Damned, The - Thrill Kill Lyrics

Black night
All still
Stealth calls
Cold kill
Night gloves
Black gown
Job done
Quit town

We're just having some fun
Messing round with a gun
Don't get excited
I'm just killing some time
It's a fantasy crime
And I'm living it again

Cops swarm
The scene
Is keen
The clue
Strobe flashing

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Damned, The Thrill Kill Comments
  1. kollo duke

    Best opening of a rock song EVER !!!!

  2. MrFoodAndDrink

    The first 1:30 is some of the best music ever. Whaling guitar, sick bassline, snair drum madness

  3. El_chico_punk_ contracultural

    2018 la sigo escuchando damned maravillosos!!!!

  4. Doble Cero

    Great song, thanks :3

  5. KPEC3arrival

    sounds like rat scabies isn’t playing keyboard anymore! no cough.

  6. Joe Cicala

    love the opening bassline, overall awesome song

    Michael Barnard

    Fantastic musicians

  7. Giorgia David

    Cool shit ;)

  8. El_chico_punk_ contracultural

    que bajo se escucha bien!!! me sorprende y la voz y el inicio de la bateria no esta mal.

  9. Castle Horde

    only just heard this.... really good stuff....

  10. Arturo Rangel

    master vanian! !!!

  11. greg runau

    I agree cass way more talented that the pistols!

  12. Pipkin Hopkins

    The Damned are the best rock n roll group ever. and Vanian has to have of one of the finest vocals in rock n roll. They are so underrated.

    Sanford Gallant

    +Pipkin Hopkins definitely underrated - great band!

  13. antonio gomes

    you`re right Joseph Brown  

  14. Maximiliano Orellana

    Que genial subiste todos los temas de Grave disorder! salud!

  15. Castiel Melmoth

    I think they should have been more famous than The Sex Pistols. I find more talent and the ability of change and continue being awesome.

    El_chico_punk_ contracultural

    y si me refiero al jodido pistols vendidos.

    Doble Cero

    El_chico_punk_ contracultural Así es

    David Dyer

    Castiel Melmoth ..i wouldn't go that far. But respect is due..