Damned, The - I Just Can't Be Happy Today Lyrics

I just can't be happy today
I just can't be happy today

A lot of you know there's not a smile
There's no feeling fun without being fine
It's a price on your head
Nobody sighed when justice is read

I just can't be happy today
I just can't be happy today

They're closing the schools
They're burning the books
The church is in ruins
The priests hang on hooks
The radios on ice
The telly's been banned
The army's in power
The devil commands

Illegal to dance, forbidden to cry
You do what you're told, you never ask why
Ignore all those fools
They don't understand we make our own rules

I just can't be happy today
I just can't be happy today
I just can't be happy, just can't be happy, just can't be happy today
I just can't be happy, just can't be happy, just can't be happy today

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Damned, The I Just Can't Be Happy Today Comments
  1. Paul Buttress

    Great band when i first saw them supported Motorhead at Wolverhampton

  2. Irkbeat

    Ace track!

  3. Pancha Villa

    Yeah,.. pretty much😒

  4. Steeve Daw

    Dead Kennedy's now I think. Then some 999.

  5. Steeve Daw

    The Devil commands..

  6. Steeve Daw

    What not to like?

  7. the lengthmen

    Simply Awesome, love it

  8. Stuart Martin

    Check out the old video from the old grey whistle test :) this is the damned's best album

  9. atom

    sounds like Robin Williams singing.

  10. michael nixson

    When I was younger and used to listen to this I’d envisage the future if it was gonna be like in the lyrics... Now I can see the time coming when “ the priest hangs on hooks” and the devil commands.!

    One Vast and Ecumenical Holding Company

    been there for decades . + check out the falls hey ! luciani. . and who and what it's about.

  11. Arnold Dalby

    Brilliant 20th century band. Played at many punk parties in the 20th century (early 1980's). And we are all happy in 2019 that they did. Haha.

  12. Phillip Snijders

    Love the Damned! Got to meet Mr. Vanian once, after a gig, while he was touring with the Phantom Chords. Really nice guy. Immediately after they finished playing, Roman Jugg came off the stage, walked up and introduced himself to me. Completely random.

  13. Róna Punk

    That fuckin masterpiece like Edgar Allan Poe in PuNk

  14. Lannigs Deloin


  15. Alpha Go

    Yet so happy

  16. Maximiliano Gabriel

    Great underrated band !!

  17. Preliminimal

    ... great lyrics and song, thank you for posting

  18. lozsquarepants

    1:58-2:15 always makes me think of the Morph theme tune

  19. Diana Sendt

    Best blokey song ever

  20. ToothChipNThrash

    Only song I ever knew from the Damned was Neat Neat Neat. Heard this on Toy Machine's Subhumans tour video years ago. Good stuff

  21. Biff Tannen

    I Just Can't Be Happy Today
    I Just Can't Be Happy Today

    A lot of you know there's nothing to smile
    There's no feeling fine without being fined
    It's a price on your head
    No point being sad when justice is red

    I Just Can't Be Happy Today
    I Just Can't Be Happy Today

    They're closing the schools
    They're burning the books
    The church is in ruins
    The priests hang on hooks
    The radios on ice
    The telly's been banned
    The army's in power
    The devil commands

    Illegal to dance Forbidden to cry
    You do what you're told and never ask why
    Ignore all those fools
    They don't understand we make our own rules

    I Just Can't Be Happy Today
    I Just Can't Be Happy Today
    I Just Can't Be Happy, Just Can't Be Happy, Just Can't Be Happy Today
    I Just Can't Be Happy, Just Can't Be Happy, Just Can't Be Happy Today

  22. Zach Willetts

    I just can't stop being hapy today

  23. Róna Punk

    Fuckin love it <3

  24. Paul Kerswell

    This album and the stranglers black and white album changed my life forever(for the better)🙂

  25. dazzlingdublinblue1

    The best Damned song ever and there were many.

  26. boomhouser710

    Anyone from tge scene varrify a London rat that dated Dave? Her name started with an L, not trying to put her info up, just confirm if poss she was infact Dave's lady friend lol. Blonde, pretty puff hair, she's a pretty coo ole Chic. Welsh I believe

  27. cosmicdrifter287

    damn happy.

  28. dazzlingdublinblue1

    Great band, great song.

  29. lying to the moon

    Very late 60s influenced.. Love it

  30. Ted Cantu

    LOVE THIS TRACK.. and this band.. seeing them in a few hours #tHEdAMNED rules !!!


    The Damned rules!xoxoThe Clarences

  32. noSUB

    I saw the Damned a few times back in the day ....great band ...I saw them in some gig in Mossside Manchester...some place in a field in Yorkshire ..and some place in the backend of salford ...where I stopped for some libation prior to the gig in a nasty back street pub and who should wonder in?....nope not a member of the band... but Antony Burgess himself followed by a Swedish film crew ....so I met the Author of Clock Work Orange (and he was nice enough to buy the drinks for the disruption..he was so nice what a great guy) ...scruffy as they come..apparently he was revisiting all the haunts his dad used to play piano in when he was lad..so thanks to Damned to having me in that place and time!

    George Donaldson

    The damned was on in alexander park with john cooper clark 1981 is that when you mean i was also there

    Paul Buttress

    Ive seen at Wolverhampton and also supporting Motorhead

  33. Dande lioness

    One gig in early 2000's they played this track for my dog that had just died. The drummer was a close family friend (not Scabies, Pinch). Was a helluva tribute to a faithful hound.

  34. steven knight

    brilliant going to see the damned 40th in nov


    Adam Ant's the bloody same. These guys, a decade older than me, keep my hope up. Rat was brilliant. Just gifted.

    steven knight

    Scabies got thrown out the damned but has the rights to some off the old songs so every gig the damned plays rat gets paid royalties

    steven knight

    Rat has he's own band with Brian James they do all the early damned stuff

    steven knight

    He's doing OK

    Andrew Murphy

    Looking forward to seeing them this Saturday down at the Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey. Hope my back & knees are OK for some pogoing

  35. Kelly14UK

    Is this The Damneds' first Gothic horror track? Plus The Black Album live version pays note to my point.

    Cedric Rubingisa

    @Kelly14UK graveyard grimness i don't think the song is about that.


    Obviously @Cedric Rubingisa

    Andy Holland

    It was actually supposed to be a piss-take of some of the miserable bands that were around at the time.


    The Damned were the most fun. @Andy Holland

  36. Ian O'Connor

    Truer words have never been said

  37. Isleofwight Dave

    10cc left their Mellatron in the studio used to record this awesome album. You can hear the Damned using it at the beginning of this song. ( Listen for the `I`m not in love` sound )

    Gaelen O'Hagan

    "I'm not in Love" wasn't a mellotron - it was individual tracks of each note sung vocally and then faded in as needed on the mixer. That's how they got that sound

    Isleofwight Dave

    For the main longer vocal parts yes. There are lots of mellotron parts in it. Listen to the middle section.


    It's not a mellotron, it's a Farfisa, based upon the Captain's fascination at the time with 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' - one of the main reasons they tried to get Syd Barrett to produce MFP but ended up with Nick Mason instead.

    Alpha Go

    Isleofwight Dave
    Thanks IsleofWightDave n John, great stuff

    Janice Sunseri

    Wow. How obscure can you get?

  38. Martin Philliban

    Its always hard to be happy.....


    +Martin Philliban Especially if you are British and forty something in this SHIT era of Britishness.

    Terrence Crick

    Kelly14UK yes the UK has declined and become Londinistan! What the fuck happened. Now you wish the National front was still around!


    Forget the Far Right, man. Arseholes who'll rule you as bad as the so called "liberals" that Fascist us these days. They're all the BLOODY SAME.

  39. themanmaschine

    This song is almost as old as me, I'm a few months older, but it's appropriate for me, this and message in a bottle, they're both almost signature tunes for me, and from the same year!

  40. 핵타

    voice like Ian Curtis

    Art, Culture, & Sensibility

    Pot Big Here, bounce on this for a few hours: ( _ ) _ )::::::::::D~~~~<


    Vanian does sound like Curtis here.

  41. Spring Amatul

    Im not always happy but I really want to be.  I really try its soooo hard.

  42. Ian Mathis

    I actually am happy. I just want my surgery done. Do not tell me I do not have thing's I do not need to get done.

  43. isandrich

    Saw them in Santa Cruz last week. They rocked it!!

  44. otto odistis

    Keith man exploited and casualties aint no hardcore man hardcore was a American phenomenon exploited early exploited was more like raw sounding street punk same with casualties now some new exploited has a thrash sound

  45. Creepyparty

    In love


    i wish i could play this awesome keyboard solo. how can i?

    Tim the Hermit


  47. markroberts roberts

    great band one of the best

  48. markroberts roberts


  49. Keith L

    Good song, good band, but there is different subcategories of Punk as with all genres. The Damned I would label Psychodelic Punk or New Wave lol. Green Day as Pop Punk. The Exploited,The Casualties are Hardcore Punk.

    lying to the moon

    There are Hardcore Punk songs on Machine Gun Etiquette too.

  50. pontyredhead

    Just think bout all those kids who say "mam, dad, listen to Green Day" when their parents say No! you listen to The Damned!!!!!

    Vladimir Kool-Aid

    When I was a kid, I listened to Green Day. My dad introduced me to proper punk (The Damned in particular), and I never looked back.

  51. Chad McCrory

    Even though what you say has some truth to it though I do love the taste to Coca Cola along with preferring the Damned a million times over Green Day any day.

  52. Trevor Parles

    one of the best singles i ever bought as a youngset still love it now 30+ years later
    (words back then still same today) Iran then and now

  53. statelessmars

    If it's like coke, that means it gets worse the more popular and money they get, which is true.

  54. Tom Read

    Classic track! If you want to get The Damned to Number 1 this Christmas, search for "thedamnedforxmasnumberone" on Facebook!

  55. killerbunyip

    First record I ever bought, age 13, 1980. Still great, still have it.

  56. Kathleen Nolan

    London Calling and Machine Gun Etiquette are both good albums... Can't we just make an army together against Disney and Muchmusic? Personally, I prefer the Damned to the Clash, but they're BOTH way better than Miley Cyrus and Drake. Am I right?

  57. Farmlandsfallfan

    Lent this to a mate in'79, coloured vinyl, and haven't seen since.Thank god for Youtube

  58. take

    great album

  59. frogman123fish

    Saying something is real punk and something isn't real punk is illogical. Punk has no rules. Therefore all punk is, is rock and roll and angry people playing about their anger. It has nothing to do with not signing to major labels or rules for that goes against punk. Punk is freedom of expression. So how could you say something is real punk and isn't real punk?

  60. popatyourecords

    one of my fav damned songs

  61. etnies productions

    Borrowed this (an' never gave it back)of a mate back in 79,listened to it to death on a shite record player ,a pass me down of me ma,always loved it ,still do,this was what punk was about,fun,being daft and not being a bunch of po faced fashion statements i.e the clash,to poe faced and serious an honestly London calling was and is still boring!

  62. Flook68

    London Calling gets more respect from this time, but your music collection is much better with both this and that, rather than just one. I hope to blast this if I live to 110, and get kicked out or unplugged for it.

    Ronin 13

    Flook68 Hahaha... you made my day today.

  63. Simon Hayes

    fer chrissake. I bought it when it came out. my understanding is this band was actually the first and predated the pistols by a few months. this is punk. greenday??? lol. iggy pop, maybe, but that is not really dystopian enough. jeez. kids. they though we were stupid. oh, and we were.

  64. aivopark

    Actually is after punk but great though.

  65. abraham martinez

    Who can believe that greenday is not punk Mam

  66. Patrick Bradley

    @zopicloneable I came on here hoping the top comment was that. that solo makes this entire song for me. I like The Damned but this song without it is just generic punk.

    Makes me smile every time and the mistakes and timing make it even better.g

  67. 077glenn

    @narred ...the church is in ruins....

  68. Jaded Envy

    @narred I think Imma turn Goth just for the hell of it GREENDAY CAN FUCK JUSTIN BIEBER

  69. MW2fanatic

    wow no dislikes, not that the song is bad as its good but seriously, no dislikes wow

  70. Chipmonkcheeks53

    The Damned and this song in particular is a work of fucking art.

  71. 077glenn

    @narred errrr....the church is in ruins.....

  72. TELF666


  73. mots

    @arnyarny77 Fine stuff for sure.

  74. coco James

    Green day is for the coca cola kids....it seems punks, it tastes punk but it's not punk...
    The damned forever...

  75. stuffy777

    will every stop with saying green day is crap or it isnt punk there are many kinds of punk and every punk song is great so stop saying that some bands are not punk or its crap it is punk only an different style and now every one shut the fuck up and listen!!! :D

  76. nuet

    great shit greed day great but oldies are goodies

  77. 1bazmooster

    greenday who the fuck are they?sorry to say if u missed punk in the late 70s early 8os u missed out .

  78. septemberfire

    wicked, they astonish me other songs of these guys as well

  79. Dangersmith1

    the church isn't in power. it's in ruins.
    i've seen them play this loads of times and dave gets the lyric wromg all the time

  80. ezcamper

    greenday sucks ass. Pathetic excuse for punk. But the damned rock!

  81. Zalan Pap

    @islespatrick the damned is real punk and green day is real punk too
    and fuck you

  82. Christiane Kistner

    @narred well, I used to go to the same dealer as Topper....lol

  83. John

    bit trebbly but great song

  84. cthomann

    Not happy today!

  85. Sean Pym

    Wow, no dislikes, shows how great this song is!

  86. 077glenn

    @kevintheshedend1976 ...it changed nothing,the "Government" is still in power,doing whatever Big Business tells it too.....

  87. Kelly14UK

    @KillingJoke696 It was one of their first Goth tracks, preceding Curtain Call, 13th Floor Vendetta, and everything else.

  88. Kelly14UK

    I Just Can't Be Happy Today... Bloody freeze up might come back!

  89. Kayser Soze

    @narred . The church is in ruins.

  90. MiranduhJass

    First song I heard from The Damned..
    and i can't stop listening to them !!

  91. Diabolik771

    Love the damned!

  92. david smith

    Thanks.... really needed hear this one today....

  93. danthefave

    @seirbeach I beg to differ. I'm 17 and diggin this stuff

  94. seirbeach

    They dont write them like they used to...young people these days...'ave no respect for their elders and far superiors!!!!!!!!!

  95. Steven Pace

    thank you fery 2 for posting a great song ,great album.

  96. gorblimey61

    There was always something quite emotive and moving about the Damned's material that didn't surface in most other punk outfits.

  97. MrHodgeheg123

    I'm 47.Pity the poor saps of today who have to listen to crap...Gangsta Rap,City Rap my arse.Little boys singing about life when they havn't yet reached pubity.Punk meant something.never to be bettered or repeated