Daniel Johns - By Your Side Lyrics

You are the perfect colour in my mind
You are the perfect lover in my life
In another world
It would make less sense
And in another time
You are
The only thing that I really believe in

Everywhere you go I'm by your side
Anywhere you go you'll be with me
And everything we know we'll never have
And everything will shine so brightly
Even when the flood comes down we will never be strangers
Even if the sun goes down nothings gonna change us..
Everywhere you go I'm by your side

You know I keep my cards close to my chest
Whatever you want
I overreach, you're unimpressed
On another clock
We could be in time
On someone else's watch
But you are
My only thing and I am never leaving


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Daniel Johns By Your Side Comments
  1. Jenna McKay

    Well, fuck me. Just heard this on spotify, and was shocked to see who it was by. An incredibly beautiful song, and a really solid album. This guy's creative range is crazy. So impressive.

  2. Zoom Zoom

    ´great sond to a great album!!!

  3. Helder Filipe

    creativity used to be the most beautiful value thing you ever had,,,and you had loads,,,what happened john? this music is equal to thousands of musicians now-a-days and it doesn't look like your oldest creative music, its sounds very average.

    Kevin Smith

    Yes it’s ok for the bullshit that’s on radio now which is mostly crap but compared to Emotion Sickness that he wrote at 18 yrs old this is bubble gum cock Pop. And this is coming from someone who saw silverchair live 13 times during their prime.

    Ryan Sims

    Well their "prime" should be considered relative to the evolution of the band. And the number of times you've seen a band, regardless of when you've seen them, means jack-all-shit about their progression as musicians. Funny that you edited your comment, and still felt good about the amount of ignorance spewed onto the internet. Daniel Johns is a wizard. A hard pass on DREAMS, but I'm excited to hear his next works.

    Kevin Smith

    Ryan Sims Saw your comment now, I sometimes edit comments even when I make typos. What are you on about ? Lol
    The thirteen times shows I was a huge fan of silverchair, it’s an additional point. Of course number of times one sees them live doesn’t change when a band is in their prime. What drugs are you on ? 😂

    Kevin Smith

    Ryan Sims You don’t think Daniel Johns is talented enough to do better than this ? I like a few of songs on the album but this is rubbish.

  4. Ricardo Andres Gonzalez Diaz

    Best Song of the album!!!

  5. mickrayner1985

    Thanks for posting this. My fav song from the album. Been waiting for a YouTube version to send to my friend in Canada!