Dead Or Alive - I Cannot Carry On Lyrics

When I last saw you
You seemed the same
Not much had changed
Then I walked past your window
You were there with somebody else
And I knew their name
But I still feel the same
Should I just walk on by
If you're with someone else I'll surely die
Oh I would surely die.

Don't wake me if I'm dreaming
You know what I am dreaming of
That you what me to want you
Well, I still want your love.

I cannot carry on
Now that we're through
I used to have the best times with you
Everyday is the same
When I'm not with you
It's winter again and there's nothing to do
Now that you're gone
I cannot carry on

My world is empty
But I feel no pain
I'll never fall in love again, uh uh
And if you're new love should let you down
Don't you think twice, just hurry around

You know that I'll be waitin'
To have you back with me again
And if you do not want me
Tell me that this is the end

I cannot carry on....

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Dead Or Alive I Cannot Carry On Comments
  1. pasjonatleonawachholza

    Jedno z piękniejszych nagrań Dead Or Alive.

  2. Ma Sanz

    My favourite one ♥️♥️♥️ R.I.P Pet B

  3. Caryn D Prescott


  4. James Griffiths

    My fucking Icon gives me so much confidence and power luv ya pete rest in peace beautiful

  5. James Griffiths

    Pete is my idol. We have a lot in common his mum was suffering with depression and trying to end her life. My dad suffers the same but the one thing pete has taught me is we are not the only ones and to stay strong. This song reminds me of the bond me and my dad have. Thanks you to my idol pete . RIP PETE fly high gorgous

  6. Matteo Greco

    best song ever!!

  7. Marta Bevilacqua

    I'm sorry that a video of this song hasn't been made❤😞 Pete forever 🥰

  8. Adriana D'Angelo Santos

    Eu me lembro quando eu era adolecente , eu era apaixonada pela voz dele...como ele era lindo e sensual..💋💋💋💋👏👏❤

  9. Sweet Clarity

    Pete. I cannot carry on, now that your gone either, I actually cried and it was horrible! You are amazing Pete, nobody can change that

  10. O GO ON THEN

    Wtf is wrong with that cover man...

    Sweet Clarity

    He had a lot of plastic surgeries

    Sam Wells

    That it's not appreciated more 😁😌.

  11. Dean Bright

    Wonderful classic pop song

  12. Fabiana Furtado

    Que voz poderosa! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Sandra Dunwoody

    Fabiana Furtado Concuerdo contigo!

  13. E・F 92


  14. Sean McGivney

    Who out there cannot relate to this heartbreaking song?

  15. amy lopez

    I love pete burns.forever.

  16. rubio901

    i love pete i miss you

  17. Last Hero

    Breaking hearts never make a noise😭😪Now that u'r gone! I can not carry on! RIP Pete😍😘😘

  18. Purple Spartan

    I Don't Have Words For How Good This Song Is!!!

  19. みーハルハル💕💕⤴😄😍

  20. Jeffrey Wiesemann

    My favorite song off a SUPERB LP!! Should have been a single!!!! What a missed opportunity!!!

  21. rosanna zucchelli

    what a voice love him

  22. aldo alda

    I was in high school when Nude, Cannot carry on was this song that I played and played all the time. Pete's voice was explosive full of drama and yess full of life cause life is a drama and Pete always knew how to reach us with his songs. pete lives and will always live as long as we keep listening to his music... will always love u Pete..

  23. Baby InABl3nder6

    I love you Pete please carry on I know so late but no media cared really in America I did though

  24. Coco Cat

    "Nude" is one of the greatest dance albums that I have ever heard (if not THE best). Interestingly, when I searched on Wikipedia, only Pete and Steve Coy were listed as the musicians. Pete was the vocalist and Steve played everything else. I know they were huge in Japan, but still cannot understand why they lacked the same popularity in the States and U.K.

    michael bruno

    come home with me baby was a billboard dance hit


    Coco Cat, Pete and Steve were Japanese's Prince Charming. Pete didn't wants to do all that promotion that US music company required. So....


    I love DOA but this is what I read online:I saw this doing a google search. I managed Pete Burns and what was left of Dead or Alive in the US from 1992- 1996. In 1992 Pete came over here to do club dates with dancers and it was the worst tour experience I ever had in 20 years in the business. There are too many " memories" to count but the three that come to mind are having to get the hell out of Texas after Pete set the flag on fire near the stage. A riot at the I Beam in SF after he feel down in the show intro and stormed off the stage. Then discovering that the " Body Guard " was wanted in the UK for manslaughter . I toured Steve Coy, Pete Burns and two other new members that mimed playing instruments. The tour was not that bad however they blew all the money they made before the end of the tour and were pissed off that I couldn't find any more dates. mainly due to reports other venues gave about their shows. They pulled enough stunts for me to resign right after the show at the Roxy in New York. The problem with Dead or Alive was and is Steve Coy and Pete Burns. The success of Youthquake, and Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know had great deal to do with Tim Leaver and Mike Percy. Pete Burns wrote many of the lyrics but those two wrote the hit songs. They couldn't stomach the antics of Coy, Burns, and his wife Lynn and left the band. They are still one of the best known duos in writing and producing pop hits in the UK. Coy was bright enough to get as close as he could to Pete Burns and his wife Lynn. Their relationship between all three was bizarre. Coy and Lynn Burns took advantage of a very dysfunctional, Pete Burns and had him convinced that he couldn't tour with out them. They have said that the label didn't want them to work with SAW. That is less than a half truth. SAW was over working with them, and the material with out Percy and Leaver was sub par at best. They fell off the face of the earth with the exception of Japan and gay clubs. Pete Burns has sung live less than a dozen times since Youthquake. I don't think it is because he can't, he has really no self confidence . He would sing along with a full playback track. This is the reason you never saw them play a proper tour with other bands. They had an unreal fan base in Japan that didn't care it was a full playback show. They eventually wore that welcome out after a situation with Kylie at a major event. They burned every bridge they crossed in the music business. I am actually very glad that Pete found a new career in reality TV. He would be destitute with out it. He sold his rights to all the song royalties to pay for plastic surgery.

    PJ Lynne

    @dirtydiscosecrets Wow! Interesting tidbits. I loved DOA! Still do too!

  25. faxx63

    i miss much.............<3

  26. dougie fresh

    so glad to see and be part of,  in Pittsburg PA.. idol!!

  27. Joe Garcia


  28. Adrian Błochowiak

    Lata 80-Dead Or Alive-Wielcy Niezapomniani.Muzyka jedyna w swoim rodzaju.

  29. Fanni Gyori

    rip Pete...

  30. Rudey D

    My Favorite 80's, 90's band of all time. I am saddened to learn of his passing. Thank you Pete Burns for the music, the memories. It is a great loss to the music community. Such an incredible loss of talent. Dead Or Alive defined an era and influenced so many young people including myself through your music and style. Rest In Peace Pete.

  31. Jake McKoy

    Always loved this album and song💕❤️ RIP Pete

  32. Gray Matter

    Rest in peace, Pete. I cannot carry on either.

    Jake McKoy

    Gray Matter He was a true original ❤️

  33. shaun kirkland

    must hav done a remix to acomany the japanese release--where the hell is it??????i cannot carry on'without it'...

  34. Tony Moy

    Great voice!

  35. katia Wagner

    Pete Burns...ótimo

  36. uli nesti


  37. nadine daccache

    It's always been my favourite

  38. sade neftis

    I love it ... great  lyrics...

  39. Andrés Elbaz

    best song ever, my favo song! !

  40. keythesecret

    Brilliant Album.....

  41. TheNouveauxdecadence

    Fav track from NUDE..... So perfect, so utterly perfect... 'Should I just walk on by if your with someone else,I'll surely die' +
    'Don't wake me if I'm dreaming, you know what I am dreaming of'
    CRY *+*

  42. cmgv69

    sorry this was thier own production and well done DOA


    @TheNightIsYours i agree,