Dead Or Alive - My Forbidden Lover Lyrics

People say you're a devil in disguise
I don't care just tell me all your sweet lies
Usually I do not like your kind
I want your body, don't care about your mind

You're my forbidden lover
Got no time for any other
Everyone would have a love that they keep secret, yeah
You're my forbidden lover
Got no time for any other
Pin my heart upon your sleeve and you can keep it.

Every time you walk out of the door
I hope you'll hurry back
You got me wanting more.
When we love, I'm really in a groove
The way you kiss kiss kiss kiss
You make my body move

When you are near and we're together
You're love takes me to heaven

You're my forbidden lover...

Money can't buy what you got
What you got I've got to have
You really take me to the top,
With your love.

Take me to heaven

You're my forbidden lover...

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Dead Or Alive My Forbidden Lover Comments
  1. jmgv75

    Great tune...

  2. E・F 92


  3. Snice !

    I was humming this song for the last few days! I needed to hear it I had only heard it once

  4. Forever MPH

    This was my favorite song on "Nude" - such a great groove and so sexy!  I always wished that they would have made a music video for it.

    Purple Spartan

    Forever MPH I'll make one!!!

  5. Cherr D.

    "Nude" was such an amazing album!  I don't know why it wasn't more popular, especially in the U.S.  You can tell that this song is going to be great from the first few notes.

  6. Malec AF


  7. Malec AF


  8. Malec AF


  9. Elisa Rosenqvist

    I love this so much! ♥

  10. tanukiss52

    this song makes me feel alive:D, it´s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cherr D.

    +tanukiss52 -- I agree; it's such a SEXY song!!!  I especially like the part where he says, "Take me to Heaven."

  11. Yes eung LEE

    He has great musical sense which can appeal to east to west.

  12. Nahla Fathy

    love it

  13. Keiran Counsell

    i was born in 1994 but i still think dead or alive are one of the best ever pop groups from the 80's in my opinion, but most people from the 80's only know them for spin me round (like a record)

    Purple Spartan

    Keiran Counsell I Agree! They Are Underrated!

  14. Lycan2107

    @NastyChrisVideo i agree got the albim and it was very underated ... pete burns never got the true chance he deserved


    because people are stupid...they don,t listen the wright song...that,s why that song did not pump out of the charts...


    good dance song of it...

  17. Szabolcs Szerepi

    :) This song was my fav from this album! I love it! I was 14 when the single came out!

  18. NastyChrisVideo

    I am sure that this song could be a major hit of the 80's.
    it's very 80''s a pity that all the counties ignored this awesome album

    Inna Bee

    NastyChrisVideo I really can't understand how and why they were ignored!

  19. Angel Papa

    great 80's memories!!!