Daniel Johns - Surrender Lyrics

Days like this will come to make us run
All the things I have to thank you for
Caught up in our minds, so can you come
Follow just we'll find, a place for me


All, all that I be
All, all the [?]
All, all that death is
Surrender, surrender

Men like this will fall to save our souls
You can have it all, but no control
Put up in a town you gotta pull on something
All its been about, this is a gift from me, to




Don't hold back, don't worry about it
Don't call me back, just let the pain go


Don't hold back, don't worry about it
Don't call me back, just let the pain go


Don't hold back, don't worry about it
Don't call me back, just let the pain go

[Chorus x2]

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Daniel Johns Surrender Comments
  1. Este tipo

    Wich words could shot in the bull´s eye of mutual understanding? I guess none. But know this, I found relief in the vives of your songs, wich are nothing but a language of your soul. I keep watching the stars, as always. Sharing something from the hart to make you shine like them. Always around, but far from pluto. :P

  2. beatmusic _


  3. kev bow

    hey Daniel you have to grow your hair out one more time go on for the frogstomp memories pleeeease.

  4. J Enr.

    The only thing that matters is he is happy doing this.

    That's what life is about.

  5. Mandie Higgins

    2019 I love this I love him he's got the talent the voice the sex appeal he's just got it


    Keep sharing :)

  6. Yvette Meekins

    Ohhh woowwwww, I love this. He Sounds like a slow,steady and smooth 90s R&B singer. this is crazy!!!! Daniel johns is way beyond talented and handsome... DAMMMN. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  7. Rachael Hubb

    This song reminds me of my dog :)

  8. pogijuice9061

    I wonder what the other two bandmates from silverchair are doing right now.....

  9. Talita Matias

    Very good!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Talita Matias


  11. Taylor Holloway

    fucking brilliant

  12. syalala putri

    World sucks!!!!

  13. cuervo Negro

    Re putito se volvió !

  14. Michael Ferd

    Daniel John's voice sounds so similar to Sam Smith.

  15. KAFF’FX


  16. Goran Kotevski

    Amazing talented human.

  17. Ático Records

    I'm an old cat. I used to dig a lot of the so called "grunge music" back in the days. Mudhoney, Nirvana, Alice in chains, Candlebox, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, you name it. When this kids showed up I was like "WTF is this Kurt Cobain wannabe kid trying to do?" After a while I just chilled and thought "well...they're kinda' cute..." I only started paying attention when Neon Ballroom was released and they totally had me with DIORAMA....no grunge leftovers there. Great fucking stuff.
    Having said that: STOP BITCHING ABOUT GRUNGE AND JUST MOVE THE FUCK ON!!! Shit... ROCK is a freaking zombie that already smells too bad to keep draggin' it.

  18. Shogun PL

    Hope you're having fun doing this Daniel, though I hope you will soon get bored with it. Hope the spark will find you again, this is just far below your own marvel...

  19. Joe Black

    people evolve and grow older. you dont like it pick something else. Its his journey and you can visit and celebrate it or pick something that suits you where YOU are in your life. I always thought he was a great composer and this is just another phase. I really like it but can see why fans of his old groups might not. just taste and a period of where he is. is all. Trippy music Daniel. Cool

  20. fluffyduckbutter's sister

    I have always loved him. I feel like his taste has changed with mine... I get him. So underrated!!!!!! Still miss the nineties but not his pain. Love the new him.

  21. Greamtim Brno

    Anyone can change in good or bad ..no matter ...most important is to find the path ... Never regreting

  22. Akiko Yume

    I miss Silverchair :'(

  23. Gabriel Sabatini

    Sam Smith?

  24. SpoonyLionheart

    This sounds like the soundtrack to the most satisfying video in the world.

  25. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel what happend to you, what is this shit>>????? Daniel wake up, you are a fucking rock star, cut off your horrible mustache let your long hair again and comeback with silverchair , wake up daniel, wake up

  26. munirudin sadi nasir

    very different, amazing musicians 👏👏

  27. pug

    Is this his only solo record? Gotta get it

  28. KAFF’FX


  29. Amber Parker

    he fine af that's all I DO know lol

  30. Fj Rocker

    Im a huge fan of silverchair since the released of the frogstomp but daniels single album does not fit for him to be a pop singer as he was perfect to be grunge.Well, i cant really force him what he likes so i'll just have to respect it.

  31. Suze

    Your vocal control is superb! I love your work, former and recent.

  32. dikiss omar

    Daniel is a freak now..


    Incrível como o cara...canta pra caraleoo.... impressionante...nunca iria imaginar que essa voz era dele...rss..... to de bobeira...caracaa!!

  34. poo poo

    I did not expect to like this as much as I do. Nice.

  35. Anika Contos

    When an actor shifts from comedy to drama or from horror to an Oscar winning performance, we consider that talent. I believe the same applies to music- although not all musicians change 'genres', Daniel has. He's exploratory, and it shows his huge range. Not everyone will like it, but no denying he is extremely talented. I still love Silverchair, but what do we expect, a 30 year old man to be rocking the same teen angst music for his entire life??? I love the new work. Impressive.

    Charles Lima

    Você foi perfeita no que disse, esse artista é incrível em qualquer coisa que ele fizer.

    Taylor Holloway

    amen! and at this point he’s closer to 40

    Kristoffer Vural

    It's a great point but I'd say that the critic's points are not as much about as him changing genres. I personally feel that it's sad that he was a better songwriter, lyrist, singer, and producer at age 21. The quality of the craftsmanship isn't as good and I just haven't heard anything since Young Modern (apart from Celebrate with Empire of the Sun and the Atlas soundtrack) that is at the same level. Have you heard anything from him that is as masterful as Across The Night, World Upon Your Shoulders or Tuna In The Brine since 2007? I have not. The man is no doubt a talent, and he has for sure touched genius, but he is no longer there. In the end, all of this is subjective so I doesn't really matter but it just makes me sad. I still think Diorama is one of the best records of all time. The magic he is capable of. It's a loss for culture.

    Lee Burnham

    Did the rolling stones change? Ac-dc? You dont have to completely change

    Yvette Meekins

    I love this song(one of my favorites from his new music)What a talented and handsome man he is.

  36. CpnStbn12

    Im not buying this, figuratively speaking that is. People say, oh he has evolved and is mature now and is healthier... Really? Personally he does not look healthy to me at all, from watching interviews. Just because he's not making angsty music doesn't necessarily mean he's healthier. and with all due respect, as he is one of my absolute favorite artists of all time, this new music of his seems phony and contrived and is just plain bad. I am convinced he is making bad music on purpose to feel in control and distance himself from the Silverchair label which he now despises. If you watch the videos there is just no emotion from him he just kind of acts like a model, which coincidentally is an industry that shares some of the same struggles I him. His health is the number one thing and I hope he's okay but I question it, as any good friend would do

  37. Lori Burnip

    The fuck Daniel?!


    I started off, on the fence, about this ,, takes 4-5 things of listening. And now I'm blown the Fuck away by it ,, even though I own every Silverchair CD. I've grown to respect the fuck out of this

  39. Kulangot Oragonz

    yeah a real musician is flexible to any kind of music....

  40. QcWoopAss

    wow this is so differant from Silverchair . We want a Silverchair tour!

  41. TunedCavityLasers

    Must have lost his balls in a car accident.

  42. Christie Heyblom

    People change.
    Real artists evolve.
    They don't stay the same.. Just as you can see here..
    It's called life experience, and growth!
    stfu haters lol .. you guys need to take a holiday or something and chill


    +Christie Vides Daniels has evolved sort of like butterfly in reverse.

  43. Ian Griff

    kinda saw this evolution coming with him it was very subtle at first with silverchair

    Yvette Meekins

    Exactly i agree myself. I saw this in some of videos. The way he started hitting higher notes the way he danced sometimes, the music he said he listened to, etc (A man with soul) Even though, he can be a singer for all types of music genres, this is his true self.

  44. Diane Alfieri

    wooooow he sounds just like sam smith!! freakin lovin this sound! !!!!!!! xx

  45. k1nj3

    Hey Daniel your music has accompanied me for most of my life sooo thanks! I took me a few listens to get this song but It's super awesome

  46. Bran D

    I have mad respect for Daniel... but seems like he found his sexy voice at a very inopportune moment

    Bran D

    him and JT should def do an album together

  47. Darius Balgobin

    Love this .. Epic

  48. Joao Almeida

    Pleasse Daniel, back to Silverchair :'(

  49. CianaLetoGoddess

    My favourite song of him as a solo singer

  50. Edward Nigma

    its the same guy from silverchair? he is in drugs or something ?

    Darius Balgobin

    +Edward Nigma who isn't ?

    Edward Nigma

    so he should back to drugs, bcoz this is a fucking CRAP! TERRIBLE!

    Madeintyo Tpc

    He's the same guy

    Madeintyo Tpc

    He's the same guy

  51. Darren Williamson

    This is an brilliant track. Love the album. Keep at it.

  52. HethR R

    I love it ~ The man is a Genius in my eyes

  53. Amanda Pacheco


  54. Burney Jerard Soo

    As an avid fan since Frogstomp till Neon Ballroom, This is confusing... I dont mind his choices... Songs are pretty good... Just could not get the memories of him singing in Silverchair out of my mind... Either way, All the best Daniel!

  55. ritch l


  56. Kiko Smith

    let him be. fuck you critics... bitches

  57. Kiko Smith

    let him be. fuck you critics... bitches

  58. Kenza

    very sad become in this....


    Like electronic music....but darker......Massive attack,tricky....this is too pop for me

  60. Fagner mendes

    Que merda é essa

  61. Closed Loop

    Of course this sounds nothing like silverchair but its pretty catchy

  62. Milica Despenic

    i dont know what is wrong with you people, are you so afraid of things changing that you're expecting him to stay a teenager for the rest of his life. damn 20 years is a lot of time, give the man a break. i personally love his new stuff

    cuervo Negro

    This is una poronga..

  63. Scott Cody

    Over produced crap...he has such a great voice, why bury it under all this computerized production.

  64. Stela Coutinho

    R.I.P old Daniel Johns who once sang in Silverchair.

  65. Jonathan Halloran

    Well, he's still got pipes!

  66. captain_ahab

    anyone know what this song is about?

  67. Samuel Costa

    Daniel, you're an amazing musician! I love this album!

  68. ana sofia lozano garza

    Amo toda la carrea que ha hecho Daniel Johns, amo esta nueva faceta, gracias!!!

  69. im_iris_ m

    Daniel, i love ur music during the 90's and early 2000's and not even gonna lie, i love ur music even more today! Im so glad u have returned mate :)

  70. Richard Dennis

    his new album is unbelievable. Was never a huge Daniel Johns fan, but I am now. Top shelf stuff

  71. David Knight Flames

    Daniel, você é fantastico suas musicas são as melhores. parabéns por tudo.
    saudades do Silverchair Diorama, Young modern Station. você é o melhor.

  72. David Knight Flames

    Daniel, você é fantastico suas musicas são as melhores. parabéns por tudo.
    saudades do Silverchair Diorama, Young modern Station. você é o melhor.

  73. Trent Ulloa

    This isn't you man, I want the music, not some mainstream crap, sorry, but diorama and young modern was better.


    you have to admit the man can hit the fucking high notes.

  74. katy scott

    This is officially my happy song atm.. Days like these will come to make us run...


    Remember the time when Cornell worked with Timbaland? Remember the time when Weiland sang holiday songs? Remember the time when Vedder have an ukulele album? Now Johns is going Sam Smith...

    This shows that these grunge legends are human too and not wanting to stuck in their moulds..

  76. Jason McBain

    Mr Johns...  gosh what can I say... awesomeness...  brilliant...  take my heart and its for the world.....  stunning...  your talent is paramount...  dont forget yourself. x

  77. Peter Kelkelund

    Jeeeez, SO much autotuner/vocoder on this voice......its blasphemy, and I'm not even religious!!! I call bullshit!!!

    James Norris

    +HawkbitAlpha Clearly doesn't know the difference between autotune and FX. This dude doesn't need autotune, period!

  78. Ladynhaaa

    I love this song! Amazing!! Daniel Johns love of my life. :)

  79. ZoZo Bear

    sounds like sam smith here. Nice song though.

  80. KuntBAE

    j dill but white boy shit

  81. Rangelico Reyes

    I love it!

  82. m.c1arke_

    He's music has changed 100% I get that, but it's a new style if you don't like it... Listen to old silver-chair

    Some people like he's music now...
    IM IN


    Don't argue just shut up and stop listening

  83. Damo

    Badly produced..the beats sound cheap..dissapointing..such a great talent crashing like a lead balloon !

  84. Miko xmas

    if i hear this randomly in the radio i'll be interested in listening to it. It has this catchy groove but knowing the Artist that's kinda make me scratch my head... this ain't evolution this is morphing into something mainstream

  85. 1012egg

    I grew up with Daniel Johns and Silverchair. At the time I was heavily into Prog Rock, bands such as Egg, King Crimson, Camel, Gong, etc. and refused to listen to their music. It was 10 years after it's initial release of their material I discovered D.J.'s genius. I found his (their) music exhilarating, however some of this electronic stuff seems to be a set back compared to some of the previous material. I am not particularly talking about the orchestration, but more looking at it from a songwriting perspective. I believe Daniel Johns is a master at his craft, but unfortunately he is only a shadow  of his past. I believe that his best songs came out as a result of his life experience / coming of age as a young person. Dan, if you read this I only meant  positive criticism, looking forward to hearing more stuff, perhaps in a band situation. Cheers, Adrian.

    Kath Batt

    Perhaps in 10 years you'll rediscover this.. :p
    No offence intended.
    I'm completely immersed in his new music. Loving it so much.
    I think people ( not you necessarily just in general) get too stuck in what they think he should sound like or be. I think it's brilliant how diverse he is musically.

  86. taric gomes

    Silverchair, saudades 😢

  87. Iyla Black

    I love it when artists experiment with their sound, but this isn't experimental, it's like the bland pop that I'm used to hearing at the mall. I liked Silverchair, loved the evolution to Young Modern, loved The Dissociatives, and loved what he was working on when he did "My Mind's Melody". This is lacking in creativity in a big way.

  88. Family Options

    It seems Daniel Johns has turned into an American singer - unfortunately this sounds very formulaic and uninspiring. Ive always loved the inventiveness of Johns melodies but that seems totally absent here.

  89. Josh Poretti

    It's Sam Smith singing on this.

  90. Richard Volker

    Perfect driving through the city at 2 am atmospherics looking at the street lights, skyscrapers of glass and metal and wishing you were surrendering to someone who cares about you.

  91. Jarkess

    Mixed comments in here. The man firstly has talent this is not showing any of it, I am not a fan of this sound at all. It would be something you would put on quiet in your lounge room for background music, and not really listen to that's all.

  92. Ahmed Castro

    His music is powerful,  he evolve so much, a real artist...  People  Move On!

  93. Wess Machado

    Those are all great songs, I'm really enjoying it... But why the heck does he keep doing falsetto? Daniel, you are already a great singer, there's no need for that!

  94. Paul Stobbie

    Was never a huge Silverchair fan.....always thought Daniel Johns was a bit of a musical genius though and he is showing it here....great listening...

  95. Macphistofly

    This is awful.  His voice had much more force in his...well everything before this.  This just sounds like "insert generic rnb singer here" but doesn't even have a good music backing track.

  96. David Andersen

    Those of you who think this is all that different are not true fans of Silverchair. If you were you would remember Daniel john's experiment 'The Dissociatives' with Paul Mac.

  97. Jess Maynard

    Daniel has the right voice for this. I love it! what a talented musician!  Daniel could sing anything and I'd love it!! MUSIC DOSE NOT DISCRIMINATE!

  98. pleuvonics

    Daniel what's going on? This sounds like something you'd hear at The Gap :/

    I am totally down for new sounds and experimentation but this is just really uninspiring. Your music changed my entire life and I loved the direction your voice and sound was going. I can't even believe this is the same person.


    @Oscey Juarez That's a narrow mentality to have." As long as you keep listening to it you will like it, lol." Oh please, if that was the case then everybody would like everything in the world. The more I hear it, the more I hate it. This was my last time trying to dig it, but this crap is just generic garbage. He has no passion, soul and raw power in his music anymore.


    @Doyledeth if you don't believe in the mentality ''as long as you keep...'' then why did you come back to it? Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to move on?


    @13dirty666 You obviously read that incorrectly. 


    @Doyledeth How, you stated that you didn't believe the ''grow on you'' concept and yet you tried to let this song grow on you. If you're going to say that someone read something incorrectly, at least try and provide some reason to why