Dan Bull - One Shot Lyrics

(One shot, one shot
One shot, one shot
One shot, one shot
One shot)
One shot
Let's get to work

Look, I'm Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop on a new placement
Damn this police station seems to have had a mutation
It needs a refurbished atrium and a new basement
And on closer inspection it doesn't seem too vacant
There's zombies shambling crawling all about the place
You should probably call an ambulance, your jaw is falling out your face
No hate, look I'm just calling out mistakes
I'd hate the thought of all you ailing corpses crawling round in pain
So let me take you out your misery, a favour dealt for liberty
Euthanised between the eyes, don't pay me now 'cause this is free
I'm glad to be of service as an officer of the law
'Cause after me the cleaning workers will be mopping the fucking floor
Locking and boarding up the door while bodies are crawling up the wall
No number to call, the line's been cut, we're going to be slaughtered that's for sure
So do we respond proportionately, or get all set up for war,
And force it to a form of rawness humans never saw before?

One shot (one shot) the clock is ticking down
One shot (one shot) you've got to make it count
One shot (one shot) one bullet left
Finger on the trigger but I wouldn't pull it yet
One shot (one shot) what's happening to us?
One shot (one shot) it's biohazardous
One shot (one shot) one last gamble
Who's the one singing this song, that's Dan Bull

Opening lockers, hoping the code will log us in properly
Reappropriating most of the station's property
I probably need it more than you do now
Got to sort this doo-doo out
What a naughty voodoo child
Hey, whatcha think about my new new style, eh?
This dude's too irate
It's no use to parlay
Right mate, you want to bite my neck? I'll chuck a right that might connect
That type of reckless action's not the type to get my respect
I keep my mind in check and see you as a minor threat
My mindset's positive, can't even see a minus yet
The blood spatters on the walls, provide a shine effect
That's kind of nice, I might redecorate my diner like it, yep
I'm an internal designer with an infernal mind
I feng shui your internal organs till they're no longer inside
Cut off the skin around your head, entire person circumcised
Look, no need to thank me sir or madam, I serve with pride

One shot (one shot) the clock is ticking down
One shot (one shot) you've got to make it count
One shot (one shot) one bullet left
Finger on the trigger but I wouldn't pull it yet
One shot (one shot) what's happening to us?
One shot (one shot) it's biohazardous
One shot (one shot) one last gamble
Who's the one singing this song, that's Dan Bull

One shot, one shot
One shot, one shot
One shot, one shot
One shot, one shot

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Dan Bull One Shot Comments
  1. Niki Radio

    Bro that’s fucking good :0


    I would seriously like an instrumental version of this.

  3. Just me

    Watched it in 30/7/2019 11:13 Night 🌃 Tuesday .

  4. Corgi Pants

    Damn I thought this sounded cool at first and then you REALLY got into it lol. That chorus was bad-ASS too!

  5. Harry Fryer

    I'm a fan of Dan bull since the beginning, love these seriouse vibes

  6. Keira T

    smh not not even close to being done with the game because mr.x won’t leave me ALONE

  7. The Sharktocrab

    Is it just me or is this track kinda quiet?

  8. Eriq Melo

    im also rapper

  9. JustAnother sadperson

    Horror core at its finest please make more cause I feel you spitting such raw shit would be an instant hit. Because you see this video is the definition of horror core blood and core spilling on the wall and leaving Jesus believers appauled.

    JustAnother sadperson

    Fuck sorry ment blood and gore.

  10. Sucio Toxic Skinnies

    damn! That’s gangsta! Sick song, perfect instrumental, perfect flow

  11. dante ungas

    So you have one shot left because you wasted your bullets

  12. LogrusUK

    2:06 Best Flow Ever. That circumcision line is inspired. These videos should have gabillions of views, Dude!

  13. rosenzauber

    Why did I understand "porn shop" instead of "one shot"? Like.. Every time 🤔

  14. Slashon

    The beginning looks like an intro to a kids youtube channel

  15. Thunder Melo

    How come your videos don’t reach the 100k mark anymore?

  16. Soldier

    *O N E S H O T*

  17. jaanstein 123

    They weren't vaccinated...

  18. high functioning sociopath


  19. NobyCat

    Yea...in resident evil u probably needed more than 1 shot to kill a zombie.

  20. EndGame Records

    ive been watching since back in the moderwarfare raps and ive always loved your music youve inspired me to follow my dreams and be bad ass while doing it keep up the amazing work and thanks man

  21. Alex David

    Why would you do this

  22. burstfire lol

    so good

  23. Dieleecole123456

    Kingdom hearts 3 now

  24. Jammo

    Awesome chorus man

  25. Essex 37

    Metro comes out tommarow, dose that mean you and Gavin are gonna get together to do a new song

  26. willersontnt boom


  27. lorvincent

    You should sample "We All Lift Together" for a Warframe rap. Have you heard the song?

  28. Jeffrey Coley

    You’ve been great for a while now Dan keep it up! For me all your projects go hard

  29. ArcaneThinker

    Sunless Skies is OUT !!!!!!!!!! Do a Rap for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Admiral Oink

    Apex legend rap?

  31. Harvey Miller

    How does dan have 1.5 mil subs ?

  32. Luka Vaughn


  33. ExtremeToxic Gaming

    like my 10th time wacthing this]

  34. YouFire 1

    I like Your rap of game

  35. Another Rogue

    Please do a Fate Grand Order rap, I think you might like it, or you could take the piss out of it like that thing Nutaku put you up to.

  36. Matt Leatham


  37. Sebastian Castianos

    The best🔥🔥🔥💙😍

  38. Sal Vulcano

    Bro u gotta do a fourtyfive years of gaming

  39. Lil Imy

    I love Dan but what happend to the views? Still fire💥❤

  40. rizaiqifa 123

    Keren abis

  41. Snippy Is My Name

    Can you make rap about new Metro Cinematic?

  42. Kevin

    Don't mind me I'm just here waiting for the Ace Combat 7 rap to drop.

  43. Myth 122

    We better be getting an apex rap

  44. Fuze

    Any chance you could do A Battlefield V rap since your Battlefield 1 rap was amazing and I think you could make this one as amazing.

  45. Rueben McFadden

    you should def do a kingdom hearts 3 rap.

  46. jpmoozik

    This song.... is my life

  47. Freefire 81

    Seriously how do you only 1.5 million subscribers? I always thought you had at least 5 mil as of two years ago

  48. Bailey2468


  49. • SrFuerteGaming •

    It’s crazy how everyone has different lyrics to their rap about the games... even me. Awesome!

  50. sum dude

    Eminem relapse vibe

  51. Sebastian Navarro Mariño

    alguien de habla hispana

  52. Badger

    Dan bull can you please do a rap on Arthur Morgan from RDR2

  53. DRAVEN 2.0

    Please make a KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Rap.

  54. Kaja Xochi

    Hey, it would be really cool to see a Warframe song at some point! I love your songs 🖤

  55. Brainwave 101

    Okay, but now we need a Hunk rap.

  56. Steve Morris

    Kingdom hearts 3 Next.

  57. Terry Greene

    #sayzee taken down racoon city sayzee got a fire rap coming too

  58. Heidi

    DAN please make an scp rap

  59. Gwendoline Meelicorn

    Nice! Although I liked the other one with Rockit better :)

  60. HyperQ53

    Yo Dan, if you had to rap/feud against Eminem like machine gun kelly, what would it be like?

  61. Rathanak

    I'm listening from cambodia🇰🇭🇰🇭

  62. navaid aijaz

    ghast rap

  63. mr senpai987

    Please do a rap about Danganronpa 2 and v3

  64. Honesty

    Holy fucking shit this is one of your best yet!

  65. Mr034570

    *Continuously racking my brains over what Eminem pun I'm going to comment instead of enjoying the song*

  66. Chris

    Him sneaking in the "It's bio-hazardous" lyric was flawlessly executed.

  67. Troy Jackson

    One shot name of the demo too 😁


    Mate this is sick! 100 times better than the game by far

  69. Itachi Uchiha

    Leon is the best 🔫

  70. Saibot 01

    Can you make a song abaot Subnautica Below Zero?

  71. Gururaj khalsa

    there's a British youtuber (Tom Stockdale) who is a fan of yours and hes also a rapper but he play guitar and freestyles. Anyways he wants to collab with you. I think it would be cool. It would make my day, and I'm sure it would make his too.

  72. The-1DarkKnight_

    Where the Kingdom Hearts 3 song?

  73. K Collier

    Dan: how many of the games you rap about do you actually get around to playing?

  74. Kimbo Beatz

    Really dope track my man! Hope to work with you again soon🔥🚀💪🏾

    Jazff Gaming

    Nice beat :)

  75. Edu

    i love when you bring in something that i love about jt music: using lyrics that can be taken out of context.
    like the first half of the chorus.
    "one shot
    the clock is ticking down
    one shot
    you've got to make it count
    one shot
    one bullet left
    finger on the trigger
    but i wouldn't pull it yet"
    feels like a russian-roulette kind of suicide.
    (btw to all of you out there having a tough time, hang in there!)

  76. sant row

    This is more like your original songs which i really like. Good job

  77. Alex Merezas

    The chorus is ASMR *_*

  78. Recker Gamer

    nice game rapper youtuber ever

  79. Алексей

    Almost no zombies was killed with one shot in this game.

  80. Dieleecole123456

    Kingdom Hearts 3 next

  81. andrew white

    Nice flow. good old solo solo Dan bull, Love it. Good one here my friend. One shot and he hit his target on this track.

  82. Filthier Than Frank

    Imagine he did one about tofu or hunk, that would be Sick

  83. Tagzalot

    This captures the feel of lurking through the building so accurately, I love this. Thanks Dan, I'll be jamming out to this for a long time.

  84. Always Watching

    This is a crime! Youtube did not send me the notification!

  85. kaleb thetitan

    I saw your destiny 2 animation rap do more please

  86. Decaying Reverie

    The rhyme game is strong in this one. You've got an amazing ability to create coherent and intricate rhymes that don't collapse in on themselves like mine do.

  87. Matt

    Evil Feeds is definitely way more to my taste, but both of these are pretty great Dan, good job.

  88. None Like Joshua

    Is this horrorcore? 👌

  89. Lil Circumcision

    How can one man make two raps about the same game in 1 week and get me addicted to both

  90. Yasin Karami

    Nice, but a little faster, and it would been awesome

  91. Omega

    This game was fantastic, and this song is fantastic as always

  92. IAN McKenzie

    You never cease to impress great song to go along with a great game

  93. Yami

    When you go through the one shot demo twice in 30 mins
    r/madlads r/rebel

  94. TheSolarzEclipse

    Hey Dan, have you done a Neir Automata rap yet? and if not will you ever do one?

  95. Claude Speed

    Party hard rap!!!!

  96. Dan Bull

    Hey you strapping young viewers! Check out all my other Resident Evil songs and all my other NON-Resident Evil songs over on my enormous swollen bloated Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/douglby/playlist/7x8UWetW3pfcwDgFEDDru8?si=TkduMXYeTCSG2Ch3TXdcyw


    Dan should make a rap about Hollow Knight. Not only is it incredible, but the main character's head looks just like the Dan Bull logo. It was simply meant to be.

    a random person

    Dan Bull, do a Terraria rap. You did say you would do a rap about every game ever! If you do not know what this game is, it's a 2D sandbox game kind of like Minecraft.
    Look it up on Google, lol.
    OK then?

    Braxtin Tipple

    I know this may seem like a long shot but I'm going to try it anyway...
    Please, do an appropriately fitting rap for the X-com series.
    It's an age old gem that's, with all do respect, been underserved.
    It is a testament to the trials, errors, and triumphs of strategy gamers spanning back all the way to the 90's. And, in not-so-recent years, made a shocking, grand comeback with Enemy Unknown, and is gaining more credit with its sequel X-com 2. (Yes, I know it has been out for some time)
    I am not asking you to do this on my part, I'm asking you to do this for the community.
    No begging, no imploring, no entreating. Its just asking. No strings attached.
    This frustrating Gem just deserves a bit of reverence.
    Don't you agree?
    (this was inspired by the new dlc for X-com 2's legacy pack)
    (I encourage to search it up if you happen to consider this request)


    You should make a for honor marching fire rap

    Willy The Unicorn

    Dan Bull make song about something penetrating something