Day, Howie - Track 11 Lyrics

I'm not so sure
Are you? Doesn't matter
It's almost time

He was fully aware
He was crushed in the arms of a bear
What are you doing?
Well then, it's true

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Day, Howie Track 11 Comments
  1. Shy

    randomly thought of this song

  2. Spec0pleader

    Idk either...

  3. Adam Stocks

    Am I the only one that doesn't know who Siwon is?

    Stephanie Simpkinswere

    No your not I have deffinitly never heard of that.

  4. Smalex123

    I've loved Howie Day's music for years, but it's wonderful to see that Siwon likes him to XD.

  5. Hwawon Choi

    @shineea91 ME TOOOOOOOOO

  6. Hwawon Choi

    I'm only listening to this cuz Siwon told me to. XD

  7. Udi M

    siwon bought me here :'D

  8. jack16490

    0 dislikes finally we get something right!

  9. Byjean

    i love that song!