Danielle Bradbery - I Will Never Forget You Lyrics

Sooner or later they say
That it all gets easier
Take it one tear at a time
And I'll wake up one day
To find some closure
Shining like the sunlight through the blinds

No matter how much time may pass between us
You’ll never be more than a memory away

'Cause I’ll never forget you
No, I’ll never forget you

Whisper of the evening rain
On the bedroom window
Like the sky is missing you
The flicker of a candle flame
There’s only one shadow
Oh, but I can still see two

No matter how much pain I have to go through
It’s better than feeling nothing for you at all

'Cause I’ll never forget you
No, I’ll never forget you

When I’m sleeping
When I’m dreaming wide awake
I got the feeling
That I’ll never get you out of my mind

Oh and I’ll never forget you
No, I’ll never forget you (never forget you)
Never forget you, oh, oh
Never forget you

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Danielle Bradbery I Will Never Forget You Comments
  1. tyche hecate

    Rest in peace Barbara J. Murray, my great grandmother, but more importantly, my inspiration, my hero, and the strongest woman to ever live.

  2. madeline Hernandez

    2019 anyone or is it just me ......

  3. jay charleston

    Bruh if she was back on the voice singing this song Lord have mercy. And 2:38?! Where's Jennifer Hudson so I can throw my shoe! Sing girl!!

  4. Wangs Last

    Its a shame this song didnt get the attention it deserved. All thanks to her label. She deserved to be recognised.

  5. Crady Smith

    I love this song of hers! She is so incredibly talented her voice is music in itself! She can sing anything she truly is a voice a talented vocal artist of a lifetime! She is Phenomenal!!!!! Thanks Fiesty Dragon for sharing this great lyrics video!

  6. Kathleen Woodruff

    This song goes out to cameron boyce's family and friend/costars. 💔Rest in peace camoren, we love u😇.

  7. Casie Marcel

    I miss u Cayden Man my god great nephew/god son 6-23-12 = 2-13-15
    I miss u Carrie my sister/best friend 6-4-75 = 8-20-18 it’s been so hard faceing these days wit out yl here. The pain in my head will never be filled again. R.I.P. UNTILL I see yl again.

  8. Chelsey Brown

    My dad committed suicide a year and 5 months ago and this song helps me a lot😔 I miss you daddy💔💔

  9. cody chase

    i cant hear this whole song it breaks me down everytime

  10. Kambria Moore

    Omg I can’t breath

  11. Mustika Sari

    2:38 her high note is truely amazing.

  12. Mustika Sari

    2:38 her high note is truely amazing.

  13. Mustika Sari

    2:38 her high note is truely amazing. ♥

  14. Twilight Barnes

    I dedicate this song to my best guy friend and guardian angel Tim Nichols I love and miss you buddy but I know I will see you again when God calls me hone. Save a place for me and I can not wait until that beautiful day I will never forget you and will always love you! Fly high buddy fly high

  15. Linda Kissenberger

    Amazing song.

  16. pink99ist

    Beautiful 💖

  17. Katie Coley

    To my sweet Nana, it’s been 4 months but it feels like an eternity since you went home. I love you now, I love you forever. Until we meet again.

  18. Fiona Nohl

    amazing song!! so much meaning and the melody is just beautiful

  19. Kimberly Sager

    my father had a heart cat done and i almost lost him this song makes me cry

  20. Crady Smith

    Danielle's Voice is so beautiful angelic and her vocals are beyond Amazing! Danielle's a phenomenal artist and she has one of the most versatile voices I've ever heard! and she is one of the most talented voices in country music nowadays!

  21. Tyler D

    This girl can sing!

  22. Horus Chay

    funny as it sounds, I heard a snippet of this song on this game random moment video and shazam it and now I am here. This song is amazing.

  23. Crady Smith

    Awesome song and your performances is amazing like always!

  24. Brit lee

    I lost my mom in October of 2016 and I remember how I felt when I heard she died man I couldn't even say it without crying on the phone to tell my boss that I couldn't come in for next two days. She had cancer lung cancer. She fought hard but god had other plans for her. I miss her to this every day. I remember when she went to the hospital three times it was so hard for me because I couldn't help her.

  25. Crady Smith

    Amazing She is one of the most talented artist in country music nowadays Danielle's vocal abilities are unbelievable! She is a phenomenal artist! thanks for sharing

  26. MaCeighla DeRousse

    Every time I listen to this song I think of I will always love you by Whitney Houston lol

  27. Carlos Marangon

    Dear Feisty Dragon, please tell me...
    What software do you use to make these awesome lyrics?

    Feisty Dragon

    Just Movie Maker and PicMonkey for the collages. Nothing fancy plus can't afford high tech stuff

  28. Hunter Canerdy

    My mawmaw died of cancer and I cried when I herd this song

  29. Jennifer Castrenze

    this song always me cry I just think about love ones that are in heaven now

  30. kira copple

    RIP Christina Grimmie!! I love and miss you so much!! I will never forget you!!

  31. Ronnie Burnett

    may you always know I'm holding your tiny hand "Boogie" . for 19 months I has the blessing of loving you and being by your side through all your struggles and fights. God bless you and all babies taken too soon. Cause I know I will NEVER forget you Madison Reakay Apple. #dandywalkersydrome

    sandra Gilfour

    I'm sorry for your loss

    Ronnie Burnett

    Ty April I cry everyday for my baby she was such a beautiful baby and had the strength of a warrior but just couldn't hold on anymore. She is with God now and at peace. I miss and love her so much it kills me every second

    Michelle Nordyke

    God Bless

  32. Carley Head

    I love you William! Rest in peace beautiful

  33. The Sugar Ponies

    Nice!. thx for sharing. If you are a fan of this music, you might like our original music. Mind coming by our channel and letting us know what think of our new single "Give This Girl A Break"? We really appreciate it! -The Sugar Ponies

  34. Benjamin Brookins

    my dog died to and i miss him

    kc hardrick

    my grandma and both of my grandpas died.😘😳😞😢😓😰😱😨😥😪😭😢😓😲😵👵👴👴👼💦💦💦👎

    sandra Gilfour

    +kc hardrick my grandma died when I was a little girl

    sandra Gilfour

    +kc hardrick mines in the hospital but he still ant much longer

  35. Breana Rogers

    Rip chance, Tucker, Andrew n Danny. i love you guys!

  36. Pessimistic Optimist

    Has anyone made an "is she related to Ethan Bradbery" joke yet?

  37. Brittany

    My friend recently died. And when I heard this song I nearly cried in the middle of class. I'll see her again in heaven. And I will never forget her. #FlyHighMadelyn

    The Amazing Sister Life

    Brittany yeah my friend passed away as well!!💔😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ sry for ur loss!!

    madeline Hernandez

    Brittany rm i love you btssss stands armyyyyyy oh sorry for your lost i can releate my mom died a week ago

  38. Funny Videos

    I really miss my best friend *_*

  39. Aleasha Caudill

    You fought a good fight Aunt Janet❤

  40. sydney walkington

    Rest in paradise, Peyton Joseph.❤️ I'll love you forever best friend.

  41. Kendall

    R.I.P. Caleb Logan 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  42. Dawnieall Greene

    dedicated to my daddy. its almost been a year. come feb 8th it will be a year.. thier is not a day that goes by with put you on my mind.. you are always with me in my heart and memory. i will never forget you daddy. i love you♡♡ 4/4/52-2/8/15
    fly high!!

    Melissa Schreppel

    Dawnieall Greene I know how you feel my dad die to so hard

  43. Gina Causley


    Same... ;~;

  44. KeepCalmAndCARRIEOn

    This song is the best in showing off her amazing under-rated vocals

  45. froggy man

    Lost my 15 year old brother a year ago due to seizure disoorder. This is my song to him. RIP Matt

  46. Hannah Blackard


  47. Sommer Donahue

    Lost my cousin Steven three years ago and this song reminds me to keep my hopes up because hes watching down on me and everything I do I will truly never forget you Steven🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  48. Cryptik -

    My girlfriend just broke up with me I can't handle it😭

    neptune marine

    +Bryan Purnell hang in there man , ive been where you are , its hard it never gets easier but real men hurt deep from within , just keep breathing one breath at a time

    sandra Gilfour

    it will be okay I promise I went through the same this with my bf but now I'm over it and I know u will be happy and know u will be ready to move on its okay u will meet someone new who will change your life and make u happy

  49. Miriam Finkel

    just lost my Nana and this describes it perfect x

  50. hockeygrl195

    She sounds like Carrie when she belts out those high notes

  51. Scotts Honest Reviews

    whoa... not sure how i ended up here but love the song!!!!

  52. Devin Ross

    I just lost my girlfriend and this song makes me think of her, cant stop listening to it. I know that she will always be watching over me and waiting for me at the gates of heaven.

    Mixer Forever

    How are you now?

  53. Emma Atkins

    I cry myself to sleep with this song

    Theresa Mcclafferty

    jim reeves

    shanelle richardson

    Jst lost my cousin yesterday and came across this song today. Has helped me deal with this pain so much. I luv this song!!!!!!

  54. Overlock gaming

    Me and my girlfriend just broke up.. I can't stop listening to this 😪

  55. Peace Frog

    How is this not a #1 song???

  56. 1AlanF

    Wow... I love her pitch.

  57. mike kavanagh

    Nice Song good singer,

  58. Nicole Hemsworth

    RIP Robin Williams. 

    Kathleen Woodruff

    Robin we love and miss you, RIP :)

  59. brittany parrish

    this song reminds me of my best friend...luv u my guardian angel

  60. beckster1970 Gaming

    So love this song. :)

  61. Wolfyy

    I want this song to be played at my funeral! It's such a beautiful song!

  62. Chris Hayes

    i love this song it is my fave i am not kidding i sing it every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 8jsimone

    So glad we found her :) So good.

  64. Kathleen Woodruff

    Aunt  Louis i miss u! :-(

  65. sc1212able

    That note at 2:38 could break glass, would love to see Danielle get a chance to work with Hilliary Lindsey, Hilliary wrote 8 of carrie underwoods # 1 hits also collab on several of gary allens # 1 hits, the end result would be nothing short of amazing<3

  66. Kathy Ren

    Wow 2:38

  67. Anwar ALL

    can you upload the full album please??

  68. sc1212able

    This could be her first # 1 hit, man she gave me goosebumps<3

    Angel Black

    She is the best

  69. Sav- Nicole

    This is by far my favorite song on her album! So much meaning and memories come to mind.

    nina trevino

    you got that right

    Abby Tiehes

    I listen to it and instantly start thinking of Hailey Owens and some other people I know that have passed on that I can't give out names but anyway I instantly start thinking of everyone that I have lost. Love this song.

  70. gidust

    When I first heard this song I was blown away. I went back and played the bridge over and over again. When she hits that AWESOME note at 2:38 it damn near makes you tear up!! Absolutely love the whole album, this should be her next single

  71. Vanessa Marleau

    I just discovered her and she's amazing<33 

  72. Brian Zaborowski

    If 2:38 doesn't give you goosebumps and chills like never before, then nothing will! NICE!!!!

  73. MarineRecon0321


  74. neil c


  75. Kacey White

    OMG!!! Danielle's range is AMAZING!! And the fact that she doesn't even strain during 2:38 is out of this world..... I wish I was as talented as she was. 

  76. Rodney Fowler

    Her breathing and Range is just incredible. She is a wonder example that age really is just a number and does not hold you back by any means. Dreams are dreamt, but can also be put into reality and thats what she did. Ive been a fan from day one and will always be a fan! Outstanding young lady she is! :)

  77. Roy Coombes

    I must confess, even though I received Dani's CD in the mail on the 30th of November, I didn't play it until December 5th, and it reminds me of the thin sound of so called computer systems, let alone notebooks, Ipads or Iphones people listen to and buy via Itunes. Do these people have any clue how great Danielle is? I would be remiss without giving her band full credit too. Playing her CD on my new Sherwood 400 watt system with dual 10" woofers, plus the complimenting midrange and tweeters (per speaker; four woofers) adds so much depth and clarity, it's almost like night and day. After being so impressed listening to THOD and others on my computer, it was quite another experience to hear her music on a true stereo. (The speakers are circa 1970-1980, before they made them out of plastic, and handles an output below 30 HZ). I you think Danielle's music is good on your computer, Ipad or Iphone I'll only suggest you ain't heard nothin' yet.

    Greg GregC

    I also loved the fact that that I ran her cd through my Bose system and the difference between the downloaded version was dramatic. I also listened to the downloaded version through a pair of Bose ear phones from my computer and there was a big difference. So in short, I totally agree with your statement.

  78. umsmantha

    oh my glob 2:38 is amazing. *.* 

  79. MC Godard

    I prefer the Two Story Road version but Danielle did a great job too! :)

  80. Obsessivefreak2

    this song is too good!!!        

  81. hawkman993

    this should have been her first single and video.  Absolutly amazing.

  82. b korn

    I haven't received my cd yet. so happy you posted this amazing song.
    LOVE IT !!!

  83. Roy Coombes


  84. Roy Coombes

    I guess Blake was right, Danielle IS his retirement.

    At a rate of one single every six months, Danielle already secured the next 5 + years with hits on this album alone.

    Naturally, I'm not implying that Danielle sit on her laurels; I'd figure the second album within three years, but she has a lot to do beyond selling out packed houses. She wants to write, play an instrument, finish school etc. So, let's not assume she's gonna just cut another CD in six months.
    Show less

    Greg GregC

    I agree mostly. I think her mgt. team and her will take more time selecting her new songs but I have a feeling that they will strike again while the fire is hot. Maybe 1 year to 1 1/2 yrs for the cd. And I keep listening to this and wait for 2:38

    Roy Coombes

    True, I'm not going to argue that point. That is why I said "within three years". But, it will depend on the market; the economy, her competition, her schedule etc. etc. But I will stand on her album's shelf life; it has enough music to hold up at least half the album's songs as single releases.

    Angel Black

    @Roy Coombes This song is my favorite song from her and I think that its the best one that she has ever sang

  85. Maddy Russell

    love this song!! Thanks for making this video, its really awesome!!! :):):):):):):):):):)

  86. elliediana4535

    LOVE IT!