David Allan Coe - If That Ain't Country - Part 2 Lyrics

Well I'm just an old man now covered with scars
Most of them I got fightin' in them redneck bars
And A bunch of brand new tattoos that Squench put on me

He covered up the ones I'd gotten years ago
Back in prison when I was just Dave Coe
And I wasn't famous then and I wasn't free

You know I grew up in a three room run down shack
At the foot of the hill by the railroad track
Where decent folks don't go when the sun goes down

My daddy worked at the Goodyear tire and rubber company
And he worked on cars
My momma went to church and my daddy went to bars
Most people just called it the hillbilly part of town

I had a '55 Chevy when I was fifteen
I painted it red cause I was still green
Hell I couldn't even afford to buy it gas

Had a .410 rifle and a bowie knife to
Red Man tobacco that I liked to chew
And we'd count the cars when the trains went past
And if that ain't country I'll kiss your ass

If that ain't country it'll hair lip the pope
If that ain't country it's a damn good joke
I've been on the Grand Ol Opry and I know Johnny Cash
And if he ain't country I'll kiss your ass

You know one of my sisters was a lady of the night
Then one day she saw the light
Now she don't do those things that she used to do

She never made the funeral when my daddy died
I said I'd forgive her but I guess I lied
Cause there ain't no way to hide the way that I feel

Me and my brothers took our sister Diane
Down to the funeral home to see the old man
Jimmy was the oldest and Diane she was the youngest one

Jack and Ray was in the middle and then there was me
And I'm the one that turned 23
And grew up to be that yankee's rebel son

Times are changing I heard Bob Dylan say
It's been fifteen now since my father passed away
But I can still picture him in his overalls

Standin' around the house where he made his deals
Around the porch there was a bunch of old wheels
And some used Harley Davidson parts that he sold for cash

There was fifty holes in an old tin roof
Me and my family was livin' proof
Everybody called us old poor white trash
And if that ain't country I'll kiss your ass

If that ain't country it'll hair lip the pope
If that ain't country it's a damn good joke
I've been on the Grand Ol Opry and I know Johnny Cash
And if he ain't country I'll kiss your ass

And if that ain't country I'll kiss your ass
And if that ain't country I'll kiss your ass

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David Allan Coe If That Ain't Country - Part 2 Comments
  1. Ross McMurdo

    Dimebags guitar?

  2. Uncle Remus

    Whole song stolen from a real outlaw Guy Clark!

  3. Toni House

    D AC rocks.

  4. Oceana Vale

    Miss... Damn...miss...fuck all & piss in the cheerios Batman...it is allfuck all fuck king goodnight.

  5. Oceana Vale

    Byran Scott Rogers. Godammit You are missed. Stat. .
    May all youe titttiws be naked and drama free

  6. GreenGablesForever1

    love this even though I'm a Yankee.

  7. Debbie Pannell

    They voice is strong🎶🎵

    Debbie Pannell

    That voice ...

  8. Jach Machoc

    The 410 rifle just hurts dammit dac why just why

  9. Toni House

    Have always loved David Allan,, 66 old and still a fan.

  10. Hey Old Man

    One of my favorite songs . And I haven’t drank booze in 40 + years 😎 still in my blood guess 😃. And I too am “ a old man now , covered with scars ...and most of them I got working on old junk cars .. in the daytime 😎

  11. Theresa Buchanan

    love that guitar DAC is playing with

  12. Darrell Hart

    Imposter! That's not David Allen Coe. He's barely drunk.

  13. Tim Crane

    Dont spend your money to see this piece of shit.. he will sing for 30 minutes and sound like absolute garbage

  14. ClawingBear Wade

    old friends and decent memories.

  15. Robert C. Austin III

    I am 51 and i still count the cars as the train goes by.

  16. Scott Robbins

    Not everyone likes DAC but if you do you knew Texas in the 70s

  17. james crowe

    Great New Orleans drummer Kerry Brown.

  18. Tommy Gunn

    We love David Alan Coe all the way from the UK 👍👍👍


    1k Florida Georgia Line fans can kiss my ass

  20. Deleuzeshammerflow

    A .410 rifle? Er, shotgun?

  21. Oceana Vale

    And If That Ain't Country and f*** you

  22. Oceana Vale

    The coolest song so I can never liked even if it wasn't country like I think somebody would have to kiss somebody's ass they're definitely have to be charged as a recipe biscuits I say to activate sit there and thank you miss

  23. northern redneck

    Still killin it DAC

  24. Erich L. Ruehs

    DAC looks like shit. Really great shit!

  25. Burgh Bear

    I can still picture him in his overalls.

  26. Ben H

    I haven’t decided if I like this version or the original version better. I wish he’d make a part 3

  27. Owen Riggs

    Hands down, best version ever sung by DAP!!!

  28. David Olson

    I just became a David Allen Coe fan.

  29. baler johnson

    David Allen Coe ..Lived the life and fought the fights ..he is the real deal and one of the greatest song writers of our time ..God Bless DAC

  30. Stevilkenevil99

    Is that dimebags guitar?

  31. Cherie

    big racist, too bad


    What the fuck is a 4-10 rifle? Thats a shotgun

  33. marco dijkman

    HECK YEAH PLEASE MORE mister Allen
    Coe U are the one!

  34. Kirsty Mcintee

    I was thatsoldier

  35. Josh Guffey

    Dude that has to be a dimebag guitar

  36. Roy Middel

    I know alot about his life, i know alot of his songs, if you do too...... look at his face, see the emotain, only than you'll see the emotain and start to realise what country music is about

  37. Adam Nicholson

    Well I stood in line at an Opry show
    I was gonna meet David Allen Coe
    After an hour
    I was there at last
    But security wouldn't let me past
    I asked why
    They told me "David said you can kiss his ass"

    And then Coe, rised from his seat like you wouldn't know
    He said "Round here, I'm the man,
    And I ain't got time for no more fans
    I'll see ya later
    And he left real fast
    I was pissed
    But if that ain't county I kiss your ass

    James Casey

    Adam Nicholson I got to talk to one of the band members of the Texas Hat band. The stories I heard turned me off of DAC. He was in town once security told a local DJ when DAC walked in the room don’t make eye contact with him.

  38. Jason Voorhees

    Water down Version

  39. Marty Peterson

    is there a studio version of this?

  40. BladeArtist 205

    "And I wasn't free"...... brings chill bumps to me, thank god I made it out.

  41. aitf99

    If you look up OUTLAW in the pictionary this mans picture is in there !!! He never gave a shit about how he looked, or presented himself, or what he did or said. He just did his thing. Not too many people in music or even in life can truely say that.

  42. Luke Flupper

    That shit right there!! Indeed

  43. Jennifer Delay

    Remember he was in trouble an i calmed him down ok

    Joyce Thomas


  44. Jennifer Delay

    Now he is mine too whats good 4 the gadder is good 4 the goose

  45. David Karstensen

    Love this guy. Part of my childhood, but he didn't age well

  46. CD Snider

    I went to the country music hall of fame today and its pretty shitty Coe is no where to be found.

  47. Melissa Kerns

    He sings good country music about the country life about life and love country music that ain't country i kiss your ass

  48. Melissa Kerns

    We need good singers and sign good country music

  49. chrisgsayshello

    Thing about Coe is his ability to do much with so little in terms of songwriting. If That Ain't Country is barebones as it gets and yet so effectively paints a picture in your mind and conveys his life in just a few short verses. No easy feat.

  50. Mungo Munro

    Son of a bitch giving the finger can kiss our ass.

  51. dhix

    coe his own wourst enemey/self inflicted wounds.BUT he done hes way.reminds me Jamie Johnson today.

  52. Deuce Devil


  53. Chili Been

    I Really Like This man

  54. Mr cucumber

    410 “rifle”


    I mean technically yeah, i mean a judge shoots shotgun shells but its still a pistol

    Mr cucumber

    Mason That doesn’t make it a rifle dude. Judges are a waste of money anyway

  55. Ingrid Sjöberg

    He is top 5 qountry artist - ever !!! Love from Vilhelmina Sweden

  56. Jordan Stine

    This is real song from the heart not written by some sell out joker. REAL MUSIC!!!!!!!!

  57. Fiddle Jack

    Curious what band names are hidden under his guitar belt...

  58. Me You

    I like David Allen Coe I love to get Drunk to David Coe music am poor as hell if that's not country 😂🍻🍺🍺🍺

  59. Dawn D

    How can i convince mr. David Allan Coe to come back and perform in Ellwood City Pennsylvania? You played at the ranch off of 65 about 12 years back. Since then it has burned down and we mourn it. But we have plenty of other bars sir and maybe you could play to help rebuild the ranch? I believe they still have their outdoor license and besides with three cops and 3,000 people who's going to win that fight!? If you're interested please respond then I will give Ron, owner of the ranch, the info you need. Either way I love you much and keep on cracking out the hillbilly Opera

  60. Aaron

    Fucking love DAC's Dimebag Darrell guitar. Long live Pantera \m/!

  61. DJFireUSA

    He will be performing in East TN this week!

  62. Jamie Liss

    I've never heard this. Great one David

  63. Temper T

    Dimebag’s guitar!

  64. Rockin Randall

    White and Black and Hispanic and Asian lived like this somewhere !!! If That Ant Counrty I'll Kiss Your A.. !!!!!!

  65. Huawei is a criminal organization.

    I look this band, just look at them

  66. Aron Evans

    My hero, DAC!!!

  67. Dustin Johnson

    Growed up in hard times Spent time in prison an still made something of himself truth that even grow up hard poor rich middle class etc if YOU want to YOU CAN 👍

    Hey Old Man

    Dustin Johnson Amen. !

  68. lights out

    Where I'm from if it ain't broke don't fix it don't worry you shore don't got to kiss my ass

  69. John Craig

    David, I haven't seen you at the HS in awhile. I surely hope you are still with us and are doing well. Wishing you much luck on the next pull or button push.

  70. ray boy

    First show I took my son to

  71. David Jehan

    I remember seeing his adds in the back of easyriders, under the title of 'Music for bikers'...Way back in the mid to late 70's..
    Out of curiosity,and because I knew back then I was destined to be a biker.. I sent my money to get one...Unfortunately it never made its way here to Australia..Thank god for the Internet,you tube, and David Allen Coe...I knew I'd like his music...

  72. gwyn Stephen

    Yeah all our white privilege that’s a joke we’re cannon fodder for the elites always have been always will be and when vets come back they’re homeless with no medical but hey come on up non citizens we’ll pay for your medical WTW?

    Joshua Boren

    Keep on building that wall Mr President... Trump 2020!!

  73. Dave Fisher

    The pussy is never yours it's just your turn .. You slut

  74. A/C Pro

    I friend of mine had a funny story. He said he opened for a mr coe concert. Seen him in the hall latter after it was over and said. Hello mr Coe I opened for you tonight , mr Coe said " who gives a fuck"

  75. Larry Reid

    Love and respect from Nova Scotia Canada David Allen Coe!!

  76. Chili Been

    Yus found ya brother!! AWESOME

  77. steve lane

    If he had '55 Chevy when he was 15, that would have been a brand new car!

  78. Glenn Hertel

    It all seems so USELESS TO RETHINK.

  79. Glenn Hertel

    Nothing Says Guilty More Than Flat Broke,,, No other Evidence Needed.

  80. Glenn Hertel

    It wasn't worth all he had to kill to get it.

  81. Glenn Hertel

    If That Ain't Country.

  82. Corey's Morgan


  83. David Perez

    David your a cool home boy, but if you support Trump fuck off bitch!!!!!

    Joshua Boren

    Trump 2020, DAC is a trip supporter for sure

  84. Glenn Hertel

    Something Like That Anyway

  85. Glenn Hertel

    That Argument Started Because Not Everyone Was Allowed To Use That 410 Rifle.

  86. Glenn Hertel

    Something about the Real Slim Shady Stand Up.

  87. D Mason

    Seen him 5 times now. He puts on a great show.

  88. TickleBiscuit

    Beautiful song. Still sounded great...DAC...country legend!

  89. Alex Beyer

    Damn, he got soft in his old age, where's the shit that made him famous?

  90. Glenn Hertel

    Texas Toxic Pantywaste Cleanup In Progress.

  91. Glenn Hertel

    Ain't No More Red Paint Going On That Car. ( RIP Senator Hertel Senior.)



  93. nolacraasquerosa

    Fuck liberal faggots!!!!!!!!!Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Michael MADDIN

    Hey you son of bitch. Where's my drink. You country bitch lol 1988 Nashville's our old stopping grounds. Bear.

  95. James Craver

    David Allen coe is the man

  96. Ryan Don

    God bless you David Allan Coe. You ain’t no motherfucking pussy or yes man something that can’t be said by a lot

  97. gizmo atplay

    Most hell,I lived in the hills and yes they have eyes,if that ain't country I'll kiss ur wife,lol

  98. Glenn Hertel

    Tired I'm gonna eat and get some rest.

  99. Glenn Hertel

    We live in a Kill House left over from Ford, Something about Watergate, Wired for sound, We don't have any Civil Rights, Because our Family got Robbed, because some Rich Assholes need scapegoats to take the Blame for the crimes they commit to get that rich. Fucking Sad Pretty Sure they call it Genocide, went to collage made straight a's but that wasen't ok with the FBI, School Went Under. Well I certainly hope you had a good time.

  100. JuniorMint

    I'm disappointed. He didn't say the n-word.