldognz


  48. Martin Beckett

    Cher's sister???

    Al Ale



    Ser o no ser ahi esta el detalle

  50. mike nedoma


  51. Jenni Rayflo

    he was so pretty :/

  52. Rhonda Johnson

    I take it he wanted a girl's face but a dick!! Now that's messed up!; He was sexy as hell and had a voice like no other!! RIP PETE!!

  53. Laurence Cooper

    what a fantastic artist

  54. Garry Whiting

    me and my gay partner Stephen Clarke like dead or alive too now as well


    i love how this song sounds like a vocal track in an old JRPG

  56. Voize Art

    when he gives you this look in the eyes. 3:20

    Juan Guess

    I know it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  57. Mary Stanley

    His boyfriend must have went out creeping on him so he wrote a song about it...


    You meant his wife? Pete was married to a woman back then. They've been married for over 20 years.

    Al Ale

    @dancelover020 that's pretty disguisting


    @Al Ale To you maybe. To me love is love. Not that narrow minded.

    Al Ale

    @dancelover020 it' not me.It's nature

  58. Cristina Canteros

    disco fiesta

  59. Coco Cat

    Happy Birthday, my love Pete!

  60. marisol arteaga

    He was a beautiful princess...

    Al Ale

    Princess?he had a dick

  61. rosanna zucchelli

    I'm still spinning...

  62. Marlon Mercury

    Beautiful music

  63. ldognz

    anybody out there ?

  64. ldognz

    such a unique artist he lost his way I think

  65. ldognz

    such a fascinating artist

  66. ldognz

    Such an icon

  67. A A

    I think he really wanted to be a woman, but didn't have the balls to go thru the change

    Ari Martini

    Don't judge a book by its cover. Pete said so many times that he never wanted to be a woman. On twitter once he responded to someone saying that he was more than happy to be a man, and that he was proud of his "cock and balls" or something like that. If he REALLY wanted to be a woman I think he would've at least taken hormones, which is something he never did.

  68. ldognz

    pete burns wonderful person so missed

  69. ldognz

    so beautiful

  70. Felipe silver arrow foxx

    musicao essa musica assim como come home with me baby. pete burns sempre sera pete burns, nego pode falar e tudo...mas outro como ele não vai existir. Saudades.

    Muriel Linck

    Concordo plenamente, infelizmente eu sou muito nova pra ter acompanhado ele e a banda desde o começo, mas já sei que igual ele nunca vai ter

  71. Vanessa Amaya

    my beloved <3

  72. Isabella B

    pete was truly the prettiest of the pretty boys rip sweetie

  73. Yamil Miles

    Sweet Angel.... you will forever be precious & so beautiful to us.... you are missed. Thank you for leaving us such lovely memories 💜💜💜

  74. Rick Juarez

    Johnny Cat you have provided us with some GREAT music on this site and I thank you!

  75. Rick Juarez

    This FAN THE FLAME album is my most favorite.

  76. Miranda Holley

    He should've stopped here. He was so gorgeous. RIP Pete

    Ari Martini

    Yes he was gorgeous. Too bad he became addicted to plastic surgery and ruined his face :(

    Miranda Holley

    Ari Martini I wish someone could've told him he didnt need it in the first place or get him some mental help.

  77. Jules Quiet Outdoors

    His voice at 6:04 .. wow

  78. Donovan Cerati

    como me calentaba verlo...hacia que se me parara y aun hoy lo veo y me la pone tiesa...y talentoso aparte...!!! r.i.p


    i was always amazed by DEAD OR ALIVE when they first came out in the states in the eighties, and always had to have any thing they would put out since i was drawn by their creativity and art., since he has past i am consumed by his music and videos . This song is a real gem the music puts you in a real feel good mood. PETE BURNS was a real artist and performer . thanks for the great music and memories , RIP!!

  80. Kenneth Schulte


  81. Darwin Molleturo

    yesterday i met a stranger, and i imagined this song

  82. thewaverleyboys tangier

    R.I.P Pete,You looked great in this vid.What a waste of such a bitchy but nice queen.Ill really miss him.

  83. Sandra Mowery

    Fantastic song and he does it so perfectly !

  84. javier rosario

    just discovering this talent Wow rest in peace!!!

  85. Belle R

    another great soul/talent that brought us freedom..the loss is so great at such times..

  86. Jennifer N

    He is so beautiful

  87. GlamZombie

    Mi guaguita :'(

  88. thewaverleyboys tangier

    R.i.P Pete,This is how he should stayed like,Towards the end it did not suit him,He was very attractive in this video.

  89. Gladys Donayre


    Isabel Johnsyn rosario

    he looked so beautiful in that video. why he could not stay like that?

  90. Lu Lu

    always loved this song❤ RIP MY ANGEL😭❤

  91. jman4208

    0:42 to 0:57 I'd like for that bit to be put in a loop or someone to make a song using just that melody. I think Pete looked gorgeous here no need to continue with surgery.

    Cherr D.

    He's gorgeous here, but he was gorgeous with his original looks as well (which I prefer).

    Angela Emo

    Surgery was his addiction sadly. Just like someone’s addiction could be drinking sodas.

  92. 赤石澤康江

    RIP Pete Burns😢

  93. fletchyface

    3:21 ICONIC AF

    Ari Martini

    Why iconic?


    R.I.P Pete .Gracias amigo!!! :(....

  95. stchristopher28

    One of the best songs from him. RIP Pete

  96. aja mazin


  97. aja mazin

    So great!

  98. Joaquín Oyarzún Ried

    Bye queen... RIP

    Gummy Heart

    Amy Jade he was both lol he was a king and queen

    Yamil Miles

    He was everything all in one.... Pure Genius ahead of his time.... King.... Queen....and owner of the game of changes & reinventions. 💜💜💜

    random person

    He was a King to me.

    Ursa Chatulu

    @Yamil Miles Big Daddy of the rythm

  99. Manuel Esaú Pineda Hernández

    RIP Pete

    Taverne katty



    Rest in peace Pete Burns 😭💔