Dead Kennedys - Terminal Preppie Lyrics

I go to college
That makes me so cool
I live in a dorm
And show off by the pool

I join the right clubs
Just to build an impression
I block out thinking
It won't get me ahead

My ambition in life
Is to look good on paper
All I want is a slot
In some big corporation

John Belushi's my hero
I lampoon and I ape him
My news of the world
Comes from Sports Illustrated

I'm proud of my trophies
Like my empty beer cans
Stacked in rows up the wall
To impress all my friends

No, I'm not here to learn
I just want to get drunk
And major in business
And be taught how to fuck

Win! Win!
I always play to win
Wanna fit in like a cog
In the faceless machine

I'm a terminal terminal terminal preppie
terminal terminal terminal preppie
terminal terminal terminal terminal
terminal terminal terminal terminal

I want a wife with tits
Who just smiles all the time
In my centerfold world
Filled with Springsteen and wine

Some day I'll have power
Some day I'll have boats
A tract in some suburb
With Thanksgivings to host

I'm a terminal terminal terminal preppie
terminal terminal terminal preppie
terminal terminal terminal preppie

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Dead Kennedys Terminal Preppie Comments
  1. Andreas Prophet

    Nothing changes till now😂😂😂

  2. With Out

    15 terminal preppies disliked this.

  3. The Ikon Channel

    This isn't about Kavanagh, sorry. It's about the pompous, pampered millennial upper-middle-class brainless twats who enjoy bragging about how ashamed they are of their "racist" relatives.

    At least, I wish Biafra had the wit for this to be the case.

    BTW, news reports are saying that we've got cases of leprosy popping up now thanks to illegal immigration. But I'm sure it's somehow all Trump's fault. 😂😂😂

    If you actually believed Ford's pathetic vocal fry almost-but-not-quite crying performance, there's seriously something wrong with you. You've voluntarily given up your survival instincts. Total degeneracy.

  4. Scott Rose

    An all-time classic.

  5. Margaret Ann Casey

    "I want a wife with tits/who just smiles all the time"

    That isn't preppies anymore, that's nearly all guys. Then those same guys turn around and complain about how all women are just bitches and hos when those bimbos they get involved with (or marry) leave them for a "better catch"....

  6. atmosphere199

    Yes jump on Kavanaugh, how "punk rock" of you to regurgitate the Mainstream media's bullshit, fucking idiots

  7. Senile Animal

    This is 90% of my high school

  8. Adolf Stalin

    The ultimate irony is that most old school DK fans and the ones today are the same kind of idiots that gentrify neighborhoods and paint kumbaya murals all over town while raising costs of living. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same

    Margaret Ann Casey

    Considering your name, this one doesn't deserve a comment.....

    Adolf Stalin

    @Margaret Ann Casey but you literally just made one. next time just don't say anything.


    "We drank beers we had beers we liked beer I still like beer" Jesus kavanaugh say beer one more time and I'm gonna smash ya over the head with one.

  10. Mike Lastort

    Bart O'Kavanaugh

  11. danielscissorhands

    Brett Kavanaugh's theme song. :P

  12. FuckyougoogleIhateyou

    Fuck you Kavanaugh.

  13. Guillaume Houët

    Brett Kavanaugh brought me here


    I want to send this long distance dedication out to Brett Kavanaugh

  15. Gary Dauphin

    Brett Kavanaugh has made the Dead Kennedys relevant again


    Punk never stopped being relevant

    Gary Dauphin

    @DEBASER Agreed, more like I forgot this and the current situation has reminded me

  16. Christian Golden

    "Judge" Kavanaugh's theme song

  17. Christopher Formulak

    For Brett.

  18. Brian Williams

    For Brett Kavanaugh

  19. Erin Forger

    **cough** Kavanaugh **cough**

    Carl Azuz

    Bet you feel like a big ding dong now after he was proven innocent. It's ok, you don't have to apologize


    @Carl Azuz "innocent" and "no one actually have a Fuck" are 2 different things

    Darrin Ortiz

    I'll chime in... cuz i can... dead Kennedys were a pro freedom and expose the corruption band.. the people that went after Cavanaugh are apart of the deep I mean balls deep corruption.. Epstein et al corruption.. I suggest going deeper if you are a pro freedom truth seeker


    Carl Azuz lol “”””””proven””””””

  20. Japhy Guz

    damn I love him

  21. Tom Ogburn

    John Belushi's my hero
    I lampoon and I ape him
    My news of the world
    Comes from CNN and Fox News

  22. Ramp Shark

    This song explains Trump and all these stupid rich assholes who get into school just to fuck off

  23. DaX Versai

    Tucker Carlson

  24. Ryan Konecny

    still relevant

  25. inafridge

    I thought it sometimes sounded like "terminal for happy" but apparently I'm the only whos thought this because nothing about mishearing the lyric comes up on google.

  26. Shawn 91

    “Anchor” by Less Than Jake... the horns sound a bit similar. :)

  27. Megafayce

    The rest of the band still wear that costume

  28. Sebastian woźniak

    thats greate .

  29. justin case

    those were the days--- when bad guys had spine. nowadays they are all pierced vegan left wing hipster bullshit peddlers. did you see the "he will not divide us" shit is hilarious !!

    Cameron Love

    Look harder. I almost guarantee you there's an antifa near you, and antifa hates liberals just as much as you do.

    justin case

    nope they play the same song together. just antifa punches people in the face and bitches cry and do antics on internet. if punks knew that there will be SJW one day, they would all be like exploited wattie. not giving a fuck and not going into politics any way. this did not happen for biafra

    Ryan Konecny

    "We on the left keep dividing ourselves into little splinter groups. "Anyone who isn't a vegetarian is automatically evil!" "Anyone who isn't an environmentalist wants to pollute the world!" "If you're not gay, then you must be homophobic!" "Look at me wrong? You're a racist!" "Wear lipstick? You can't be a feminist!" Divide, Divide, Divide, Divide, Divide! And while the left is all up their own asses with their little pet causes, the right comes in and takes control over that which is rightly everyone's. And speaking of splinters, most pathetic of all: "The only thing that matters in the entire universe is the punk rock scene! And you're an evil, sell-out traitor to the sacred punk rock scene if you disagree with anything I say, listen to music that I don't like, dress funny, dress normal, laugh without permission, or even so much as speak to another artist who ever made a dime off of their years of hard work without at least beating them up first!" pathetic is that? Every day, I walk from my home to the offices of Alternative Tentacles, and I lose count of the number of people, including entire families, holding up cardboard signs saying "Homeless: Will Work for Food"! Hard as it may be for some crybabies to believe, people in that situation could care less that "Green Day and The Offspring sold out when they signed to major labels."! Other things are more important!
    -Jello Biafra (from Wake up and Smell the Noise: If Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve)

    Ramp Shark

    Its worse being a rich right wing racist capitalist skinhead Nazi punk

  30. James Smith

    I'd rather be a terminal preppie than some jobless dirtbag punk.

    James Smith

    Good for you. Sorry for my comment. It was impolite and inflammatory.

    Jay Dean

    Apology accepted, and likewise. Wow...I really didn't expect that. In 25 years of reading internet discussions, this has gotta be the most stand-up response I've ever read. It's nice to see there's still people out there with some class.

    James Smith



    and then there's this asshole ^

  31. TheRegart

    That honking sax in the background is killer!👍

  32. chunkymonkey

    Every frat house anthem.

  33. Martin Portelance

    I have this tune on a mod that puts it in the post-apocalyptic Fallout game... and let me tell you, you CAN'T fight with any subtility while it plays.

  34. Matt Kinney

    Sorry guys. I have a stale wife with Springsteen on the radio ruling a country nobody thinks exists and I rule on my boathouse and have never been beaten at a game as well as a lot of trophies near a recycling can full of empty bottles and hang by the pool. Good description of me:)


    heuheuheuh yeah brother! i voted for trump too! aint nothin better than to eat all the food and drink all the beer in my house and leave the leftovers for my famliy, they better be greatful for my scraps.... or else ill stomp that dumb bitch in to the wall under my Bruce Springsteen shine... if she gets any blood on my trophies im gonna kick some ass... hey brb i gotta drive my ford raptor that gets 2 feet/gallon to the wheelhouse lookin for more drunk trailer park pussies i can slam and make more bastard children with. Good description of me:)

  35. The_Deep_Bassist

    hell yeah

  36. Daniel F

    I thought Jello said "I'm blacked out thinking it will get me ahead". you know like black out drunk.

  37. Guy Jackson

    universal truths

  38. Nexus Verbal

    This song = 90% of college students.

  39. contactkeithstack

    I disliked this video just to fuck up it's perfect rating


    @contactkeithstack thats so punk m9


    +contactkeithstack Fuck you ;)


    you are that person they're talking about...


    Punk as FUCK

  40. ReallyBloodyGood

    No dislikes. Can't argue with that.

  41. Johnny Yen

    so i'm here cause the cool kids like this band

    entertain now.

  42. Robert Dudley

    it's sad how after roughly 30 years, this song still rings true...


    it will always ring true and I have a felling it's just going to get worse.


    It's going to end at some point, because not everyone can go to college without making college degrees worth less than the costs that it would take to afford college. Even if college was made free, the sheer number of people who would have college degrees would be so high that it would be made worthless. A better alternative would to be to just go into any of the numerous trades that have the potential to pay 70-100k a year.

  43. Hot80s

    Fuck preps esp 80s preps now theyre old & fat.