Darryl Worley - Family Tree Lyrics

Dancin' in the living room cuttin' up a rug
Dancin' with a baby looks more like a hug
Livin' in a house made of saw mill wood
"Roll over Beethoven" never sounded so good

Come on baby, baby let's go
Where we get the money honey I don't know
One more baby's alright by me
We'll just add another limb to the family tree

Well raising up babies is our new sport
You're one day late and I'm a dollar short
Now maybe it was planned maybe it was a goof
But a cat just has to dance on a hot tin roof

Come on baby, baby let's go
Where we get the money honey I don't know
One more baby's alright by me
We'll just add another limb to the family tree

Well the lawnmower's broken, the tax is due
And if I find another tick I'm gonna come unglued
We got hand me down clothes, hand me down shoes
We got the big belly momma here we go again blues

Come on baby, baby let's go
Where we get the money honey I don't know
One more baby's alright by me
We'll just add another limb to the family tree

Baby, whoa, whoa let's go
Where we get the money I don't know
One more baby alright's by me
It's alright, it's alright now baby
We'll just add another limb to the family tree
Oh we'll just add another limb to the family tree
We'll just add another limb to the family tree

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Darryl Worley Family Tree Comments
  1. Victor Pago

    Who is she? What a hottie

  2. Alan fast 7 Niebergall

    You go beautiful girl make him do country song

  3. Clarence Aaron Jones

    This song reminds me of my uncle who got his 7th kid in his 60s. I played this song for him. He didn't say anything, but he sure looked pissed off.

  4. mauro mancillas

    This mans pull out game weak af


    This Is When Your Music Sounded Like Country With The Steele Guitar & Violin!

  6. Joshua Brooks

    I love how Darryl is paying homage to the great Jesco White in this video. (Look at his shirt.) Something also tells me that he'd be a fun guy to hang out with.

  7. John Worley

    Great job !
    You know how us Worley fellers are. I got 4 boys my self.

  8. valerie hughey

    Grown fond of Darryl Worley music 😀😆😀

  9. The GTA Cowboy aka yermommalovesme

    just had my fourth child this weekend, I've been listening to this song on repeat!

    Amber Crosland


  10. Cindy Starling


  11. dylanhtownfl

    Darrell scotts original version is way better.

  12. Makayla Petty

    Grew up listening to Darryl.. :)

    mark mccormick

    Makayla Petty me too

    Matthew Ledoux

    Girlfriend picked this one..

  13. Jason Young

    Really like Darryl Worley and can't wait to see him blow up more and more. Hopefully plays Kansas City area soon. Great style and persona!

    Michael David Cilantro

    @Jason Young ...ity...

    Brian Brockway

    Darryl worley

  14. Anthony Terra

    One more baby's alright by me

  15. Kimberly Snipes


  16. celine maria

    j'adore !!!

  17. Arthur Rogers

    Rocking that Jescoe White T-shirt!!!

  18. LilmamaAsh Worley

    my cousin is good isint he! :) lol

  19. Shane Shepherd

    Amazing song. Amazing artist.

  20. Katie

    i used to listen to this ALL THE TIME and wen ur young u dont understand lol i love this song!!!

  21. Queer Owl

    I heard this for the fist time earlier today in my english class. XD Had to search it from YouTube X3

  22. Charles Hoover

    reminds me of my family, what a video.

  23. nicpey

    that actress definatly hasnt had any children with a stomach like that

  24. BillieJean42

    My favorite song by Darryl. Swingy, bluesy, bouncy. Lyrics are clever. Simple...less is more wins again.

  25. blueovaltrucker

    God vevo SUCKS!!!!!

  26. totaler166

    The lawn mower catching on fire made my day.

  27. MrCrochunter

    is that Junior brown in the white hat? It kind of looks like him.

  28. shaybird100

    i like this video

  29. stopglobalswarming

    She must do 400 situps a day.

  30. Chad Morrison

    she has nice dick sucking lips

  31. dynamitemike65

    @reddragon961 Maybe not, but at least they don't kill them before they even have a chance to be born.

  32. stopglobalswarming

    @reddragon961 Guess that far north they have no family pride or values!

  33. Kosmanen

    we heard this in English class at school

    Greetings from finland!

    good song!

    Julia Deemer

    wonder what yall were up to in there

  34. ajayfromreno

    he is so freaking cute

  35. Dolly Kester

    Cute ! Cute ! Cute !!!

  36. blade norries

    if i had her as a wife i would have about 18 kids to

  37. nikayla worley

    omg my last name is worley hehe thats sweet

  38. catalystleader

    The reality is that in that part of the country, the husband and wife are also brother and sister. lol.

  39. Brittany Perryman

    this is cute! :)

  40. stopglobalswarming

    Hell yeah! European Americans need less gimmicky possessions and designer crap, and more family!

  41. James Duncan

    this is written by darrell scott...on of the great true american song writers. He does it ALOT better too.

  42. Dean Phan

    Lovely song! And funny too!

  43. ken Mere

    i never heard this song til i saw it here. i guess there some song the radio just don't play. so thanks for putting it out here.

  44. Gregory Mitchell