Damned, The - She Lyrics

She knows - about all the evil in this world
She knows - what blackness lurks in our souls
She parts her lips and gives me a literary quip
Sharper and sweeter than any cat-o-nine tails whip

She makes me feel like a king
She is the reasoning that makes life swing

She says - come on and swing away from blue
She says - don't yield to it's atmospheric hue
She's got the power to make things turn out right
Even in the darkest hour of the very blackest night

She makes me feel like a king
She is the reasoning that makes life swing

Eyes limped and pools of passion
Lips of deepest darkest damson
Fingers probing show white skin
Like a leather disciplinary
Looking rather predatory
Like an emissary of sin

She knows - we've got nothing more to prove
She knows - we're dancing in a dead mans shoes
She says let's check out of this haunted hotel
Where all the corridors and doorways are leading straight to hell

She makes me feel like a king
She is the reasoning that makes life swing
She makes me feel like a king
She is the reasoning that makes life swing

She drags my world awake

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Damned, The She Comments
  1. ric david

    I vaguely remember being backstage at a Damned gig in the 70,s with captain sensible diving into the crowd i was iiving in Chelsea at the time it was a funny old time to be alive i slipped into full on heroin addiction shortly after not to resurface for about a decade or more.

  2. j clm

    psyco billy

  3. g man tramp

    Good song from an overall Shite album...

  4. BlackBeard 1897

    fucking GREAT BAND , GOD DAMNED.

  5. kevin u

    Damned great song!

  6. Kaiser Edward Appah

    Classic Damned 🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿☮️☮️☮️🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑

  7. Kevin Jones

    Seen the damned a few times and when they get it right they are great, scabies and cpt driving it forward,

  8. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    Au...nicy ❤🤘

  9. bassman jordan

    she is almost as cool as my mum

  10. Iwharper

    V's Voice is to be worshipped one of the all time best

  11. Willydark67

    Bellissima, la voce di Dave in questo brano mi ricorda quella di Jim Morrison !

  12. Atom Taylor

    Great tune.

  13. michael nixson

    This ROCKS!!!

  14. David Quilter

    great music

  15. Davie McEvoy

    Oh, never heard this song before.I like!

  16. Wolf Enstein

    Great song, but no Rat Scabies? No Rat, no Damned.

  17. Kelly14UK

    Fuckin A

  18. Yanina Vizcaya

    15 personas no quieren a Glenn

  19. M M

    The Doors.

  20. Giorgia David

    Wow !! 😈

  21. Roy Mullins

    the DAMNED&MOTORHEAD IS was and allways will be 2 of the greatest bands ever.

    g man tramp

    The Original Motorhead line up you mean. The Phil Campbell version of Overkill is totally Cringeworthy....


    Lemmy told a good story of meeting Rat Scabies and becoming mates right away.

  22. jennifer young

    What year was this recorded? Love it.... - J.YO' (And who's the dark beauty he's with?) ( Ooops, my bad; his lovely wife! ) ❤❤❤


    The album "Grave Disorder" (excellent by the way) was was released in 2001. The woman is Patricia Morrison (once played for Sisters Of Mercy and later with The Damned) who married Damned singer Dave Vanian in 1996.


    ....and played with "The Gun Club"

    Kira Kanashimi

    Yeah, and The Bags. A classic case of dragging his girlfriend into the band.

    Kira Kanashimi

    @Chevalblanc I think she was mainly there just to stick her face on things to sell them.


    @Kira Kanashimi It was Captain's decision to bring Patricia in the band: they auditioned LOTS of people and she turned to be the best of them. Captain himself said, "she is brillant and I am not hearing a bad word about her".

  23. Ian Lynn

    one of the best bands out of the 70 ies

  24. Ian Lynn

    the damned lure punk

  25. Jem Lz

    love this song.. someday someone will dedicate me that... lol

  26. Ol Dirty G

    Still howling stronger than ever!

  27. Identitees

    Cant stop listening to this song....quality!

  28. Psikochick2

    She makes me feel like a King.

  29. Stretford Blue

    Are you ready, Are you ready?
    For the Disco Damned?

  30. Snowy Hoffa

    MOst underrated band in the whole Damned world

    Cupid Stunt

    They are rated in the whole Damned fan world, who gives a shite about anybody else

    B. Young

    No, they are NOT. Yawn. Posting this doesn't make you hip or special. They have been a commercial success since the Seventies, so SHUT UP maggot.

    g man tramp

    Nah the Ruts were ..


    Damned underated? Camon , is rather famous band , The Gun Club , where Patricia Morrison came from may be more underated and is a fucking great band, and I can tell you thousand bands as good as damned , from the same decade and less famous as Sad lovers and giants , Pink turns blue...

  31. Maureen Sullivan

    I love a man who appreciates women.

  32. Lynn Villa

    offspring is not punk. pop at best!!

    Sean R

    Who says the Offspring are punk? They certainly don't call themselves that. Rock, baby, rock. Not pop.

  33. opethinchains

    from 3:21 till the end, im reminded of chris isaak's wicked game. especially when dave signs the song off at the end just like chris does at the end of his song. (commence with the "you dont know shit!" comments.) THE DAMNED ARE THE BEST EVAR!!!!

    Vermillion 303

    +opethinchains I get where you're coming from, totally. :)

    K Marie

    I totally get the Chris Isaak sound, but I also hear a bit of Glenn Danzig

  34. Ciro Ro

    She Drags My World Awake

  35. M Mckissack

    This is a cover of the kiss song, and Patricia killed JLP...

  36. Oh_shit_I_need_a_clever_username

    just getting really into punk. Any suggestions?

    The DUDE

    flipper,vaselines,agent orange,dead kennedys, the pixies social d, etc..all bad ass....depends what type of punk you like as well, cause theres old punk from the 70's from the UK, sex pistols,the damned, or the west coast surf -punk genre such as agent orange and social d.???? ARE YOU goth punk, or anarchist punk?/are u a NIHILIST or just a rebel??? read, read and study oh grass-hopper..for there is so much too learn....lol peace n love....

    Buzza Wuzza

    Pere Ubu doing Non-Alignment Pact

    Gunther Piehole

    Wow- no Stranglers in there...guess everyone missed out their 40 years of work too.

    g man tramp

    The golden rule from an old skool punk elite from 1977 namely myself.......... Don't class the Damned as Punk..,.👍

    g man tramp

    @Letocetum sulley That's commercial Pop music..

  37. Alex Ondrejkova

    I love this song, I love the lyrics and I love the feeling it gives me.

  38. squiffyflix

    Its that time of year again

  39. stuey Last

    best band ever

  40. Asasin

    Shit. Want to like it, but it's at 666 / 6.

  41. chainsaw barbarian

    An ode to the Lady in red, eh??

    chainsaw barbarian

    That's dave vanians wife patricia morrison. She was a sis of mercy and a bag

    Istvan Alexander

    @chainsaw barbarian ... and a Gun Club

    chainsaw barbarian

    @Istvan Alexander yes....good call


    king o the goths? Oh and the misfits were totally influenced by thee DAMNED... and Vanian played with MC5 and paid his dues id say by now, kids!

  43. Diabolik771

    Another dumbass asking why Patricia Morrison is in the pic? She was in the Damned for many years playing bass. I've seen them live many times. Are you guys newbs or what?

    Vermillion 303

    +Diabolik771 Also, I'm pretty sure that Dave Vanian wrote this song ABOUT Patricia Morrison, and I'm almost 100% certain that she's playing bass on it. I saw them when this album had just been released and she was playing bass then.

    Maureen Sullivan

    +The Real Vermillion 303 Exactly----lucky girl!

    Vermillion 303

    @Maureen Sullivan Wish I was that lucky! ;)

    Rick hickd

    I saw her live playing with Jeffrey Lee pierce in a tiny punk club in Nashville Tennessee called Cantrell's....many moons ago..sigh

    Rick hickd

    @Vermillion 303 ye

  44. Diabolik771

    A lot of dumb comments on here. One idiot Forest Green commenting that the Misfits had a song out already called "She". So what? It's rather broad song title no?

    Adam Reeves

    Monkees had a song called She as well.... but who cares, exactly!!


    @Maureen Sullivan
    Kiss did SHE on "Dressed to Kill" their third album, not first.

    Linda Smith

    Yeah ,David Johanson(former New York Doll and later known as Buster Poindexer) also had a song called She.

    Penny Cuff

    So does Elvis Costello, from the movie Notting Hill

    Kira Kanashimi

    They ripped it off Charles Aznavour!

  45. Teri Norris

    one of my favorite songs ever.brilliant! Long Live The Damned...........

  46. frauleinsarah

    amazing song. lifetime favorite for sure. i will never stop loving this song

  47. Mat Bryan

    What I think is really cool about them. They have known each other for years and years. She was the original bass player for Alice and the Bags. One of the first all girl LA punk bands. She was Pat Bag...


    They go from way back...a true love story. She understands him like no other.

  48. Sturm Reiter

    Well, if she wasn't you've had nothing to ask...
    But seriously: she is married to Dave Vanian and played bassguitar with the Damned for a period.
    And other than that: it's always nice to see her.

  49. Daphne Inish

    Why is Patricia Morrison in the picture?


    Look up either her profile or Dave Vanian's profile and it will answer itself.

    Laura Lewis

    Might be because he wrote it about her... :: crickets chirping:: LOL

    Mark Courtney

    Shes his wife.



  51. From a Twisted Mind

    Did ya know Dave was also short listed to front the Stranglers in 1990... Would`ve been an interesting mix that?

  52. madscally1

    the monkees had a song called SHE in the 60's if that helps :)

  53. Glenn Page Music

    Damn, this song kicks ass. The Damned are just too good to be as (relatively) unrecognized as they are...

  54. Forrest Green

    The Damned and The Misfits toured together, and were in cahoots. Plagiarizing your friends is different than plagiarizing strangers.

  55. Largactyl Kid

    Charles Asnavour had a song called 'She' some 35yrs previous...

  56. Forrest Green

    Um, no.
    The Damned song was on Grave Disorder, which came out in 2001.
    The Misfits song was on the Cough/Cool 7" which came out in 1977.
    Damned vocalist Dave Vanian auditioned to be the Misfits vocalist in 1996, when they got back together. That song was on the set list for that tour.
    Anything else?

  57. kenny fielder

    This songs been around a bit longer than the misfits song of the same name

  58. Carrie C

    so does elvis costello LOL

  59. max paterni

    il cantante sembra un incrocio tra iggy pop e piero pelu'.....

  60. littlegypsy71


  61. littlegypsy71

    Actually she's the lucky one!

  62. Forrest Green

    I love the Damned, but they know damn well that the Misfits already have a song called she.

  63. TheTCBandage

    GREAT Couple. Made for each other. That's True Love, as Johnny & Exene would say.


    I so agree!! He always loved her, they go from way back...it was meant to be.

  64. Something6000


  65. Largactyl Kid

    Do you think Pat says that to Dave when giving head? 'Ah.Dave. Its a bit hard to swallow!' :)

  66. jesse garza

    so relaxing,s o calm, so beautiful. Love this song 'til the day I die.

  67. Foxman Music

    Excellent !!

  68. Larz Gustafsson

    Trish and Dave rule!

  69. xrayspect

    this song has an influence over American

  70. xrayspect

    more american

  71. pooksathavasu

    Which comic?

  72. eboyzki

    I learned of this band through a comic, and DAMN, The Damned creates good music.

  73. Raúl Bones

    she is a bitch!! haha

  74. Istvan Alexander

    @stevendemoniac She was in Gun Club

  75. Cuetlachcuicatl

    If memory serves me right, she started playing in an LA punk band called the Alice bag band, or Alice and the bags before joining sisters of mercy.


    She was in The Gun Club as well!

  76. amaru samadhi

    beautiful song!!!

  77. Jerry Bailey

    Patrcia Morrison is a Vamp .....Just wanted to point that out that's all !!!!

  78. Funerism

    I recall Jerry Only originally asked Dave Vanian to front the Misfits when they reformed in 1996. Its ashame he declined the offer, If he had taken the job, not only would the Misfits be able to perform two great songs called "She", but they also might have actually went on to record a good album instead of disgracing their own legacy which they've done an amazing job of over the past 15 years. Dave would have saved The Misfits from themselves.. Well.at least The Damned still make good albums.

  79. Subcultura Gótica †† Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Dark Wave ††

    Patricia Morrison, bass guitarist from the gothic rock band The Sisters Of Mercy; she is a sexy gothic girl for me :)

  80. Jenky Acme

    this is what puts me off the Damned..

  81. hashfromplan9

    does Pat play bass for real? Von always says she cant play. even in her band The Bags or Loaded whatever or Gun Club, i cld nver /hear/ her bass guitar. makes me wonder. shes sexy tho, a real punk rock royal couple

  82. Joyce Ellingsen

    Wow. Sex and voices and all that good stuff. Love the drums too. Very sleek, panther-like couple!

  83. From a Twisted Mind

    Fucking excellent song, from a brilliant album! The oldies are still the goldies!!!

  84. George Sorass

    @joeymantera Was that a request from your badly abused penis?

  85. Ryan

    Damn, he looks dead in that picture.

  86. Anyth2ng

    Blackfoot? I thought this was an old punk band...

  87. joeymantera

    Great song, I feel like punishing vagina with my penis to this song.

  88. merzhin

    Nice reply to Asnavour

  89. matthew gill

    The older Dave gets the more he looks like a punk rocking Bob Odenkirk.

  90. minhapicacolossal

    @narred True that. I completely agree. You are man of taste.

  91. DamnedDamnedDamned1

    It's Good, but for me it's just not as good as in past years. His Voice has changed too much, it was better rougher and more raw, and he looked better then. But i shall always hold him under high esteem i suppose.

  92. errdie

    These people are my god parents! I feel like I'm now cool by relation.

  93. william gandy

    Patricia and Dave do make a lovely couple!

  94. Yvain Samuel

    I freaking love this song!

  95. Rattus Norvegicus

    There is not a single flaw on this album

  96. Angusismyhero

    They go so well together but still, a girl can't help but feel just a little bit jealous of her!

  97. Phantasmagoria 138

    Maybe he's referring to the fact that many fans despised this line-up because Rat Scabies is missing. As much as I liked the band when Scabies was in, I have to admit Grave Disorder is a kick ass album, an instant Damned classic.

  98. Karina Eames Haunted Dolls Spirited Places

    Patricia Morrison!!Yes she is! and very talented!

  99. Brian Stever

    I have truly loved The Damned longer than I was alive!