Darkwater - In Front Of You Lyrics

On the outside looking in
Everything appears okay
Right here

We'll do what we want
Our destiny may be our own
No matter what?

But why refuse to see
Why bear a cross that can't be seen
That no one else can feel

How come you hide your self within
An archetype that is so old
Now, there is so much to know

I'm here, right in front of you
I can not believe that you can't see this too
It's right in front of you
It's right in front of you
I'm right in front of...

Another heaven awaits us
Utopia to come our way
Another fairy tale

They'll do as they please
Our future deemed in unknown hands
No matter what?

But I refuse to be weak
Carry a burden cause you can't see
The way things really are

How come you just hide your self
Inside this monumental fortress
When we can make it fall

I'm here, right in front of you
I can not believe that you can't see this too
It's right in front of you
It's right in front of you
I'm right in front of...

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Darkwater In Front Of You Comments
  1. Jeff Tess

    Masterpiece ! Henrik 🙏🙏🙏✊🤘

  2. Tacio Macedo

    Great music !

  3. Letthemusicspeak

    Henrik, you guys have nailed it once again. Stunning and beautiful work from the prog masters of Sweden; get back to the US soon!


    Letthemusicspeak Thank you so much :) I hope we will come back soon!


    @henrikbath123 do i need to write to ulterium again?😉 seriously how do we help you, i know it takes money.


    Letthemusicspeak Haha, yeah it's not easy. I guess the best way is to spread the word as much as possible, both to other people and also to festivals and promoters.


    @henrikbath123 on it. See you soon:D


    Letthemusicspeak Haha awesome! Let's hope so, thanks :D

  4. Russ Stoker

    Wow, great songwriting & production. Love it!!

  5. Paul Daluz

    Make metal beautiful again!!!!

  6. Gabonzo

    This is how I wish Kamelot would sound. If I didn't know better I'd say Roy Khan secretly joined Darkwater and recorded under a pseudonym. xD

  7. Kory Piles

    Dream Theater meets Kamelot!
    Yet, better and more raw! I’m hooked!

  8. Ángel Reyes

    Fuck you Maluma!

  9. TYPE-7

    Much Love and Greetings from South Africa

  10. Cyril of the Holy Family

    Music is amazing ! And the lyrics absolutely awesome ! God bless you forever <3

  11. Malcolm Reynolds

    I got this CD as soon as it was released. I have been listening to it non-stop. My favorite songs are: In Front Of You, Alive II, Reflection of a Mind, Insomnia, Burdens, and Light of Dawn. On a few songs, in certain parts, the vocals remind me of Roy Khan when he was in Kamelot. ( I am a long-time Roy Khan fan. ) KILLER stuff. I'm loving it. My only complaint: I wish it was a little heavier. I really like the heavy stuff best. Maybe for your next album, you can just go full-on power-metal for me! ;-)

  12. Awer Metal

    Holy Hell! I need info of this Band!!

  13. PaulHD


  14. Phanor Alvarez

    Wooohooo amazing music !! Congratulations Guys!!

  15. N3V3rmor365

    KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!! Henrik is AMAZING!!!

  16. Rickey Bolen

    Just stumbled across this, killer track! I will def be checking out more from this band.

    Jörgen Gabrielsson

    Rickey Bolen you Will not be disipointed😊👍🏼🤘🏼

  17. Jabba The Hut

    I made a preorder and just got the new Album om Friday ! And my goodness ....!! Awesome job Darkwater !!

  18. Allx Allx

    Ce groupe n'a absolument rien à envier à un Dream Theater !! Ils sont vraiment excellents !!

  19. Pett Dan

    I just ordered my copy today and can't wait for it to arrive next week.
    All the songs released on YouTube in the last weeks are way too delicate.

  20. ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    DARKWATER is Awesome! Thank you YouTube! They go great with my other bands! They got a DREAM THEATER to them and I think that is Awesome! Great passion with excellent Metal sound! Great song DARKWATER! Keep it up!

  21. Lelo Starks

    Fuck yeah !!!

  22. smokeyfrog210

    First time hearing this band and fucking love it.

  23. Janusz Jankes

    🤘💀💀😈😈🤘Bardzo dobry spoko vocal i moc wszystkich instrumentów super.

  24. Matt R

    So thrilled this band is back, I was afraid they were no longer around it had been so long since their last album. I love their first 2 albums and if anything the new releases sound as if not only have they not lost any inspiration they've actually taken things up a notch in quality.

  25. smnvfdr

    "Alive" was masterpiece. This single is just good song.


    Check out Light of DAWN.

  26. Jeff Wright


  27. Oscar Fernández

    Waiting for the album 01-03-2019 on iTunes 💪🏻🇨🇱

  28. HG Metal Pro

    A R A 🔱 B I A

  29. Martijn Bontje

    I never heard of this band before.sounds great.singer his voice sounds like tommy karevik

  30. Dani San

    yeaaa!!! Excelent

  31. Jonas Tamas


  32. Mike Beaston

    Great songs so far. Making this 3 for 3 great albums I'm sure. Also a good job by Henrik w/Waken Eyes while on a "break".


    Mike Beaston Thanks man! Glad you appreciate Waken Eyes as well :)

  33. Shwetabh Sameer

    Love the sudden drop at 1:14 and 2:54! Another great song by this band.

  34. eddy younes

    Omg I was waiting for a new album

  35. Gus Drax

    Great stuff!

  36. Felipe Peixoto

    Oh God.

  37. 1deepsixxx

    boiling bubbles.

  38. Jumpy Bunny Rabbit

    Sweet solo starts @4:34.

  39. Larry Henderson

    Goodness gracious.. touched deep.. heart, soul and bone. Much love to Darkwater. \,,/


    Larry Henderson Thank you :)

  40. Ingrid van Teunenbroek

    Still.......it is no 1 March.....pfffffffffffff

  41. Timothy Issler

    What's the song about? I'm really intrigued to know, because understanding what a song is about can really add a lot to how I listen to the song.


    My impression just from reading the words, is the idea that someone can bottle up their problems and refuse to admit they exist, out of fear of confronting them, but this attitude also closes them off from being helped with their problems, and from that special someone in their life (friend, partner, teacher) who can clearly see the person is suffering but is helpless to do anything until this person wants to be helped. The narrator seems to be singing this song to his friend to persuade him to open up and let himself begin to be healed, even if it means acknowledging that he needs help.

    Timothy Issler

    @quadrupleplay Okay. That actually makes a lot of sense now. The second verse almost seems like a conversation between the two persons. A similar song I thought of (subject-wise) was "Kamikaze" by Disciple, talking about self-destructive personalities. Thanks for the help.


    @Timothy Issler Perhaps the “monumental fortress”, including promises of utopian socialism, is the ultimate matrix offered up by the most corrupt and powerful governments throughout the globe. “Another heaven awaits us, utopia to come our way, another fairy tale”. Here in the USA, just such a package is being sold to the masses. Aka: The Green New Deal, a chapter taken from Agenda 21, courtesy of the UN. This matrix will be replete with fancy toys for all, legal access to mind altering drugs, an inverse sense of morality, feel good pharmaceuticals for all, conformity through fear and guilt. The list goes on and on until most will suffer from subjugation schema. “I cannot believe that you can’t see this too. It’s right in front of you”. Just a thought.

  42. Peter G

    So far I have yet to be disappointed by a single note in either of the 3 songs released. Can't wait for this release. 🤘🤘


    Peter G Thanks!

  43. Júlio Matos

    Música excelente

  44. True Glory Metal Channel

    GREAT new song guys, I was waiting for 9 years haha


    Hot damn! The new release is like a bottle of fine wine. The more you sample it, the better it gets! Intense!

  46. Malcolm Reynolds

    What guitar amps were used to record this album? I'm getting a MESA Recto vibe. Am I close?


    I need to check that with Jacob Hansen, he re-amped the guitars :)

    Malcolm Reynolds

    That would be great. I'm just curious what he used to get those killer guitar tones.


    Malcolm Reynolds Jacob said that he used both the EVH 5150-III and the Engl Artist.

    Malcolm Reynolds

    Oh, so I was wrong. Thanks for the info! Those amps are VERY good! I'm not surprised. I would love to own an Engl Artist, but they are expensive.

  47. darcivocals


  48. Malcolm Reynolds

    Very impressive songwriting. Great balance between heavy and melody. I don't know what I like more, the heavy chugging, or the glorious keyboards! Your keyboard player is a genius. This song is HUGE. I can't wait to hear the whole album!




    Yes. Strong synergyforce in this band. Perfect balance.

    marcus tatarus

    I didnt hear anything better in a while.. Pure perfection in every way. Epic song!

  49. Ivan Nazimov

    friday came, and another song, as promised...

  50. Ivan Nazimov

    are you ready for ever fame, DW :) :) ?


    Haha we sure are ;)

    Ivan Nazimov

    @henrikbath123 grip the fame, Henrik, you deserve it! ... all of you, all of DW


    @Ivan Nazimov Thank you :)

  51. SkySeries

    Pqp q música fodaaaaa

  52. Ariel R

    Nono I need the album now, I just simply cant wait until march 1st. Please, release it now !!!!!!!

  53. Aaron Lepik

    Huge song!

  54. Vitaliy Antonuk

    wow this is simply amazing


    Thank you! :)

  55. Benjamin Musclow

    Best Darkwater track ever written....


    Thanks :)

  56. Paulus Rumanouw

    Killer track!

  57. Thiago Quirino

    Just one word to describe this sound: Phenomenal.
    Very sticky melodic part, Henrik's impeccable interpretation.

    In fact, the long wait was worth it.

    Cheers from Brazil


    Thank you! :)

    Thiago Quirino

    @henrikbath123 I thank you, man. The songs of Darkwater elevate my spirit to a pleasantly transcendental level that I can not even explain. I travel within myself in the most positive way possible, and I find a more focused and thoughtful self about the adversities of life. Anyway, I'm a big fan of his work, not only with Darkwater, but also with Shadrane, with Harmony and also with Waken Eyes (which is a really nice Prog to hear hahaha).
    Strong hug and success !!!


    Thiago Quirino Thank you so much for those words! Means a lot :)

  58. WalkATruth

    Great stuff! ...as a long time Prog fan I have to take my hat off to this band - I put aside the underwhelming DT album and kept replaying Darkwater latest singles - was pleasantly surprised -still love DT but this band has got it going on right now

    Malcolm Reynolds

    Check out MICHAEL ROMEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2PXTQ_ltiQ

  59. Jörgen Gabrielsson

    Yes.. i press like before i watch this🤘🏼😎


    Haha härligt att höra ;)

    Jörgen Gabrielsson

    henrikbath123 självklart👍🏼. Å nu har första plattan fastnat i huvet åxå.. gått på rundgång i bilen de sista 2 veckorna🤘🏼🤗


    Jörgen Gabrielsson Kul att höra :)

    Jörgen Gabrielsson

    henrikbath123 https://youtu.be/4QI_p7NfyI0

  60. Gabriel Marcondes

    Já dei like logo no primeiro riff.

  61. Deathbedzombie

    I feel spoilt. DT put up their new album and a new song from Darkwater. And it’s the start of the weekend 😃


    Liking the Darkwater a hell of a lot more than the Dream Theater and I have seen DT 4 times and have all their previous albums - their latest is not resonating with me


    Yes, already watched after this video. I must commend YT for their song suggestions. Townsend is a true music artist


    I honestly don't care about dt. Dw is where it's at.


    @Mcufre You saved my day!

    Marc John

    @ThorfinnrKarrson And the new Queensryche, the new RIverside, the new Neal Morse Band...

  62. Monika Dahlmann

    are the other songs just as good?


    Yes they are


    Alive is also phenomenal. :p

    Monika Dahlmann

    Alive is my fovourite so far @Starlight3000

  63. Green apple 12

    Perfect!This is music!

  64. Rose, The Princess of The Environment

    I really enjoyed your song. The music is good, big and still I was surprised by the more slowly part which makes the song attractive and surprising. The guitar solo is splendid ❤ and i like the voice of the guy who sings. It's a very nice song.
    I find the lyrics interesting too.
    Well done guys ❤🌹 This is a song for the earth 🌎

  65. ragnoon

    not long until the album, liking what I hear so far =)

  66. Aline Marim

    Another masterpiece coming from this band. Awesome guys! Quem mais do Brasil?

    Thiago Monteiro RJ

    Ouvia muito quando muleke, pensei que não voltaria mais 😍.
    Infelizmente Solid Vision não voltou!

    felipe martins

    Brasil aqui !!! Conheci essa banda tem duas semanas e tô achando mt foda !

    Carlos Ryllder

    A espera de vários anos valeu a pena, álbum quase perfeito!!!

  67. Neds Play

    Great track!

  68. Mauricio silva

    So nice!

  69. Starlight3000

    Dream Theater meets Myrath in the shattered fortress. Awesome track!

    Octavian Cucuta

    @Fortknight - can't say I dig their vocals, but the instrumental sounds good at a first glance.
    Will investigate further :D - thanks!

    Octavian Cucuta

    @Fortknight dude... thanks for the hint on Pagan's Mind :3 \m/

    Malcolm Reynolds

    Kamelot sucks now. They just make cookie-cutter songs that all sound the same. I liked "The Fourth Legacy" album.

    Malcolm Reynolds

    Check out a classic prog album: HYDROTOXIN "Oceans". A gem in my vast collection.

    Octavian Cucuta

    @Malcolm Reynolds Well, it's classic: band publishes something, people like it. As soon as they change style or get rooted in a style, some people will hate it.