Dead Or Alive - Hit And Run Lover Lyrics

You look like somebody,
I used to know
A daydream believer with a heart of gold
Don't try to ignore me
'cause everyone already knows
All the scandalous things we used to do
The time at the movies, in you daddy's room.
They don't satisfy me, they seem to do something for you.
Why am I surprised, you're a hit and run lover
Put the hammer to the wheel, baby run for cover
Gonna tell it to your friends, you're a two time mother
Tell me why am I surprised?
Why am I surprised?
I have secrets, you were keeping.
I was looking, you were leaping.
Look at my face, I'm not lacking yet.
I got something for you that you'll never forget.
And I know, you know, they know;
that all the magic is mine.
You got no money, well maybe a dime
The time has some fortune and the hours are mine.
We're gonna make it, we've got what it takes
We're gonna make it, we've got what it takes
Why am I surprised, your a hit and run lover.
Put the hammer to the wheel, baby run for cover
Gonna tell it to your friends, you're a two time mother
Tell me why am I surprised, you're a hit and run lover.
Why am I surprised, you're a hit and run lover.
Put the hammer to the wheel, baby run for cover.
Gonna tell it to your friends, You're a two time mother.
Tell me why am I surprised?
Why am I surprised?
I have secrets, you were keeping, was looking, you were leaping.
Why am I surprised, your a hit and run lover
Put the hammer to the wheel, baby run for cover.
Gonna tell it to your friends, you're a two time mother.
Tell me why am I surprised, you're a hit and run lover.
Why am I surprised, you're a hit and run lover.
Put the hammer to the wheel, baby run for cover
Gonna tell it to your friends, You're a two time mother.
Tell me why am I surprised? Why am I surprised? Hit and run lover!

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Dead Or Alive Hit And Run Lover Comments
  1. Random Comments Douche

    Where was this filmed

  2. Michaela Jurčová

    Mit gut❤

  3. Michaela Jurčová

    🌌🌌🌹🌹💋❤💋❤my special star forever

  4. Snice !

    This song is super cool and underrated

  5. Sascha Mercury

    this song is literally SO good its a bop

    Juan Guess

    It's amazing!❤

  6. Tim Sullivan

    SWEET JESUS I LOVE THIS SONG! Rest in Peace Pete AND Steve!

    Juan Guess

    ❤❤❤ Amen! 🤗🤗🤗

  7. Ольга Ольга


  8. JKG

    Missing Pete a bunch extra this week.

    Juan Guess

    To me is this the week on when I'm missing him a lot!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. ethan mendez

    R.I.P. Pete Burns, el no fue tan conocido por el publico y menos en Latinoamérica pero el fue un gran artista muy infravalorado desgraciadamente pero yo siempre lo tendre en mi corazon ❤❤

    Juan Guess

    Spin me round, si llego a sonar en Latinoamérica es un clásico de los 80 .... la música de Pete evolucionó hacia un mercado diferente de ahí está joya de hit and run lover... una de mis canciones favoritas de toda la vida.. tengo 23 años te hablo desde Manizales Colombia y soy fiel admirador de Pete burns!!! Siento que estaba tan adelante de su época.... Es demasiado para mi .. lo amo demasiado ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. maria luisa bahamondez flores

    Te amo😍 aunque ya no estés

    Juan Guess

    Yo tambien lo amo demasiado ❤❤❤❤❤ va a estar por siempre en mi! 🤗🤗🤗

    Jose Angel Orge Iglesias

    @Juan Guess Lo mismo digo, yo tambien lo amo con locura, tanto, que no puedo pasar un dia sin verlo y escuchar su musica que tanto me llena el alma. un saludo desde Galicia.

    Juan Guess

    @Jose Angel Orge Iglesias es genial leer eso .. Yo te saludo desde Colombia y cada día de mi vida Pete está en mi y en muchos que supimos valorar su música y su talento tan único y particular.

  11. Hamzento Productions

    Now now...

  12. Belhou

    i want this music video to be posted on their official YouTube channel :( i thought it would be posted on Avex Japan channel cause the "Fragile" album was released by Avex Japan, but they didn't. This song was actually a hit in Japan (number 2 on the Top ORICON when it came out in 2000)

  13. Francisco Davila

    офигенно как всегда

  14. Dylan Thibert

    Drunk Me

  15. Sonia Lopez Lariz

    this is my shitttt

    Juan Guess

    My own too!!! 🤗❤❤❤🤗

  16. Dominique S.

    Love see no gender or color

  17. JurassicBuses

    Thought it was Cher for a moment. Sorry Pete. RIP

    Juan Guess

    Pete posted on Twitter a joke about the same thing! 🤣🤣❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Clarity

    I love Pete Burns and Dead or Alive but I hate this song

  19. bonbondevi


  20. Stéfanie Paris

    Hé was a star 🌟. Deep voice on a délicate body. Rip dearest pete

    Juan Guess

    A total star!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Todd Park


  22. E・F 92


  23. Monica Palmer

    Other than he was very good looking (back in the days) and a very entertaining, great voice, and very talented singer...
    he was also an extremely confused soul. He couldn't figure it out if he wanted to be a female or a male, what looks and which styles he liked enough to stick with.
    Anything that would give him a strong self worth without having to constantly search for something new to fill the void inside...
    He never admited while he was alive but he must have felt completely empty/"dead" inside.
    I strongly suspect the name of the band had a lot to do with his own deep seated feelings about himself.
    Dead or Alive...???
    RIP Pete!

  24. michiko0402


  25. E・F 92


  26. Floofy_Wolfe

    jojo vibes, lowkey.

  27. Fur Coat


    I broke the replay button

  28. pete burns dead or alive

    I miss Pete ur the best xx love u pete

    Juan Guess

    I miss him a lot ❤❤❤

    Snice !

    pete burns dead or alive RIP 3 years already

  29. bonbondevi


  30. Matt Ebert

    King of camp......funkin awesome artist. totally under rated.

    Juan Guess

    Totally agree with you!! ❤❤❤

  31. bonbondevi

    Pete Love

  32. garry Whiting

    I cant understand what he sing half his records only one is you spin me right right round like record only forever instead from me and my proper gay partner Stephen clarke

  33. Leandro Medina

    A very underrated song.

  34. 。琴李


  35. Chris the Crackhead

    Another great hit from Pete us fans will always forever remember and miss you r.i.p pete burns

    Juan Guess


  36. Esme M.C.

    You fucking beautiful creature. Rest in peace Pete Burns! ❤

  37. piss ass.

    tbh his appearance in this video isn't bad

    piss ass.

    he was a very talented crossdresser

  38. Tek Rah

    Thank you Pete!

    Juan Guess

    Thank you Pete!!! ❤😊❤

  39. Kristine Kearney Bradshaw

    RIP Pete! He does a "crotch grab" almost as good as MJ.. Yes One Of A Kind.. Fuck. I remember stealing money from my Folks (or trying to) in 8th grade to buy my Twin your Albums. You are, were, and Always Will Be Her Inspiration, Bless Her and Bless You. I can't even Count the nights we used to stay UP ALL NIGHT waiting for your NEW VIDEO for "Come Home..." to air on Night Trax... Please Bless Her with a visit from your spirit. We Thank You. xoxox You Are So Loved Xoxox

  40. Li garland

    he looks gorgeous here. he should have stopped with the surgeries at this point.

  41. Zmrzlina Kopečková

    that's kinda cool

  42. Parabalani

    Don't get me wrong but it's good that he died, cause it was probably horrible to wake up every morning and see that face in the mirror...

  43. Nur Ich

    Oh Pete, can you please say Hello to Michael, David and Prince for me?
    RIP my Icon :'(

    hellohello _

    Nur Ich same

    Joanna Baraniuk


  44. 馬沙

    My heart is break. I hate myself never buy the fly ticket to UK see your concert even i had should rob or kill someone to make some money.

  45. Tanya Gladush

    ОЧЕНЬ ЖАЛЬ......


    RIP  Pete

  47. thewaverleyboys tangier

    Here pete looked great and should of stayed this way but i just watched celebrity botched up bodies and he looked awful and it made me cry.Such a shame plus if he was so penniless how did he afford it all???

    Scott Patterson

    thewaverleyboys tangier The countless surgeries caused him to go broke.

  48. Yamil Miles

    My Beautiful Pete.... 💜💜💜

    Michaela Jurčová


  49. Jun Ta


  50. Riccardo Bollani

    thank you Pete. grazie

  51. Andrew Phillips

    This has to be my favorite Dead or Alive music video. Pete is so mystical, almost menacing in this video!! I love his facial expressions!! This man may be gone but he leaves behind the most incredible legacy. He was incredible and his influenced my entire teenage life, he taught me to be my true self, he showed me that it's okay to be different.

    Forever MPH

    +Andrew Phillips - You're so right about his legacy... and this music video!!  The artistry is incredible!

    Dominique S.

    True, back then there were Not many role models to tell you its ok to be different. My teenage Idol

    Juan Guess

    I'm totally agree with you! ... so this video is magic to me! So mesmerizing! 😍😍😍 I'll always love Pete!❤❤❤

  52. thewaverleyboys tangier

    Pete looks a bit like bette davis in this vid plus he looked good then.R.I.P Pete

  53. Psion

    RIP Pete - you were one of a kind and an inspiration to all of us little misunderstood freaks. <3

    Juan Guess

    ☝️ I'm one of those freak guys! 🤗 ..I really don't know the mean reason about my love for Pete Burns, but I feel his dead so much! He'll be living always in me. I love him with my soul. 😍🤩😘 (a little misunderstood freak☝️)

  54. you tube 425

    Pete Burns was definitely under rated.

  55. J. H. Jones

    all that talent and he's more proud of those ugly lips.


    a complete twit

    Scott Patterson

    FABIEN SIQUET A pure genius. You are the twit.

  57. 風変わりネコ


  58. AARP Goodman

    Well, here i am again listening to this song, c'est le vie, i suppose.

    Juan Guess


  59. peoplelike grapes


    Juan Guess


  60. AARP Goodman end has come to a glamorous, if not a bit of a racous and wild life.
    Sorry Joe, as one of your Icons has only his songz and bits of life remaining in our memories.

    As the Lou Reed song carries it's own creed...
    Pete took his walk on the wild side...and carried his fans and admirerz with him.
    He'll always Spin us Right Around whenever he's heard....As Life should be.

    Juan Guess

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I love Pete so much!

  61. Deveney Dixon

    He played such a big part in my life. I'll be forever grateful, hope we'll meet soon ;)

  62. Chris Traghella

    RIP Peter

  63. Jason Colley

    What a fackin Joke

    Fernie Casillas

    I'm pretty Shure U jacked off to this,Since You are ""Here,and Commenting" Baby C'Mon, .....

  64. AARP Goodman

    is there such a thing as song addiction. I I keep comming back to this one.

    Tim Sullivan

    Because the production, music, beat and presentation of this gem is impeccable... Dead or Alive may be gone with the passing of BOTH Pete Burns AND Steve Coy, but their music and contributions to both the music and video industries are undeniable. You cant overlook talent, and these two had it in spades! I just wished they put more songs into the American Top 40 besides You Spin Me 'Round (#11) and Brand New Lover (#15)

    Juan Guess

    @Tim Sullivan ❤❤❤❤

    Juan Guess

    X2 I love Pete!❤❤❤

  65. AARP Goodman

    some of the facial views looks like he's trying to channel the actress Carol Channing.

  66. AARP Goodman

    the visual looks of him, certainly added some mystique about the man.

  67. Chrissy Ungrew

    This is fr my fucking jam

    Cheryl Williams

    Chrissy Ungruhe me too but don't say that word because that's a bad word

  68. mompluspaynes

    He is sex on a plate !!!  He is the sexiest thing and I have watched him for 30 years now?  He gets sexier as he ages


    have you seen him lately?


    TuTíoJefferson Stop being shallow. Not everything is about looks.

  69. George Plagianos



    Forget the boogie man, just scare your kids with Pete when they misbehave!
    It'll do wonders!


    He had tons of unnecessary surgeries decades before he got his lips botched. He started out as a very good looking young guy but his vanity got the better of him. Even if he never had problem with his lips he would still keep changing his face... Sorry if you don't agree with him being "scary" but i'm not the only one who feels that way. He just didn't realize he got worse and worse looking as long as he got all the attention he wanted..... Someone who focus so much on the "outside appearance" must be lacking something on the inside.....

    Ari Martini

    +MELEDITH L. Oh come on. Pete doesn't even look that bad in this video.. he actually looks pretty good.


    I guess that's a matter of taste. To me he already looked terrible especially compared to how hot he started out with. If you compare this video how he looked before he died i guess he looks better....? I wish he aged gracefully and gave us much more great music to enjoy. His vanity killed him :-(

    Ari Martini

    +MELEDITH L. Yeah I think that compared with how he looked in later years, in this video he definitely looks better. His face in later years started to look worse because of that incident with the lip implants, and he had to undergo several reconstructive surgeries. But even after that he didn't learn the lesson, and he kept getting botox injections in his face. All that had a negative impact on his health, and he developed blood clots, one of which caused his cardiac arrest. It's very sad how his vanity killed him, and I agree with you he should've left his face alone and focused more on making new music.



  71. Ahamad Khan

    Like this song. He is very talented. He had some pretty good songs in the late 70's. I think he was a bit ahead of his time.

  72. constance kreese

    hes actually talented too bad ppl cant get past his look

  73. Blueowl3213

    So mysterious and sexy, as always. Love you Pete 😘

  74. pierrick ppddpp

    1er extrait de l'album "FRAGILE" paru en 2000 ce titre a été un succès & classé dans les charts japonais

    Juan Guess


  75. Rhonda Carney

    I loved the video.  He is such a dynamic personality and a genuinely nice person.  I love the guy

    Lejla K

    + Rhonda Carney känner du honom

    Snice !

    I’m glad he made a video for this song

  76. 랑둥탁둥둥탁

    Love it!