Day, Howie - Perfect Time Of Day Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
It's the perfect time of day
It's the last day of your life
Don't let it drift away
While your heart is still racing
It's the perfect time of day

And you wont feel a thing
And you wont recall anything at all

[Verse 2:]
Close your eyes and take your last breath
Press your head aside, the end is the beginning
Everyone between is so lost, so lost.


Let your colors collide
The time is so fleeting
I quit running behind
Oh, I know your meaning
You look for
For what you want to say
And you look for
The perfect time of day


Wooooo it's the perfect time of day
Come on now
It's the perfect time of day
it's the perfect time with you

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Day, Howie Perfect Time Of Day Comments
  1. Are You Saved?

    Very biblical words - it’s the truth.
    Seek and you will find ❤️🩸

  2. Summer breeze

    Another underrated artist!!

  3. maribel tabora

    i cant stop listening to his voice i am addicted to it still.. going 4years

  4. David Long

    I 💗 U

  5. Nico

    Who’s listening in 2019?

  6. Ryan489

    My fav songs. #Collide #Kryptonite #livinonaprayer

  7. Ryan489


  8. Ryan489

    My favourite song is colide

  9. Jessica

    I heard this song on the last day of my brothers life. We didn’t know it at the time. A family member bought me this album for my birthday.

    My brother got into an accident on my birthday. The family member gave me this at the hospital a few days later. I heard this song while waiting on an update from my brothers scans/tests. It was the last song I heard before I learned that he would not be capable of living without machines.

    The perfect time of day (to hear the song) the last day of your life (brother) and you won’t feel a thing (because you’re already gone) and you won’t recall, anything at all (because your brain stopped working days ago)

    Close your eyes and take your last breath (because we pulled the plug and you couldn’t sustain yourself. I watched you fight a losing battle and heave for air)


    The end is the beginning and every point between. Some are lost. Oh. Some are lost. (Because the end of your life brought me and our brother back to square one. How to escape the abuse? We had a plan with you, but without you all was lost for us. You were the oldest. Our savior. Our best friend. Our last hope. We had to revisit all our past trauma and the death of our hopes and dreams without you.)


    And you won’t feel a thing. And you won’t recall anything at all. (A lifetime of pain and struggle is over for you now. Go find peace. )

    Let your colors collide. Oh the time is so fleeting. (You had so much potential. I wish I appreciated you more. I wish you had a better life. It was far too short.)

    I quit running behind. Oh I know your meaning. (You taught me to fight for myself. Through your life and your death .)

    You look too far for what you want to say (you still had so much guidance left to give but didn’t quite know how. You were careful with how you told us things, to protect us.)

    And you look for the perfect time of day (the last letter you left me said you knew there was never a good time and you’d come back as soon as you could. You fought through that last week of your life. Maybe for us. Maybe purely on instinct. I’ll never know.)

    And you won’t feel a thing. (I hope you went peacefully, without pain. Because it didn’t look that way. It didn’t sound that way..)

    And you won’t recall anything at all (if you didn’t go peacefully, I hope you don’t remember that suffering after your physical life ended)

  10. emokitten666

    me and my gf just went see howie day his voice is amazing in concert

  11. Wrong Way

    Bring me to computer of windows xp-vista era...

  12. theng fmd

    It's march 28,2019 and who's me?let's get rock in a good way.🎶🎸

  13. Paula Kelly


  14. Ruth Domingo

    It made me remember my best days

  15. Ólger Eras

    Who else is having a Howie Day, my friends??? ✌✌

  16. Donna Lane


  17. Janelly Rodriguez

    Now this is music ! Miss those days ..

    Jesus Ocampo

    Same Lmao.

  18. Deon Latchman

    This my favourite song from Howie... it an inspiration a motivator ... just awesome

  19. Dani S.

    I love Howie but when sings up high his face looks like he's constipated! lol

  20. PancePlays

    still listen 2018

  21. M P

    Addicted to this song

  22. Mia Nesnah

    i remember listening to this song when i was little and i still love it

  23. chrisvelezm. oficial

    Me encantas tus canciones

  24. Karen Aviles

    I love Howie Day and his music I absolutely love his music and his voice

  25. Tatiane Oliveira

    Love ♡

  26. Tina Schlegel

    I have Howie Day in m head alll DAY. This just makes it all real. 🎸🎶🎵🎤💖

  27. Jeremy Baleje

    more videos please

  28. Tanya Curtis

    Amazing video , great song , great lyrics , Howie is a great guitarist & has amazing vocals too I think it's great & sharing on Facebook and Twitter too

  29. Tina Schlegel

    I love this sing. Howie Day 😙

  30. Gody Fontillas

    This is one of my favorite band, it goes directly to my soul.

  31. Mezzie Moo

    Does Howie Day still make music?

    Bridgeville Bulldawgz58

    Yes he came out with an album called Lanterns you should check it out.

  32. Estefania Papi

    looks like evan peters

  33. Chris Lo

    why this video didn't get over 100 million views ill never know..come on now..come on now come on

    Chris Lo

    +Mighty Jesus no I love this song


    Didn't even get to one mil :,(

  34. TheRomundus

    Good stuff.

  35. Camila Ayazo

    is amazing the voices of he ♥

  36. Jennifer Clark

    This reminds me of the days of my youth (early 20s), when I felt on top on the world.

    Jennifer Clark

    +Mr Lost Life happened. Being discharged from the military, lost my grandfather, relationships that didn't end well will change your perspective.

    Rita Manglona

    +Jennifer Clark sorry to hear that. Mind if I ask how old you are now?

    Chris Lo

    34 here I know what u mean

    Anthony Percivalle

    33 , same here :) , used to play his stuff at open mic in college. crazy how music has changed...

  37. Beck

    This song is supposed to be supportive and positive but it really just sounds more like he's egging you on to commit suicide.

    Shannon Morris

    I think it is really about losing yourself and saying goodbye to an old life, an old ideology and moving in a new direction. That's how I always took it.

    Branden Beckett

    Beck fuck yoy

  38. mattleo911

    Great song- Reminds me of my youth ( when I was 30 ) and how someone can stay by your side when you are at your lowest low.

    Rita Manglona

    that's cool cause I'm 30 now and I don't feel that old yet. Any advice you could give?

  39. SanjayPlays

    This song is still awesome! I made a cover of Collide on my channel. You guys might like it :D

  40. Ernesto Moran

    This song just grew on me when it first came out.Still sounds good today.

  41. Hernan Majano

    Howie day xan u make a new song please

  42. Kate Taylor

    This is the perfect song about losing your friends to drugs. Makes me cry every time I hear it.

  43. tammera okrusch-brunner

    Howie Day is the Best!!!

  44. devika jairam

    awesome :) I love it

  45. Jay-Lynn Sauren

    justin bieber and miley cyrus suck! lol,,,old rock bands and music still the best!

    Kevin Williams

    is this really 'rock' though? I don't even know how to classify tis kind of music


    @Kevin Williams Vampire Diaries kind of music haha

    Hunter Womack

    +Kevin Williams I'd say soft rock

  46. fl4shcry

    him/her doesn't matter. maybe should refer as IT, since no1 can obviously determine ITs gender ^^

  47. D Owens

    This song has theosophical and philosophical implications.Its speaking of your transition from one plane to the next and it speaks on perfecting yourself before your actual death

  48. fl4shcry

    talentless.. i bet you mean justin bieber. i know it hurts me too. how is it possible that charts are dominated by transexual little bitches like him?

  49. handsomepete

    both of his first 2 albums (in my opinion) were very strong. I think he had all the ingredients to be a superstar - but he kind of fell off the rails. It's unfortunate. Maybe there's still time for Howie.

  50. Charles Howe

    Excellent!!!! perfect time to write and perform a great song in this time of musical

  51. AmyMLJM

    The perfect time of my day is the one when i'm listening to this song

  52. Richard Phares

    He is actually talking about the moment of dying. He is sending the message of how volatile our life is and to supposedly be prepared for that inevitable fate.

  53. mybraintalks

    i got to agree.seriously. I stop listening to the charts now.

  54. Marie Denny

    His voice helps me settle down to healthy sleep. Thank you 3

  55. T Rex


  56. MrJkelley999

    I use to sit in the sky box at the university of maine while howie would sit there and sip his jack and coke. The good days.

  57. jaxmikey59

    wow this period of music is GONE--WTF

  58. grInxtd00r/Laurie

    he is perfect

  59. Danny Bush

    he has very legit hair. very legit indeed.

  60. davidib17

    yeah man it's all these fakes using auto-tune and fake overused, emotion-less techno beats.

  61. Rose Mary Gutiérrez


  62. Jamie Curtis

    i love this song:)

  63. vomitfountains

    This is probably the faggiest song I've ever heard but it brings back memories to when my dog died. It came on the radio when we were bringing him to the vet to be put down. I didn't know the dog up until its life was almost over but it was the first dog I ever cared for. The only reason why I still remember this song is because my father jokingly talked about this being my dog's theme song in the car ride.

  64. djvbhvb

    Needs more views!!!

  65. Annie Schoenecker

    @alwayslovinxo amen to that music sucks now days i dont even wanna call it music!

  66. Caitlin Glidden

    I miss when music like this would dominate the charts. now it's mostly (not all!) talent-less people who pay for their fame. It's songs like this that you can feel their emotion. now a days music is so empty..

  67. silenteyesspy

    @SuperOrange7991: yes, he does everything himself

  68. Derrik Jacobson

    solid song. if you've never checked out his old stuff pre-band, i highly recommend it!

  69. christina

    Howie is amazing. <3 I did a cover of his song "Collide" if you guys wanna check it out on my channel. (: Thank you! <3

  70. Marissa Neel

    I thought this song was about suicide but the video doesn't match that thought...

  71. CreativeLouise45

    I really like this song :)
    Howie Day always manages to make amazing songs, like "Collide" <3
    Lovelovelove this!
    Heard this on Summerland just today :') was the ending song to Episode 2, Season 1.

  72. jaxmikey59

    Superbly crafted song!

  73. Yang twy

    It's just the moment where he looks a lot like kris Allen!!!

  74. Josh P

    @teoweiyang Whats so good about 1:04?

  75. Yang twy

    1:04 OMG

  76. Mark Tanteo

    @teoweiyang oh my god

  77. Yang twy

    He looks just like Kris Allen from the side! Gosssssssh :D

  78. Teresa Vedor

    love every Howie Day's songs

  79. Mark Tanteo

    i love not to find the perfect gurl. i love to find and see an imperfect person perfectly

  80. MrAOvechkin


  81. Fairestcutie

    hmmm nice ;}

  82. howie593

    all i was doing was searching my name and fond a great singer

  83. Jacob Kitts

    Perfect Time of HOWIE Day. lol

  84. JackLivesTogether

    Very underrated musician right here.

  85. Vivien Lee

    i just realise that if you guys start complimenting or treating the average looking chick well, you'll get all the hot chicks coming after you.

  86. Erica Voss

    @ChefChrisDay it did have a single release, before collide. it didn't take off. he was on every talk show playing it and it played on the radio here for a short period of time.

  87. Pöpli8

    Didn't he lock up a girl in a restroom for turning him down?

  88. Chris Day

    I still never understood why this didn't get a single release. I think this would have been great as a radio edit, certainly for 2003 anyway.

  89. Chrystal

    @MisterLTAV they also censor their videos..really bad. sometimes they skip scenes in music videos..censor out the stupidest things.. liike..they censor out the word pistol in a music video i saw. vevo is okay for some music..but i can not stand to have my music censored :/

  90. smakerr123


  91. Garey seekerofknowledge

    Awsooome O.O

  92. dannyjip

    @PopCulture20 and also the slower dl speed of the video, sucks!

  93. Lee Dyer

    @reaper286 will please someone reveal to me why people hate Vevo? I'm not quite educated on the subject.

  94. Larry Tran

    If you're a fan of acoustic music check out my page and hopefully you'll like what you hear

    The Keepsake

  95. ConnorShawMusic

    awesome song

  96. Moon Pie

    I love this song. Beautiful.