David Archuleta - Upset With Me Lyrics

Maybe someday
You'd take the chance to listen to me
And then you'd know
That I still love you
I'm sorry for the way
We might have behaved
It leaves you up and down
I fell to the ground
Had to escape

I know you're upset with me
But you can't keep hurting me

If you disagree
With every word I speak
I told you what I feel
You say it's not real
So I'm leaving

I know you're upset with me
But you can't keep hurting me

If I'm not enough
To show you who I am
After all I've done
Then it's too tough
For you to understand
I'm taking back what's mine
We both sacrificed
Gave everything we had
But I don't have
To give you my light

I know you're upset with me
But you can't keep hurting me

I'm sorry if I've done anything
That makes you feel that I hurt you
I'm not sure what I'm running to
For now it's something I needed to do
I need to keep me safe from you
You still can't see
Why can't you see?

Painted eyes reaching for the sky
As we reach the moon
Busting clouds, oh, you scream so loud
So I hide from you
I never said a word to you
So I hide the truth
What did I do?
What did I do?

If there is someone
Who needs to know
Protect yourself
And find the help
To let you go
You can let yourself be heard

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David Archuleta Upset With Me Comments
  1. Amber Crombie

    This song personally describes the relationship I've had with two people in my life. One was a friend and I had enough courage to get out of that toxic relationship. The other is my mother. She is verbally/emotionally abusive and I am having a hard time leaving. This song definitely helps me through it. I love the line "I need to keep me safe from you" because it's so heartbreakingly true.

  2. Yo Kristaaa

    I came here because of his Instagram stories💖 I'm glad

  3. Katrina Cacal

    This is one of my favorite David songs. I can hear the Imogen Heap influence in this and I love it

  4. Yizkerem

    I was not prepare for this song... I was NOT really prepare... you made me cry. The only thing I know is that... This song was made from the bottom of your heart, but... Everything happens for a reason.

  5. Gloria Rivas

    What a beautiful song! 😍

  6. Eliete M. dos Santos


  7. Bobby Gotwals

    Gosh... This is so beautiful, almost as beautiful as you are David! XOXO

  8. Carol Lindley

    "Upset with me" lovely song but maybe she is upset with herself not you, and a disappointment. It might be her problem not yours....

  9. FanMissSwift

    This song sounds so sad! Who could hurt David Archuleta?? I can't even imagine it.

  10. Olivia Rush

    I am in love with david

  11. Ashley Ruud

    This song is incredible the melodies the lyrics everything about this song is amazing!!! This song inspires me so much

  12. Piper Wilson

    His songs are just so good!!

    JJ Prince

    I knowww

  13. Anthony Evagelista

    I love this song and the Mystery of it I just find the song like I'm telling you something I love it

    JJ Prince

    Same tho

  14. Fairangel13

    I hear the hurt in your voice💔

    JJ Prince

    I knoww

  15. Chanel Stelmachowicz

    I cannot explain what it is about this song. The harmonies, the words, just the entire melody.... I have listened to it probably 40 times today during my road trip lol. It's hauntingly beautiful and is quite possibly my favorite David Archuleta song ever

  16. musiclover

    amazing song David! Are you singing about your father?

    Mandy, Mariesé Skincare

    It seems to be a general reference to abuse from different sources. He's been emotionally abused by people who don't like his music and/or negatively compare him to other singers. He's also mentioned feeling pressured to be/appear perfect, possibly before becoming a singer as well. Lastly, he mentioned bullying and abuse as separate terms, which suggests physical abuse and/or the common societal distinction between one type/source of abuse and another.

    On the other hand, given the intensely personal nature of the song, it's also possible that he is talking about family, a friend, or an ex.



  17. JJ Prince

    This is good!

  18. Chris Connell

    Would love the story behind this song... love love your music! Beautiful!!!!

    Norissa Melanie-Jean Alleano

    What's the story behind the song?

  19. Anthony Evagelista

    I know every word to this song I also know what this all means to me but I can't help wondering what does this song means to you what made you write this song this amazing song love you guy for this.. also crack of Heaven wow we are saying wow thank you just be you David keep writing what you feel what comes to you will listen promise🍁👍

    JJ Prince

    David is great

  20. Nighttime Dreams

    Love the song David 💖💖💖💖😘🤗😍😍😍