Dead Or Alive - Gone 2 Long Lyrics

I can't believe
You would turn your back on me
Thought you'd be mine eternally
But you proved me wrong

Party in the street
Rocking to the beat
(Party, party)
That's the last time I saw you

Photographs, a goodbye note
"See you round" was all you wrote
Something's dying here
Between you and me

You've been gone too long
Gone too long
And I just can't keep
Hanging on forever
We should be together

We should be together

I believe in us
Love like this was meant to be
And now you leave me here alone
Your heart was my home

Shining in the crowd
Standing tall and proud
(Shining, shining)
Tell me, what did I do wrong

What you gonna do
When you're by yourself
All alone at night
When you call my name
And want me back again
I'll come back again, oh

What you gonna do
When you miss my lips
And my tender kiss
Will it make you trip, oh
Will it make you trip

You're making me cry again
I'm not gonna die again

Forever, forever together
You've been gone too long
Gone Too Long
And I just can't keep
Hanging on
We should be together

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Dead Or Alive Gone 2 Long Comments
  1. jauchaesthetic

    Genial el sonido, no me canzo de oírlo. Eres lo mejor Pete te amo... RIP.

  2. Fabio Reis

    Pete Burns tinha talento.
    Pena q seus problemas tiraram o foco de sua carreira.
    Poderia ter feito muito mais pela musica , pois tinha p isso.

  3. Kevin J

    Pete you are missed! RIP! I love this song! I can relate! I can relate!

  4. Antonios Koutsoyiannis

    Can anyone tell me who produced this record? Is the londoner trio again? Sounds like them. Tony, Greece.

  5. Panico dos games

    Rip Pete burns 1959-2016

  6. Sweet Clarity

    Pete has been gone too long...I miss him alot

  7. W Odb

    Great song pete supertopclass we missing you forever great superstar R. I. P. P E T E ! ! !

  8. Ian Marshall

    Getting ignored by someone, then they come back like nothing happened. It's confusing but it happens all the time.. well.

  9. E・F 92


  10. ぺんぎん

    Great feelings, music that excites mind
    It is music to be reconfirmed

  11. Safe And Elegant

    Era el mejor Pete Burns

  12. Sarah Turner

    That's my star baby!!!!!! 😭

  13. jose marcilio sipriano

    Essa música é show de bola. Não me canso de ouvir.

  14. Mary B. Hopkins

    I heard this song on the Nukleopatra CD, & was quite impressed with it! I'm also impressed with version as well! Way to go Pete & Steve!

  15. Charles Ezra Rev Mongoose Canedo

    May you rest in piece :(
    " I can't believe you turn your back on me "

  16. Ninotchka Antonella

    deveriamos estar JUNTOS AHORA MISMO!!!.... pero tu tu tu estas tan lejos..

  17. Ninotchka Antonella

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh orgasmica si demasiado! me encantaaa q genial siempre la pete :)

    Harricito M Q

    De donde eres 😊

    Juan Guess

    A mi también me encanta Pete! .. soy de Colombia

    JXCKIE v:

    Juan Guess pete era asombroso! soy de México...

  18. djphilou291

    çà a de petits airs des PET SHOP BOYS, tout çà...Je parle du son, pas de la voix, je découvre plein de titre méconnus de ce groupe qui sont bien au dessus de la moyenne, dommage que Pete Burns ait exagéré dans son désir d'être une femme pulpeuse!!


    i like that song...quite full of beat to dance on....

  20. The Deadman

    OOh que rola tan orgasmica, me encantaaaaaaaaa!!!! oh yeah baby!!!