Daniel Johns - Preach Lyrics

I don't care if it's too late for this
I'm used to that
I don't need an angel
I don't care ten years early
I'm tentative then gone
I am a shadow
I drink too much
I need to find signs, time, let's get around
I find it hard to breathe the truth
All things I think I breathe, you seep into my lungs
But I don't want a broken heart
I admit I'm living just inside my home
But I don't wanna live here no more

Now I dance to my own beat
I could only try
'Cause I fall at my own feet
I'm tripping every time
I could run down the high street
But that would be a lie
Now I preach to the lonely

I don't care, we fish for answers
Not too late for this
'Cause we were never strangers
I felt everything was effortless unnatural
I'm more than just a creature

Now I dance to my own beat
I could only try
'Cause I fall at my own feet
I'm tripping every time
I could run down the high street
But that would be a lie
Now I preach to the lonely

Now I dance to my own beat
I could only try
'Cause I fall at my own feet
I'm tripping every time
I could run down the high street
But that would be a lie
Now I preach to the lonely

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Daniel Johns Preach Comments

    Best song along with 16!

  2. Super Nova

    Absolutely love this song !!!! Great for contemporary dance choreography!! The melody lends itself to rhythmic storytelling!! Love I!!! ❤️❤️

  3. Este tipo

    Love to your soul dear Daniel. Stay strong.

  4. 83JTD

    This man was my idol in my teens, I had the long hair, the eyebrow ring, man I even had the red Gibson SG. I hated when silverchair changed, but this Sir Daniel is amazing! So much soul! Beautiful!

  5. jilly bean

    i was a HUUUGE silverchair fan.. was in their fan club the Llama Appreciation Society n everything lol... had basically a shrine to daniel on my wall when i was a teenager! in my opinion, looks wise i still prefer old daniel, but as far as his solo stuff, hes got pipes! and great range! love him to death still! 💖


    jilly bean god I miss the 90’s!

  6. EbuGamer

    We'll make it up to you in the year 2020 maybe, new song eh?

  7. Nat Ka

    This man is a diamond, he is a gem... Dreamin of smoking cigarette with him, sure hi is one of a person you can tottally be comfortable with and tottally crazy, I just feel his vibes

  8. Huyền Nguyễn

    this is called music masterpiece!

  9. Stinky Floater

    Too much soy Daniel - sort your life out Tofu boy.


    He's not a vegan/vegetarian anymore.

  10. Celina Amaral

    Daniel, you're so talent. Keep up the good work. Never stop making this art.

  11. steven Willard Jr

    That's amazing.

  12. Florida Trailblazer

    yes you are talented as hell nobody doubts that but please get back to the guitar it misses you along with the fans!

  13. Sugarcat

    Of course I miss Silverchair, but I’m happy for ya for being brave enough to do your own thing. Lyrics in this are sad as fuck :(

  14. premiers1

    All the AERIAL LOVE EP is magic ! I 'll never tire of it

  15. Mike Stein


  16. nathanmin

    for those who hate : where is logic ? if hes genius in rock and in whatever he makes now still hes music genius ! why adding genius features to his young years suddenly make him traitor of rock or anything , when one feel music its like love - you loved , you love new , you will love another new - could you say earlier there was no love ? or that you suck in love? for me personally and i dare to say its absolute truth : its like you have what you like form his youth and now you have what you dont like and possibly will like in future and ITS always more and its always better ! not only form the artist pint of view but even mathematically and logically its better ! :D <3

  17. Talie Holgate

    Woke up with this playing in my head this morning ... now sitting at the train station enjoying

  18. Talie Holgate


  19. Amorphiasy Katy


  20. Octoberxiv Salomon

    You are not just the youngest Grunge icon in the mid-90's...you prove yourself as a Versatile Music Artist.

  21. Roberta Prado

    Te amooooo muitoooo <3

  22. Chantel O'Farrell

    We're about the same age, Daniel, I've been listening to you since the Silverchair days when we were both angsty teens. (I called my firstborn Daniel, actually) I absolutely love the different directions you've taken in your solo career, dancing to your own beat as you say. Frogstomp was the first CD I ever owned. You were a musical genius then, and you're a musical genius now.

  23. D. Souzah

    great artist and singer

  24. EthanPlaysBass

    I think people forget that music is meant to be explored, why stick to one genre when you can grow up and express yourself in many different styles? Respect that, if you want grunge and alternative rock then go listen to Silverchair. And if you were really a fan of his work and respected him then you'd let him do what he wants. No ones making you click on the videos. It's a good song and I love both Silverchair and Daniel Johns solo work.

  25. fCLEF007

    Honesty and art are wrapped up in the hearts of children. I think, sadly, Daniel Johns has lost what he had in his youth. This all just sounds like pretence. Needs to be raw, that was his great talent.

  26. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel what happend to you, what is this shit>>????? Daniel wake up, you are a fucking rock star, cut off your horrible mustache let your long hair again and comeback with silverchair , wake up daniel, wake up


    He can't grow his hair long the same I believe since he had receding hair, then he got hairplugs to regrow hair, so I'm not sure he can grow his hair out the way it was. Thought you'd like to know that. He had a mustache during Young Modern--that was Silverchair.

  27. C B

    You're all full of shit. If you didn't know this was Daniel Johns you wouldn't even listen to it.


    True. But this IS Daniel Johns.

  28. Samantha Scott

    I freakin love this song!

  29. Amber Parker

    he is experimenting with new sounds... Cause he can. Deal with it

  30. DassahMariee

    Wow so happy I found this song. Love it!

  31. Curtis Lawrence

    What a change ! Not my kind of music but it's good that Daniel is following his heart! My GF would probably like it though !

  32. Renato Gonzaga

    one of my favorite artists has turned into a Justin Timberlake version. I miss the old Daniel.

  33. littlelolly 82

    I'm still loving preach & goin on 16.

  34. Nkayla Middleton

    I heard this on the radio and it sounded good so I'm here lol

  35. Vid Mohit

    Daniel Johns continues to be a great musical talent. As a huge silverchair fan however it just pains me that he is now moving in this style because I don't like the genres and I don't think it'll grow on me.

  36. KAFF’FX

    repeat... repeat.. repeat..
    thank you Daniel xx

  37. Craig Patterson

    This is the music Maximus needed when he was fighting his evil lord in Gladiator . I think he would have lived .

    Super Nova

    Craig Patterson 😂😂😂

  38. Daphne Matsyk

    has he always had a lisp?

    Luke Petersen

    Daphne Matsyk yes

  39. oman chk

    not bad....justin timberlack....

  40. cantinadoburro

    If Daniel wants to make songs like that, he could at least make a song with Daft Punk... Im just saying

  41. gustavo cj Nunes

    parabéns!!! música muito loka

  42. Sherri Sunshine

    i love your heart your soul your depth

  43. abcd1234567890

    Best song on the album. A lot of soul and sincerity.

  44. Derek Whitson

    Daniel Johns. Cool MF who has evolved musically over the past 20yrs. Feeling it.


    You're a incredible musician. Love you Daniel. You're very good man!

  46. Niet meer in gebruik

    Must I make a lyrics video of this song? Like when agree

  47. CianaLetoGoddess

    Am I the only one who thinks that this song would fit good in 50 shades of grey?

    lilith op

    the album got a very sexy melody
    singer's voice more mature
    I prefer this - Aerial Love
    "At the end of the day
    It's alright
    Gonna pull it together
    Change my ways, take a piece of the future
    Waited so long
    For the end of the da"

    Maggy Frog

    oh no please don't drag daniel johns in a shitty piece like 50 shades.

  48. Daniel Johns

    hi everyone

  49. Irvan Firaldo

    siapapun orangnya kalau tersesat pasti akan mencari jalan pulang. semoga beruntung daniel \m/

  50. Chris Mathers

    I'm right behind you Daniel. Good Luck. Chris Mathers. 2016.

  51. lu ragg

    What's the f.... difference between this and: Disclosure - Omen ft. Sam Smith ?
    Repeatable music for masses.

    Changes are necessary... but he destroys his uniqueness and replacing it, sadly... with something like this.

  52. RDIZ Media

    alot of haters, guy has alot of talent anything he does he pisses greatness. i think he does music that expresses himself and challenges himself, i will always remember one of my fav albums diorama.

  53. AllanLive78

    I'm Neon Ballrom fan. But before this, I like good music and Daniel does it some times.

  54. Lisa Dino

    I admit, I've been ignoring your new music because I was the biggest Silverchair fan and was scared of being disappointed...you sir, have proven to me that it doesn't matter what genre or style you play. You're truly a musical genius. I'm jamming to this shit. Errday!

    jilly bean

    exact same scenerio here!
    still love him tho! 💙

    Mizuko Chieri

    I felt like that too! Really impressed! <3

  55. Kazziebot!

    This sounds cool and all...reminds me of the Weeknd's older stuff though. Kinda passé now ..

  56. dblstufforeos

    A bunch of negative Nancies on here. Oh wah he's not rewriting/performing the same songs again and again, and oh wah he's doing what an artist does and trying new things. If you dont like it just leave it be for fans and go listen to your old SC cds, they're still there.

  57. T-SpiceTM

    Everyone in the comments acting like they possess the musical talent to actually judge Daniel Johns lol


    For real though. We he leaves he will have left this world better than he found it. What did you fucks do today? Get offended? *double bird fingers*

    steven Willard Jr

    Right. Well, we are the audience.

    bin chicken

    musically yes, he's no genius. He's no wizard with instruments. Songwriting,well he's no wordsmith with lyrics either but his structure is very impressive. The audience ultimately will judge and no one is above criticism.

    Shin Sho

    Suck a dick all you all. Daniel johns is an Aussie musical genius . He’s one of the best in the world at what he does.
    Know his background and know he’s talent and what he’s capable of. He is one of the best all time Aussie musicians

    Bobbi Nunyabiz

    @drdoobie420, you're awesome lol ♥

  58. Lisa L.

    I like this one. More than the singles, I think.

  59. Vera Budennaya

    Thank you for such a pleasure.

  60. im_iris_ m

    Im totally diggin' this new material of yours, Dan. Hmm that must mean im also growing with ur music :)

  61. Rogan Hennie

    I'm addicted to it. This from a Silverchair fan from 1995. ADDICTED to these sounds he's making. Now I DANNNNCE to my own BEEEEAT!!!! I'm only just a creature.


    Keep up the beautiful work man...I love how you always go in different directions...don't listen to the negative shit. Learn to listen to the people that actually care and want to help you and block out the people who are just jealous and are trying to destroy you for their own benefit

  63. MDMC

    I wish more people knew about this. I'm 33 now, was a huge silverchair fan in middle school, highschool and all the sudden I started wondering if Daniel was even alive anymore. I was struggling with eating disorders at the same time he wrote ana's song. I am in heaven listening to this new stuff. Love, love, love it. I think he's a genius, and he's overlooked to often. I'm into my third hour of my Daniel Johns binge on YouTube.

  64. Ashlee McClellan

    shhh...I'm trying to listen to this song you guys, stop being so loud.

  65. Darling Phenylethylamine

    Know what he's singing about here, people? I'm not looking for an answer, but interpretations or observations are welcome.

  66. Jacquie Dixon

    simply beautiful....

  67. Carbon prey

    Yeah Man !!!

  68. jennie966

    Love it ... thanks Daniel :)

  69. Clayton John

    all music is subjective! one really needs to try and put aside what Johns sounded like back in the "silverchair" days. Personally I was neither a fan nor was I opposed to the music. I took each track on their merit and liked what i liked. While this sounds nothing like those days, i'm not attempting to make a comparison... On first listen I absolutely love this track. He sounds brilliant.

  70. Michelle Lougoon

    Listens to this song on repeat and wonders how far Daniel Johns will go.. I love his work... don't listen to the nay sayers

  71. Kristin P

    Dear Daniel,

    I will always respect you as the great artist you are and still are. I love your new album because I feel as though it comes 100% from your heart and soul and I love that most about you. I have been a fan since Frogstomp and I have grown into an adult with you and understand your meaning to every song and every lyric. As I have grown older with you, I have appreciated your music more and appreciate the balls you have to be who you are and put yourself out there the way you do.
    I have been able to relate to your music in many ways and that is what has kept me a life long fan. I can relate to the eating disorder and being uncomfortable in your own skin and the teen angst and the many other emotions your music brings.
     Every album I am amazed at how much you have changed and developed into so much more then the super attractive young heartthrob you are. I am sick of hearing people say "it sounds nothing like Silverchair!" I am pretty sure your goal was to not sound like them and that is why you went solo! Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. People need to move on. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the music you made with Silverchair but I also love your solo just as much because it is still you, and I can feel the passion behind it all and I find it incredible and relate able.
    I find you amazing and I love every song on the new album and if people could feel the music rather then just hear it, then I think your album would get much more recognition. I just wanted you to know that there is a fan who loves you and your solo work and understands the beautiful mind you have and I hope you continue to make music forever. I will always listen.

    Your Biggest Fan

  72. M.C.D Demeyezz

    Seriously his musical progression is awesome...I grew up on silverchair, and he is making music which is current and relevant...I guess..Drake , Neo and Weeknd, aren't making hits, which are relevant? Daniel has progressed into a true musician...and that's Art...

    Super Nova

    M.C.D Demeyezz 💜💜💜

  73. M.C.D Demeyezz

    I think what Daniel is doing is fantastic...keep up the awesome work my man...and I have something in mind, to collaborate with you on, with Aussie Rnb singer (Soul) who's doing great in Asia and USA @ www.reverbnation.com/cynthiasu... Great work Daniel

  74. shtuwang

    Brilliant shit here bra.... fucking love it.

  75. Falls Witchita

    Fuck the haters Dan, this is sick.

  76. RabidRizon

    Dont give a fuck what the old school fans say.  IF you're a true music lover...A TRUE LOVER, you would respect what he has done.  And personally from a old '70-80 rock fan and 90's hair band fan, respect to the Frog days. But this shit is EPIC!!!  Bring it Dan, lovin it.  But wouldn't mind ANY type of rockness you have left  :P

  77. jenicro 412

    Well I am pleasantly surprised. This song, from the melody, to the lyrics, to his captivating voice, I am mesmerized. I cannot stop listening to this song! I hope he publishes the lyrics soon. I love, love, love this!!! <3

  78. Ru Vedic

    One of the best voices in the business. I'm looking forward to the 'progression of this'

  79. Noodliest

    Anyone know of songs that are similar to this ?

    Death of a Carer

    @Noodliest Jaryd James "Do You Remember" came to mind immediately.


    @Death of a Carer
     Hahaha. I actually have that song, I listen to it along side Preach sometimes.

    Damn. Thank you though ! :)

    Death of a Carer

    @Noodliest with further in-depth evaluation (I listened to it while drinking beer), it screams Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel...Genisis.

    John Doe

    +Death of a Carer I had the exact same thought. I said to someone "Collins and Gabriel had a baby and its Danial Johns apparently" lmao. its good though.

    Super Nova

    There is a song called “ Greed” that also sounds like this. Look up Josh Killacky vidéo doing contemporary dance to the song Greed , sounds almost like Daniel’s

  80. Brodzzzzz

    This is so incredibly gay

  81. Michael Blackwell

    Just wanted to say again that this song is fucking AMAZING. Totally fucking rocking out to it. Thanks, Daniel!

  82. Alex Barber

    I LOVE this!!!!!!!

  83. Sprucy ****

    OMFG,I can't stop listening!!! :)

  84. lociash

    Wow. Some people are salty af that Daniel isn't making their favourite generic nu-rock albums anymore.

  85. Ian B

    If you're a real fan of the artist, you'll love anything they do. Grunge was hot back then, what did you guys expect him to do, try to bring back grunge? He's talented, let him do what he wants.

  86. Rye Willowbee

    we love your new sound.

  87. Lex VDC

    Love this so much.

  88. theleylegend

    I can't get enough of the chorus!

  89. James Garrett

    waste of time..this lacks direction..oh well

    Conway van Staden

    Like you have the faintest idea about direction

  90. sonja1up

    I'm in a dreamy heaven.....what a trip. Read some of the comments here. Viva le difference I guess. All I can say is, listening to your latest through my Dr Dre's and I'm loving the journey. Thanks Daniel. Good to hear you again :)

  91. Bent Bento


  92. ʟᴏɴᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜᴏʀɪᴢᴏɴ

    Been listening since the early Silver Chair days. Awesome work as per usual. Love ya stuff Dan, love this song. Keep em coming :-D

  93. Monsieur6ixty

    Can anybody tell me what the hell he is singing after the line "I don't need an angel"?

  94. Ripped Dave


  95. BrUnOCaDeRa


  96. Paul Stobbie

    Was never a huge Silverchair fan.....always thought Daniel Johns was a bit of a musical genius though and he is showing it here....great listening...

  97. Jackie Creed

    I just can't stop listening to this. Daniel your time away writing has been a gift in the end of a long wait of your return.