Damned, The - Obscene Lyrics

The scene
The dream

Demi-gods on golden thrones
Spend most of their time all alone
We're living through them until a decent to hell
Becomes our breakfast thrill

Flesh and blood to dust return
But fantasy we learn goes on and on

The dream
Shining with an inner light
Indefinable and bright
We begin to smell the kill
Sharing every precarious thrill

Flesh and blood may now decay
But forever young - always you will stay

The scene
The dream

But look - coming on the scene
Another cat to die for teenage dream

The scene
The dream

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Damned, The Obscene Comments
  1. k block

    Forty Fourth ☠️

  2. Seba Cortez

    muy buen tema 🤘🇦🇷✌🍺

  3. Castiel Melmoth

    Your welcome :)
    Is there another song or album you'd like me to upload?

    g man tramp

    D,ye have to???

  4. 1992NL

    I had been looking everywhere for this song! Thanks for uploading it