Damned, The - Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow Lyrics

Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow

This time could be the last time
Maybe the only time to get it right
In this dystopian generation
Damnable situation
We've got to make it right

Gravity just won't hold us down
Our journey's begun we tear through the clouds
Leaving all that we know far behind
(Goodbye mankind)

Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow

New world gotta be a new world
Not like the old world
We have left behind
This time could be the last time
Maybe the only time
We've got to get it right

Piercing the veil from a tiny blue star
We've found a new home
Watched from afar
Leaving all we love far behind
(To save mankind)

Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge of tomorrow
Standing on the edge

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Damned, The Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow Comments
  1. Christopher Davis

    I like this but it sounds like something off This is the Moody Blues compilation.

  2. Marc Keijzers

    Very nice song & video :o)

  3. Malady Magruff

    Just discovered this band lovely song. Don't like the punk stuff but everything else fantastic

  4. Robert Ford

    Are there any more vids off Evil Spirits?

  5. Robert Roberts

    "To infinity and beyond!" Buzz Lightyear.



  7. Алексей Соловов

    May I ask you to download all The Damned music videos in good quality? Here, on this channel!

  8. Mr101beers

    The Damned never cease to amaze me at being consistantly fresh and exciting.

    Never make the mistake of betting against these guys.

  9. Dave Giudice

    i love this band Raymond Burns is a seriously under rated guitarist.

  10. Sukjin Kim

    PS was at warners Puck pool or something like that on the Ilse of white 79 i think? what a fucking gig that was ...top memory

  11. Sukjin Kim

    Hats off ! I managed to blag a lift on your tour coach between Edinburgh and Skegness in 1981 ..hitched from portsmouth to see the edinburgh gig...missed the newcastle gig the night before due to nobody picking me up.. I slept in a roundabout in Newark!..Anyway wow what a great song - genuinely competes with the past classics - TG

  12. Malady Magruff

    Fantastic 💕

  13. Thomas Webb

    Did they really go to all those places for the video?

  14. Roy Jones

    Can't stop watching and listening to this! Revolution Now!

  15. Bradley Frank

    Nice Jägermeister plug at 1:20. I guess marketing infiltrates every form of media.

  16. Thomas Red X Jackson

    Moody blue good .Love 🕊

  17. Parveen Khan

    I love Dave voice sooo much since I was a teenage girl, now I'm 42 and still love Dave and Damned. Greets from Italy guys ♡♡♡

  18. Derek Turner

    Top 40 punk

  19. Derek Turner

    Great song glad i got to see them live

  20. Melvyn Gingell

    I'm gonna get this album tomorrow ( No pun intended ) , on vinyl !!

  21. Alexandre Piacsek

    visionary song and video!

  22. santiagobenites

    Produced by living legend Tony Visconti!!

  23. Christian Guitierrez

    Saved by the Bell: The college years brought me here

  24. jon hillman

    jagermeister logo... i don't like that.

  25. Vincent Ferretti

    Wow! The Damned still have it! Awesome video!

  26. chusboy85

    two jager man !!

  27. TecDax

    Now here's a band that never lost their edge even after 4 decades.

  28. Michelle Whittaker

    Brill, catchy was in my head all day

  29. Roy Jones

    Let's be honest... Did Monty write this song?

  30. Eric Miller

    I wish Roman Jugg was still in the band.

  31. Troy Cleek

    I was aware of the Damned in the 80s but didn't really listen. This is absolutely great. I've got some backtracking to do. There still around for a reason. Very impressive.

  32. DJ Drack

    Damn, (the) Damned! (Just) Damn!

    Some people are real musicians.

  33. eduardo grachet


  34. GreyboSneed

    So cool these dudes are still at it.

  35. Cecilia

    he has evolutionised from being an absolute dark angel to an extremely seductive godfather... what an interesting guy, what a beautiful specimen

  36. Benjamin Nachman

    Tremendo!!!!. Adoro a los Damned 🙌😏

  37. Pelz Kreativ

    Hot, I love it!

  38. Johnny R

    Well, I'll be damned (wink wink) ...they're still around and kicking .. and quite good at it, too!

  39. Celtic Warrior

    Am I alone in thinking that the Captain and Lily Savage may have been separated at birth?

  40. Celtic Warrior

    Am I alone in thinking that the Captain and Lily Savage may have been separated at birth?

  41. Richard

    Saw them yesterday. 23/11/18 Sheppard's bush London UK my home town ....they really are the best band ever.

  42. Dboy321 Razo

    One of the most underrated bands of all time. Great new album. However it makes me sad to think that it might be another seven years for the next new Damned album.

  43. Wayne Clark

    It's just beautiful! - the song - the content and arrangement of the song - then the fab video! - Totally inspiring and then some! Long live the Damned! x x x

  44. Dean Long

    Not gigolo but good

  45. Isabelle Chambers

    Anyone else go to there concert last night? AMAZING! 🖤

  46. Elise D'Orazio


  47. Christian Haerle

    I can remember where I was and who I was with when I first heard The Damned. And every two or three years I would get a sense of dread, because I feared that their new album would not move me like all the previous albums, but they have never let me down. I cannot think of a single Damned, Phantom Chords, or Captain Sensible album I do not love. Okay, maybe "Music for Pleasure", I am not a big fan of that album.

  48. DJ Drack

    I look at what some older bands are doing (The Damned and Gary Numan) and just think 'holy crap, some grow old but the talent never wanes'. The Damned are an example of true musicians.


    Not a huge admirer of Numan but his latest album, Savage (songs from a broken world) must rank alongside his best ever work. Bed of Thorns is especially sounds especially good to my tinnitus afflicted ears!

  49. Zill

    new age movement nice try lucifer

  50. midnightmosesuk

    That video is just like "No Mans Sky," so this is a double bonus for me! I am just rediscovering The Damned again. I used to play Machinegun Etiquette to death when I was a teenager, now I have something new to listen to while I'm exploring the universe on my Xbox. I guess some of us just refuse to grow up....😁

  51. warmestmachine

    This song is AMAZING, The Damned will always be my favourite band <3

  52. Brewzerr

    They played this one when I saw them a month ago in Seattle, and it was easily the high point of the set. Went off like gangbusters, and the crowd response was great. I just wish they would play more songs from the new album live, just NOT Devil in Disguise (which they did play, and it was a dud). I have a feeling Evil Spirits will age really well and spawn more than a few future classics, this being one of them. Killer album.


    This and So, Who's Paranoid are classics. Though I think Evil Spirits has less filler songs but it stands with their earlier stuff.

  53. DR Evil

    come on dave we need to see more of you in your vids your still a good looking guy who looks in his 40s if bono can do it you should too

  54. Euthymia

    The Damned do The Moody Blues and it RIPS!! To Our Children's Children's Children's Children!

  55. Alec Colesnic


  56. Space Punk

    ancora spignete porco dio !!!

  57. Imagine Sound

    IT WAS AN HONOR TO MAKE THIS VIDEO!! Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and like and give so much love.. Having the chance to create a video like this for such legends was a real privilege and hope people continue to enjoy such a great track.


    fantastic work. TY

    Johnny Dio

    It's a fabulous piece of work, folks. The visuals and sounds are really cohesive. Quite rare, so you should be very proud.. look forward to more of your work. Blessings


    This video is AMAZING. Well done.

    Thomas Webb

    Not a lot of people in Americker know this band but I sure do.

    I still listen to Punk

    Thanks for making our icons look fantastic at the edge of futuristic precipice!

  58. David Quilter

    a great song from a great band

  59. PaulDysongs

    Has Kylie Minogue just nicked Cap's intro riff ?

  60. The Loner

    Killing Joke and The Damned >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Life

  61. moocher

    They certainly got this right!!!!!!   BRILLIANT..

  62. k k


  63. william woodmark

    Its hard to remember the lyrics.😱😛

  64. heman691

    Saw them last night at the hydro Glasgow excellent show crap audience though.

  65. Neil Taylor

    Has there ever been a better damned song? Amazing

  66. Reverand Blackstone and the Rattlesnake Preachers

    great track, great album

  67. 123thebrain

    Absolutely love this played it like 10 times in a row

  68. Tristan Davies

    Evil Spirits is certainly my favourite album this century  - so far!

  69. Neil Taylor

    All the damned old school fans must love this just fuckin great

  70. Cyclo Punx

    Piece of art. Damn good

  71. Chris Harris

    Rockier version and echoes of Shadow of Love. Great song. Trying to make the Sensible look cool in the video a fail, thank god for that


    Trying to sound like the Mody Blues are we?

  73. Andrew Hawkins

    Captain Eastwood and his bent horse black album damned good

  74. Highland Fleet Lute

    It sounds like A f*cking Flock of Seagulls. LOL.

  75. Carol Cole

    Dave is the man people wish they could sound like him.

  76. Mike Mike

    Just got this CD and very happy...Tony produced another great!

  77. Christiane Kistner

    escalator to love....what does Rat say to that???

  78. G.U. Mass

    After all these years they're still here and still we are. It's good to be alive and damned damned damned! As Captain once said: "One million times better than Genesis". :-)

  79. Graeme Muir

    I hope that every damned fan would agree that Dave vanains voice has macurard what I really mean is what a fucking great singer this man is. Do you agree.

  80. Super Mururoa

    Hmmm... sounds like that same crap they recorded in the 2nd half of the 1980s... Saw them in 1980, Machine Gun Etiquette Tour feat. Paul Gray, look for and listen to it under my nickname, Milan 1980. Here on YouTube. Those were THE DAMNED.

  81. metalmadtom tom

    Love it how you only kinda see Dave in this! More music videos please guys!

  82. bajhawk7

    Bring back Rat !

  83. Patrick Brett

    Love u all ..xxxxxxx

  84. Kelly14UK

    Damned Unto Death

  85. PaulAlan Cornelius

    I'm so glad.📢📣📯🔔

  86. boojiboygaming

    Absolutely brilliant, a long time coming but this blew my socks off.

  87. Satyros Phil Brucato

    Now, THAT is much more like the Damned I have known and loved since the 1980s.

  88. Johan Wijsman

    I thought it was the new Spandau Ballet single :-)

  89. Rudy Cepko

    Is this their shot at a Bond theme song? I can barely hear the Damned in there.

  90. José Neto

    Good return...

  91. delfia406

    I only watched Miami Vice because of the Damned song. See them soon in Amsterdam.

  92. Comandante Zibro

    Some guitar parts reminded me of Scratch Acid...

  93. Patrick Brett

    Yes...a new anthem us ageing punks...new agers??? Seriously great record. Hope lives.,yes.

  94. Mongo 88


  95. Hector Cabrera

    i like this great song!

  96. Sam Stowe

    To all the HATERS - go bile yer heeds, this is The Damned at their best. Not since Strawberries has their been a more complete Damned album.

  97. Macky M


  98. Dan Thompson

    This song is colossal!

  99. Nicola Varvazzo

    Absolutely Fabulous