Dead Or Alive - Get Out Of My House Lyrics

You never loved me, I knew that from the start
All of my friends said that you would break my heart
And how right they were
As the change begins to show
Now I'm telling you to pack you're things and go on go!

Get out of my house, get out of my life
Take only what's yours, take nothing of mine.
Get out of my house, get out of my bed
Going out of my head
Over you

Babe when you walked in
My heart it skipped a beat
And I knew so well, it was bad times I would meet
Everybody said, Girl, you're wasting all your time
Didn't want to know
I had to try and make you mine

Get out of my house...

Everybody's laughing because it's you I'm after
They all said that I must be blind
Everybody's laughing but I block out their laughter
All the same at least you were mine
Just for a time
Just for a very special time

Get out of my house....

Gotta get over gotta get over gotta get over
Over you

Going out of my head day and night
Night and day and Night, wrong or right
I just can't break away

Get out of my house

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Dead Or Alive Get Out Of My House Comments
  1. A A

    Every Gay man in the world should use this as their theme song. Gay life can be so sad, but we're here for you #brokeupwithmyboyfriend

  2. A A

    Thank You

  3. Amadeus Jozzepi Zachanassian

    Pete's best era! I will definitely love it eternally ... ♡♡♡

  4. Adriana D'Angelo Santos

    Amo sua voz😍😍😍

  5. Adriana D'Angelo Santos

    Pete era um genio...simplesmente.❤💋💘💘

  6. E・F 92


  7. Gzon Peter

    wow never heard this song! bless you Pete.

  8. A A

    Bubbly haha 🌞

  9. katia Wagner

    💘love ✈💕🎧

  10. Nate Parrish

    one of their better songs

  11. TigerLily

    This song is so fun!

  12. adam dixon

    r.i.p pete

  13. Joe Rauschenberger

    One of their greatest songs, so slammin' and tight and the lyrics are awesome. And a great bridge!

  14. Adam Dixon

    Still love this song so true

    aldo alda

    +Adam Dixon So True!!!!! Love this song for more than 25 years.... Yeah getting old just wanted to say i love this song Adam....