Dead Kennedys - Winnebago Warrior Lyrics

Roughin' it in the great outdoors
Guidebooks tell us where to go
Winnebago Warrior

Slow down traffic climbing hills
30 gallons to the mile
Honey, quick, the polaroid

Winnebago Warrior
Brave as old John Wayne
Winnebago Warrior
A true yankee pioneer

Stop at Stuckey's for a meal
Blab all day on the CB
Winnebago Warrior

Littered campgrounds, folding chairs
Feed Doritos to the bears
Honey, quick, the polaroid


Kill some fish down by the creek
Hang their picture by the sink
Show your grandson who's the boss

Tie your two toat-goats to the front
U-Haul trailer full of souvenirs
That you buy along the way


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Dead Kennedys Winnebago Warrior Comments
  1. Henrik Arver

    The solo, the Yee-haw, the Bass (1:20-1:25)!

  2. 武岡康則


  3. zax the reds

    Awesome pix sux


    Yankee Pioneer, YEEHAWW!!!!

  5. 大蔵俊之



    大蔵俊之 これとBilly JoelのStrangerを合わせると、あの曲になるのか…

  6. kalli71

    30 gallons to the mile


    Are you sure it's not 15?

  7. don kee-yo-tee

    Cant believe biafra was skinny its ok we getting old and fat together lmao

  8. dohertm2

    I feel like they're singing this with some sardony, what's so absurd about exploring the joys of the world from the luxury of your Winnebago?!

  9. john e bennett

    Saw these back in 1982, brilliant band

  10. realsouthshitandfuckyallifitaint

    I played the ramones and misfits to learn guitar, just basic punk guitar. Now I'm learning DK stuff to get better. Ray could really play. Their music is actually really intricate. They were such a good band.

  11. shaggy at 5% power

    Love the dead Kennedys, thy he rebellious spirit and kick ass music Is great!!!

  12. Josh Wendler

    Fuckin yuppies.

  13. sunsofguns

    Hold up, is "30 miles per gallon" supposed to be some kind of indictment? That sounds incredible for an RV in the '80s, honestly. Oh, I'm a fucking idiot.

    Still, in defense of the 1982 Winnebago Warrior, which I can see from this ad I found got 14.5 mpg: I was looking at a pretty new Jeep Wrangler recently till I saw it got like 17 mpg. Nuts.

    A Voice of Reason

    30 Gallons to the mile. Lol.

  14. Das Omnitox

    Scheiße näää ! Is immer noch so geil wie in Osna !

  15. Damian Pavinich

    DK should rule the fucking world. Jello Biafra

  16. Thisrandom Girl

    I still have my wisdom teeth lingertooth. No one can take that from me or my faith. Thank you for the song.

  17. 森林


  18. kedyrd

    ninotchka's backing vocals over this and forest fire are amazing.

  19. julio murillo

    LOS AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. If you ever need to laugh the DK will always deliver. And if you need the living shit scared outta you DK TOO!!! THEN AROUND AGAIN!!!

  21. Alberto Castillo Gabilondo


  22. YXO


  23. B. H.

    gotta get a dk sticker for my toyota winbag warrior

  24. 大蔵俊之

    Aメロは正にギャランドゥ っ!

  25. HNR32


  26. Robert Roberts

    One of the best

  27. Ethereal Catholic

    Overrated slop I never understood their appeal.


    Says the Catholic. LMAO

    Pc Punks Fuck Off

    You’re the slop

  28. Matthew Keoseian

    brave as ol john wayne..

  29. お尻ほじり虫


  30. TarantuLando CalCuLingus

    i just ashed in my beer and dont give a fuck

    Jesus Monroe

    aren't you a dumbass

    TarantuLando CalCuLingus

    Jesus Monroe you're a boring sap if you've never done something like that

  31. Cameron Adams

    Show your grandson who's the boss!

  32. mikcas 4


  33. Bonnie Newman

    one of my favorite DK songs this whole album fucking rocks. Jeremy

  34. Cedric Ben

    the bass... the bass

    Alfredo Alfredington

    The creek was full of them until the Winnebago Warrior came along.

    Henrik Arver

    Best bass ever!

  35. TheRantKid/TheRanting Marauder

    This is one of their best songs tbh.

  36. Erichhh

    Kill some fish down by the crik...hang their picture by the sink. Show your Grandson who's the boss.

  37. Max Seuberlich

    Someone should make a music video of this song using the Winnebago Man

  38. guitarpick2002

    Winnebago Man brought me here, and I'm glad it did.

  39. contactkeithstack

    that background vocal at 00:39 is amazing


    +contactkeithstack That's the best part of the song in my opinion.

    David Beer

    Theresa soder a.k.a. ninotchka she did stuff with Feederz as well


    Huh I always thought that was jello. :)

    Jacob Lewis-Jones

    gotta love that yee haww


    Oh yeah.

  40. bootsnbolts

    dear youtube: it is HIGHLY unlikely anyone wanting to watch dead kennedies will have even the slightest friendliness to your mcdonalds' ad. you must be joking.


    I love McDonald's~ Fuck you~

    Robert Roberts

    Did you ever listen to skrewdrivers political message?

    The Frollic

    bootsnbolts uhh just because you listen to a band dosent mean you have to agree with everything they believe in don't be a sheep I thought that what "punk rock" is all about not trying to argue just my 2 cents

    Milk Spank

    McDonalds is fuckin sick piss off

    Francis Pendlebury

    Unfortunately untrue.

  41. PsyVen

    A great band, with stupid politics. One of their best songs.

    The Keeping It Real Network

    +PsyVen the "stupid politics" is kind of the whole point isn't it?

    George Ferreira

    PsyVen How can you say a "great band with stupid politics"? You're messed up. There is so much beauty in their politics unlike a slob like you.


    There’s always these conservaflakes in left-wing band pages crying about their politics. “Stupid politics” aka their messages and beliefs challenge and deeply offend my views, so that means they are automatically stupid. You meanies!!! We primitive thinking right-winger are intelligent! Why stand for rightful causes and speak out against injustice when you can instead be a real “mental genius” like our boy Ted Nugent? The world needs more of these draft dodging pants shitting gun bozo patriots like Ted! Stupid... ah, conservative projection at its finest. So cute how they deem themselves superior to everyone who doesn’t think or look like them. Not sorry the majority of good bands don’t “think” the same way as you. Fuck off Nazi punk!

  42. NT Forever

    I died at "feed Doritos to the bears." Love this band.

    Free Soul

    "show your grandson who's the boss" …..even better

    Tanner Kaus

    Jello's lyrics have held up so well over the years.

    Richard Scott

    Damn right, that part has slayed me since this came out!


    Me too! Haha. That part cracks me up everytime.

  43. Helen Freud


  44. Samian Cardona

    Reminds me of Christian Fletcher a little

  45. George Rey Levi Zuni

    LOL...what memories...

  46. Dubsteplova96

    This song should have been on the soundtrack for RV

    TarantuLando CalCuLingus

    Dubsteplova96 I faintly remember that movie but can think of about 5 parts where this song would perfectly fit... namely when hes hanging on the windshield lol

  47. Matt Pruitt

    "Feed Doritos to the bears." My favorite line.