Daniel Johns - Late Night Drive Lyrics

Late night drive, singing songs we don't even like
Generous hearts, make us fall for the lie
If we ever had faith, what would become of it?
If it could tell us apart, what would they do with us?

All my life
Just sticking it in
And now I'm ready to begin, ready to begin
All this time, so colour me in
Cause now, I'm ready to begin, ready to begin

Pack my bags, waiting for you at the gate
Cross our hearts, we'll never see these streets again
We've been looking for life
Where the heartbeats gone
Now the thrill of the night keeps us moving on

All my life
Just sticking it in
And now I'm ready to begin, ready to begin
All this time, so colour me in
Cause now, I'm ready to begin, ready to begin

All my life
All my life

Don't stop cause we're never gonna get enough of
Your love and I never wanna stop

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Daniel Johns Late Night Drive Comments
  1. Este tipo

    Don´t stop... please.

  2. heavy671

    perfect song to make love

  3. Yvette Meekins

    Love love love!!

  4. Mica Blade

    its a good song but wtf?

  5. Talita Matias


  6. Zoom Zoom

    i have the talk album but never heard these songs :O

  7. Gabiviolino

    This song is beautiful and you can hear his "true voice" (like when he was on Silverchair). It has soul to it, it has a lot of eletronic effects on it, but it also has groove. It's great!

    But that new 2018 project with all those lights, colours and full of effects on their voices...nah, I personaly can't feel nothing there...no soul. Tha makes me sad...

  8. Goran Kotevski


  9. heidi sterling

    I love your music, thanks heaps <3

  10. depeched mode

    This is better than all the songs from Talk, I love Talk a lot too, but this is amazing!

  11. thetaalpha970

    At least Chris Martin stayed in Coldplay...there's no reason he can't make this music within Silverchair. If his mates are ok with it, then all is well I suppose.

    depeched mode

    He didn't want to be in Silverchair anymore. He was done, simple as that. Move on!!

  12. Jonah Watkins

    Great Job Daniel! 😎✌️👌

  13. Drew Baby drew

    I listened to this album 8 months ago or so and I quickly turned it off
    and now listening
    I don't like it much
    but this song is viewed little and probably the best for me

  14. im_iris_ m

    Im inlove. This is great listening stuff. Much respect to Dan's writing prowess!

  15. Programação Descompleta BR

    sucks IGN 0/10

  16. iconocast

    this and going on 16 im digging. not my kind of music but i respect what ur doing dude, keep at it

  17. Daylton Jonnes


  18. Ladynhaaa

    Amazing voice! That's my best singer! Luv u 4ever! #LadyChair.

  19. katy scott

    All my life..

  20. Luis Ferreira

    The thing with this kind of artists is that they do what they feel and if you feel the same way about things in your 40's as you did in your 20's, then, u didnt experience much.

  21. Jerry Lewis

    ahh the chameleon, wonder where this will lead. hurry!

  22. sleepymommy01

    Reallyenjoying this track, I've never been a fan of this kind of music, but I will support Daniel as I have for the past 20 years of my life. A lot of people are hating on his new music, but we all change throughout the years. Let him be himself.

  23. Claudine Lee

    LOVE IT!

  24. TheMJN75

    Daniel Johns.....awesome singer, ,multi-talented, rose like a phoenix from Anorexia....definite man-crush here.....cheers DJ from Indiana, USA!

  25. Traces77

    I'm all for an artist switching things up and going in new directions. I'm an artist and I couldn't imagine playing/writing/performing the same style of music my whole life. With that said, I believe an artist, not just an artist but an entertainer has a responsibility to his/her fans to give them something new yet familiar, change but not to the point where they're almost unrecognizable. I'm a huge Silverchair fan and a big fan of Daniel John's writing abilities but I cannot for the life of me get behind this new stuff. Sorry, DJ. Power to you, man but I ain't biting.

  26. JeremyLoveVlogs

    DAMMIT, I'm SO disappointed with this music!!! .. Sure, it SOUNDS great.. the production, the mixing and Daniel has a WONDERFUL singing voice.. but mY GOD, it's generic and boring as fuck.. BACKGROUND MUSIC.. and Daniel Johns has SO MUCH MORE potential than this.. *sigh* I know, he can do whatever he pleases but.. I'm not listening to this twice.. I heard it ONCE and already I'm sick of it.. sell-out.. me thinks.. he wants $$$.. :(

  27. Ripped Dave


  28. Ahmed Castro



    ITs like the end of Steam Will Rise

  30. Luiz Felipe Rahn

    OMG. I'm crazy about this music Daniel Johns!!!!!! :X

  31. sean o

    boy...do I miss silverchair! what is this crap???

  32. ShyLesbian

    I'm not a fan of this EP but this song is not bad at all, but a guitar would make the song better. I'm not talking about a high distorded guitar like in Frogstomp or Freak Show but just a guitar like in Young Modern, a little bit distorded or a clean guitar with a chorus effect

  33. Oscar Chuquillanqui

    Best song of the EP, Keep Always following your heart Johns, we support you!

  34. rndivone

    In absolute LOVE with is song. My fave of the new stuff so far. Daniel Johns get in my pants already..!!!

  35. Cristina Ponciano


  36. Jonathan R

    Stop sounding like boring Lorde.  you're better than this.

  37. spitzmcgitz

    Bad luck whingers. This is the music he is playing nowadays so go listen to something else if you don't like it. There are some 14 billion musicians in the world. Don't go on about it.

  38. Daisys Animal Rescue League Sterling, MA

    Welcome back. Great tracks!

  39. Skull0606

    People need to be reminded that this is DANIEL JOHNS not SILVERCHAIR. 

  40. BearInterrupted

    This song keeps giving me eargasms ... fantastic track

  41. Craig Hamil

    I can't believe there are people whining about this and cry-wanking about "old school Silverchair".
    Christ, did you want the band to play angry, adolescent grunge music for eternity? They're grown men.
    Personally I've grown up listening to Silverchair, and my tastes have expanded accordingly. I can enjoy Young Modern just as much as Frogstomp, and I'll add that Diorama is by far my favourite album. Frogstomp and Freak Show pale in comparison.
    If you can't like Daniel's solo stuff, just don't listen. He's not writing this for you. He's writing the songs that he, as a grown man with a diverse taste, wishes to write.
    It's not his best stuff, but I am enjoying it nonetheless.


    @Craig Hamil bullshit. You can evolve and continue to make heavy rock, but different. For exemple check the new Muse "Psycho".

    Craig Hamil

    I am aware you can develop your own sound in different ways and remain 'heavy', but maybe Silverchair kinda just.... didn't feel like it?

    And for the record, Muse's last few albums have sucked. Psycho is just awful juvenile bro-rock. What an awful example. The kind of inoffensive stuff to play in hard rock cafe.

    Ali H. Moksin

    @Craig Hamil Exactly my thoughts

  42. Rafael Samora

    love your previous works (almost everything) but this is bad =/ 

  43. nimhard

    Sounds exactly like Royals. Shitty as fuck.

  44. marcio souza


  45. Matt McNicoll

    late night drive, singing songs we dont even like. jealous hearts, makes us fall for the light. if we ever had faith? what would become of it? if they could tell us apart, what would they do with us? all my life. just sticking it in. and now im ready to begin, ready to begin, oh it's time. so color me in, cuz now im ready to begin, ready to begin, oooo.

    pack my bags, waiting for you at the gate. we cross our hearts we never see these streets again. we've been looking for life, where have the heartbeats gone? now the thrill of the night keeps us moving on. all. my. life. just sticking it in. and now im ready to begin, ready to begin, oh it's time. so color me in. cuz now im ready to begin, ready to begin, oooo.

    all. my. life. ooo. oooh. x2

    dont stop cuz they're never gunna get enough of your love, and they're never gunna get to your soul (?)

  46. avedic

    This is a *_lot_* better than Arial Love. I'm by no means a Frogstomp-only fan. Imo, Diorama, Dissos, and Young Modern are the apex of John's creativity. And I was definitely one of the people who was blow away(in a very bad way) by the sheer let-down of Arial Love. But this...I like. And this is just the EP. The full album could be incredible. I'm still holding out hope....

  47. Raquel Reys

    Brasil ❤️

  48. Raquel Reys


  49. silverchair82

    Best song from EP, it remind me Depeche Mode and Presets.

  50. Rebel and Romance

    Love it Daniel! Tour in Canada!? :)

  51. Loibz

    On the gear again mate? This compared to old school silverchair....laughable.

    White Dog

    @djp4nfa woof ;) 


    @***** oi you!!

    Paul Richardson

    if silverchair fans hadnt been such bitches about young modern they might have stuck together, solo stuffs great


    Well arnt you gay!


    @djp4nfa on totally different categories

  52. Putri Indah Macharani


  53. Izzel Munchez


  54. Andrew Lofton

    Am I the only one who thinks Daniel and John Frusciante need to make a few albums together? Frusciante's music with Daniel's voice would just be fucking miraculous.

    Cecilia Sousa

    @Andrew Lofton YEEEEESSSSS

    marco matheus

    @Andrew Lofton good point... even i like the frusciant voice as well


    I definitely hear some similarities in Daniel and John's voices.

    Adrian Bence

    Amen to that! How can we make it happen?

    WhiteDamN 88

    and he's with Luke stelee now and make some boring music.

  55. back-to-the-fact

    I wish this song was longer cause I like it a lot.  Reminds me a bit of what might have been a child of the Ramble b-side, in a more pop form.  I guess Daniel hated Ramble, but it was kind more poppy-sounding and light and dreamy like this.

  56. kandeesfan316

    Wooooooo! I wanna go on a late night drive and listen to this song on repeat, who wants to go with me? lol