Damned, The - Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren't Dead)? Lyrics

Suddenly, you are twice the man you used to be
Excessive fame in quick death
Would it be different
If he had gone instead
Would you be so hot if you weren't dead?

Famously, you spoke of love philosophy
You're a hypocrite, your
Cruel lack of empathy is long forgot
Would you be so hot if you weren't dead?

There's others better than you, don't you see
Damn the groveling writers
Who disregard your flaws
I have to ask
Would you be so hot if you weren't dead?

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Damned, The Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren't Dead)? Comments
  1. truemansparks

    That guitar tone in the solo is just epic!i could listen all day

  2. Taylor

    Anyone know who this is about?

    Knight of the Realm

    John Lennon

    Knight of the Realm

    An ironic tribute

    Knight of the Realm

    Written by Captain


    @Knight of the Realm Nice. Never thought I'd get an answer. Thanks a lot.

  3. Lucy Mana

    Love this song!!

  4. Narred Darr

    i watchd Capt Sensible at the Hob gob in Brighton but was thrown out by a polish asshole security [wanna be a cop but failed the IQ75 score]. climbed back in 5 mins later tho when they were busy.

  5. Jacqueline Gowdy

    what a tune top drawer

  6. Skip Lichman

    Thinking of the ex`S......Bwahahahaha

  7. Narred Darr

    ohhh yeh/ such sweet sweet patricia morrison.. i mean.. the damned!

    and, Cassandra? you are so unlovely that you are the loveliest of them all... please, step upon my coat to cross this puddle...
    now, step into my coach... i will show you wonders of Absinthe... if if not?

    i will lead you there... forever...

    Castiel Melmoth

    Uhh I don't think I really get what you mean by that...

    Narred Darr

    heh heh

    good. the first time is always the best

  8. mediastarguest

    The Damned. Back in fine form. London. Punk Rock. Distorted and dirty guitars, aggressive percussion, snappy vocals, creative lyrics, fast rhythyms, atmospheric tunes, melody. FUN.

  9. Rebecca Hunter

    This song makes me wanna jump around, bounce of the ceiling, happy happy happy!

  10. VampireLily616

    love this song

    Chaz Boner

    VampireLily616 it’s about the hypocrisy of John Lennon. They included a passage of “imagine” at the end. So Damned clever. Captain’s solo is fucking majestic.