Daniel Johns - Aerial Love Lyrics

Ooh I’m ready ooh I’m ready ooh
Ooh I’m ready ooh I’m ready ooh

At the end of the day its alright
Gonna pull it together
Change my old ways take a piece of the future
Waited so long for the end of the day

I’ve been thinking of a time when we didn’t have each other
Try to understand I could never want another let’s talk
I don’t wanna lie
I’ve been dreaming of a future maybe we could be together
I’m never gonna lose you baby we can live forever lets talk

We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love

At the end of the day, we’ll take flight
See you later, gonna love you and leave, you gotta believe
It’s a true kind of love
At the end of the day

I’ve been thinking of a time when we didn’t have each other
Try to understand I could never want another let’s talk
I don’t wanna lie
I’ve been dreaming of a future maybe we could be together
I’m never gonna lose you baby we can live forever lets talk

We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love

We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love

I’ve been thinking of a time when we didn’t have each other
Try to understand I could never want another let’s talk

We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love
We got this aerial love

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Daniel Johns Aerial Love Comments
  1. jack smith

    The comment session in this video has provied some of the funnest comments in the history of youtube.

  2. Jan Železny

    I like the song, has two or three that are really good but the rest of it is crap...Sorry man, but what happened to you ?

  3. jsjsj jdje

    Daniel JOHNS! Check ut a song i wrote on garageband! Project 13 arjrpz project 13

  4. baldwin de guzman

    90's where my soul stays.

  5. Ale Astorga

    Its like put music, gay clothes and shit in a blender and you get this.

  6. Gieb de los Santos

    WTF is this Dan,, is this Sam Smith ?

  7. Rodrigo França

    Had so much potencial... Became a regular faggot though

  8. James Moore VOCALS

    Such an inspiration!

  9. Natalia Freitas Melo

    What happened ?! Oh my God

  10. Jenn Neil

    If they're dudes that look like Daniel walking around sand dunes than I'm definitely leaving the burbs

  11. heady

    from sliverchair grunge to zyn malik one direction🤔

  12. Lori

    Not to be dramatic but I’d jump in front of a bullet for Daniel.

  13. Andre Cöst

    Da série Solo, foi o único som que curti, do projeto Dream gostei do que vi, mas claro que o Silverchair sempre será o Silverchair.

  14. Yvette Meekins

    Lord have mercy! I love this man. he's a brilliant being. So very blessed.

  15. Sarah Kerr

    This is the antidote to every weird Al Yankovic song ever recorded.

  16. Danny Landes

    Thank you

  17. Ea Lord Of The Depths

    Hi autotune, how are you !? You really don’t need this man, you are gifted with your voice. Please use it like you did before, without shitty effects.

  18. 312vandal

    No dude, just god damn NO

  19. John Daly

    why don't rock stars shag guys, it always has to be a chick, BORING

    John Daly

    exactly, why do us gay people have to put up with straight sex scenes, leave it out or do both!

  20. Alan Araujo

    What a voice. Love this song.

  21. Celtichammer

    I can't believe this is coming from the same guy who recorded albums such as Frogstomp and Freak Show. This sucks

  22. Jack Corcoran

    Daniel please

  23. wicak prasadya

    klipna aya jorangna mang ieu mah.. hade tapi uyy mang danil

  24. jade.co.nz.

    This is my fav song from him

  25. arianna

    only here for gabby lol❤️

  26. arianna


  27. carlos augusto marques santos

    Eu nem sei o que dizer. Mais uma pergunta que eu queria fazer pessoalmente a daniel jonhs. Porque dessa mudança tão grande. Minha adolescência foi ouvindo silverchair minhas inspiração. Hoje eu tenho que ouvir essas músicas de academia. Porra veio. Era melhor tu ter morrido. Como todos fizeram.


    carlos augusto marques santos
    infelizmente eu vou ter de concordar, se ele morresse ele se iria tornar num icone do rock para sempre

  28. Alex Mad

    i like it. well done daniel. great vocals

  29. Rhiian Atkinson

    stop knocking him he's fucking come along way this is a fucking beautiful sing

  30. syalala putri

    The fact is sad that he don't wanna be himself and he want to try fitting in. Waste of talent

  31. Ginger Ale

    I've liked Silverchair for almost 20 years, but I had never heard any of his solo stuff. I don't regret clicking on this video, not for the music, but for the hilarious comments.

  32. chan


  33. just a girl who loves 1975

    Who's here because of gabriella brooks?

  34. su zette

    i got confuse!!!! what happened? what went wrong ? just go with the flow??

  35. Luvie1980

    He sounds great!

  36. Gerhard Jason Geick

    I love how Daniel Johns evolved into a Justin Timberlake clone. Doh

  37. Susana Nedo

    The bit at 2:44 is so sexy

  38. Lee Caver

    Stop lying. Let’s talk.

  39. desi Natalia

    Rip post grunge!

  40. Carolina Brisa

    Justin Timberlake ?? Eu amava tanto o Silverchair😖😢😭

  41. tarun kohli

    Now, this is art!!! It's all about the feeling, isn't it.

  42. Pam Cakes

    Esta canción es ardiente y terminado el tema. :3

  43. Robert Cook

    The broken falsetto vocal and layered breathing (in key) techniques on the end of this track are uniquely John's genius 😁

  44. teddy eddy

    It's a mature artist evolving..Obviously he's reaching out.

  45. Gayna Murphy

    LOVE this so much, beautiful

  46. Bek Tsivoglou

    This is a Hella sexy song! I've grown and changed since I loved grunge and Silverchair and so has Daniel. I loved the interview with Andrew Denton last night, so happy to see John's is well...❤️

  47. Goran Kotevski

    Nice track.

  48. tracey hetherton

    Luv this song so so much.🤗🤗🤗

  49. Shawnn Cox

    Luv u Daniel❤️ you’re an amazing person and and epic artist. I listen to your music all the time. Stay strong and true. Bless you honey😘

  50. Nora Afterall

    Gayy porn

  51. SiriusTexra

    How the honest actual fuck do you go from making Emotion Sickness, Tuna in the Brine and Across the Night to fucking wannabe shitty blip bloop James Blake crap and acting like a complete fucking jackoff? He completely eroded any respect anyone had for him. He's not an artist anymore, he's just an inane fingerpainter now.
    He should've taken a page out of Thom Yorke's book and went interesting, but good interesting. Why not some interesting trip hop massive attack/unkle style electronic music?

    Diorama he earned alot of fucking cred, and then they just piss it away with making utter crap and becoming a weirdo narcissist dating models and drink driving like a fucking dickhead.

    Diorama was Silverchair's "OK Computer". Instead of proceeding to make their Kid A, they made "Chinese Democracy" instead.

    This song here is already fucking dated. It literally SOUNDS like typical 2010 shit.

    Band were better off just calling it all off after Diorama and then coming back again properly about nowish. Age gracefully as cool musical wizard. not a camp looney who constantly has to play dressup.

  52. FearHater

    I m at yr age but i still like frogstomp years !

  53. Billy Bob

    Maybe he if played the same song over and over people would be happy.

  54. Me lolabean

    What happen to him???? He looks solo different facially and just why?

  55. jade jeffree

    Amazing!.Daniel Johns,with or without Silverchair you are a brilliant and talented artist.To describe you would be an angel from heaven.Your talents are out of this world.Your music gets into my soul.Keep creating darling!.xxxx.

  56. Greamtim Brno

    Still genius )

  57. pollygg

    Beautiful song erotic and sensual your voice is perfect on pitch and strong as fuck music is creative progressive art these dumb ass people who aren't artists are clueless ..you do your thing because it is yours to shine light upon the world ..dust these comments they are not the light inside of you 🎶🎧♥🙏

  58. Midway47

    I've been wondering how Daniel went from making original and extremely diverse music to pigeonholing himself with generic sounding Pop music like this...then, I saw the girls in the video. Ah ha! I get it, Danny Boy! Gotta write 'music' like this to make videos with girls like that. I think it's shallow, but heh, I get it. Do whatever makes you happy, but at least acknowledge that you sold out musically.

  59. M C

    lol I came here for Gabby

  60. A A

    Wow wtf just reform silverchair and go back to number one .
    Wtf is this shit

  61. Fernanda Pqueiroz


  62. Doutor Chapatin

    What a shameful end for the lead singer of one of the greatest rock bands of the 90's.
    RIP Silverchair.
    RIP Daniel Johns.
    This gay version of Daniel Johns I'd rather ignore.

  63. Jo Blo

    The connection with 'cool on fire'... The sand

  64. isa bel

    Daniel sure has talent ! He's evolved, I'm a fan of Silverchair but guitars are not childsplay, I respect his growth

  65. Wahyu Illahi

    Can you imagine Kurt Cobain sing this song ?

  66. Сергей Хохлов

    And now we know who's rock'n'roll mans, who's pop ass needed only money

  67. Z Wun

    Lmao don't know how this is depressing! I feel a calming sense when I listen to it

  68. lambentlady

    He was probably ready to sing some more peaceful tunes, something different and take it easier on his voice. Can't stay young forever.

  69. Teemu Hautala

    In this video is my biggest nightmare and my sweetest fantasy. How did he make it and do it? Amazing Daniel Paul Johns

  70. chickenisafoolofatoo

    Sounds like he was singing "Aryan Love'

    Really changes the meaning :P

  71. CALH

    He made grunge when he had to make grunge, alt rock when alt rock, coldplay when coldplay. now it's r&b time.
    always on trend.
    just let him be.

  72. geekers

    what happened to Silverchair ;(
    in my opinion you just sound like every other person trying to make it by in the music industry, nothing special or unique about the instruments (just made on a drum machine on a computer) And nothing unique about the lyrics (just about women)
    RIP Daniel Johns music career.


  73. trianas coelho


  74. Andrew Savage

    So listentened to Silverchair -- Tomorrow this morning and thought, that;s brilliant, why have I not got into Silverchair considering I love Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc,. Then I found this LOL. Think I'll move on...

  75. Teemu Hautala

    Love that sixteen drum beat. Boom Boom boom

  76. WARDified Gg

    I really didn't want to like this new scent, sound, and vibe - but... I'm hooked!

  77. Xavier

    Sell Out

  78. Jef Klym

    O.M.G.. what the f....!!!!!!
    where ur GRUNGE soul?
    U look like a boyband in my country 😢😢

  79. Charles Nelson

    totally gay....

  80. Professor Silver

    This is not bad. It´s not good either. It's just insignificant. It can be used as background music, though.

  81. Aaron Marshall

    Love this, Daniel Johns is awesome.

  82. WillandGabe Golf


  83. nico abarth

    au mon dieu 😭

  84. Luis Fernando Silva

    Such a great voice.


    garbage. like a actor trying to music. go back to ur day job . silverchair

  86. Eduardo Frazão

    Daniel Timberlake...😂

  87. Lord Sorceron

    I wish he would just come out of the closet already ffs.

  88. Reversed

    Justin Aussielake

  89. Tiffany San Miguel

    Love this song

  90. SmellsLikeUTube

    man he just killed silverchair.

  91. Ray Lehto

    Beautiful - sound, tribal - sensitive.

  92. Christina Radiant

    Welp silverchair did start off as rappers so let's just say this is full circle.

  93. crislan luis


  94. Erin Williams

    I think that song just got me pregnant.

  95. Aaeon Karma

    You have the misfortune of being a musical genius and an incredible lyricist....Otherwise the piddly old world would let you get away with this dollll.....You have my sympathies boo-)) bahaha !!!!!

  96. Daron Tsuda