Damned, The - Disco Man Lyrics

Take my hand disco man
Are you just a one night stand?
Have some fun jump the gun
But what's left when it's all done

But who are you taking for a ride
Disco Man
Better to run or else to hide
Disco Man
Disco Man

Tall and neat watch his feet
Got the jist he's all complete
Understand disco man's
Heading for the garbage can

Have you just crossed a bridge too far
Disco Man
Jump in a cab and steal a car
the worse in the land
Disco Man
one night stand
Disco Man
I can't understand
Disco Man

What are you doing
Your life's in a ruin
You're out of our head
You ought to be dead

Down the stairs no-one cares
He who wins is he who dares
Rock n Roll lose control
Just forget you're on the dole

But who are you taking for a ride
Disco Man
Better to run or else to hide
worst in the land
Disco Man
one night stand
Disco Man
I can't understand
Disco Man

Are you ready
Are you ready
For the disco man

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Damned, The Disco Man Comments
  1. Aimee Thomson

    ..not to close to the speakers

    Aimee Thomson

    Advice for all

    Aimee Thomson

    Saved a few ears

    Aimee Thomson

    Writing it down

  2. Arnold Dalby

    Saw the Damned at the Queens Hall Leeds in the 1980's … the Queen was very amused. hahaha. She loved it. Are you ready to Disco or Pogo? Hahaha.

  3. TheEarlHaight

    Great track

  4. Maliceuk

    Top tune!!

  5. Rock Director

    With no disrespect to Hugh Jones et. al, no one teased the pop out of this lot quite like Tony Mansfield. If only they'd made a proper long player together.

  6. Chris Bradshaw

    simply the best band EVER!... fuck the stones, the beatles, U2.....

  7. Arnold Dalby

    Disco man or punk man … both. Haha. Love music rock, disco, punk, new wave. Haha.

    Arnold Dalby

    I played drums in a punk band, jazz funk band, rock band, new wave band. Any band who played energetic music. Haha.

  8. Stuart Martin

    First punk band I ever seen at the nite club in Edinburgh the gig got trashed by the livi punx but the band played on long live the damned and wattie buchan

  9. Jimmy Kimble

    One day we were in the studio and Rat came in and said, " I have a fucking song!" You know how it is when the drummer writes a song.... any drummers in the crowd? Anyways he pulls out a record... by this old prog rock band Family and he said SPEED THAT UP AND WE HAVE A HIT

  10. Kelly14UK

    Are they singing about the same guy they're singing about in Dozen Girls? Was he a real life character they knew of?

  11. 五党大衆



    Pure Brilliant

  13. Michelle Whittaker

    Love this gets me going

  14. Flying Scotsman

    Love the Damned brilliant band, really great EP this one

    Jeff Baker

    This band....so diverse! Killer! (Crass were epic! )

    Flying Scotsman

    @Jeff Baker loved them back in the day Crass. Fuck the system.

  15. mikew4001

    Family - Peace of Mind (1968)


    Just checked. Wow what a revelation. So blatant when the verse kicks in.

  16. Atom Taylor

    Awesome Song!

  17. P Pp

    Fuck. Might be my favorite album

  18. Rafael

    family peace of mind rip off

  19. edsa 131

    Just immense!  The Damned legacy has been with me during all parts of my life.  A massive part of me!! Keep it going Dave, Captain and the Team :-)

  20. Davy 50G

    Are you ready!

  21. Ian Haddow

    Seems like they did take it from family (peace of mind)
    But even if they did they made it into a brilliant song instead a mediocre one that family made

    mark jones

    MEDIOCREfamily !!!! NEVER IN a million years mr Haddow !!!

  22. David Andrew

    My best friend at school pinched this from HMV one Saturday afternoon & sold it to me for 40p the following Monday. Worth every penny.


    For me Dave Vanian was one of the best vocalists of all time. I have sen him live many times and he stands the test.

    Aiden Gowdy

    PHILLIP GREER spot on there

    dale moore

    WAS ???

    Idol Threat Podcast

    @dale moore Right? I saw him 3 days ago better than ever!!!

  24. aivopark

    These lyrics!

  25. jános balogh

    Hol,van a,CLASH, megvannak még,ugye,szerintem,él még? mindenki az biztos,fejből nem tudom az összeálítást, SANDINISTA!


    Another great record from the Damned!

  27. David Shiffer

    Best punk rock bassist ever and I know, I know, he was in UFO and they aren't punk. This is punk and he's swinging the bass. Sorry Algy Ward

  28. Stephen Gowdy

    best damned line up ever enough said

  29. Javier Godoy

    grande Damned un plaser escuchar todos sus discos d vuelta

  30. Patricia Martins

    Long live The Damned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Patricia Martins


  32. Christopher Hull

    he's ok and he don't care
    he's got purple underwear

  33. Malcolm Wolfe

    I'm one heck of a cool guy now

  34. Beat Brunner

    Real Punk Anthem.
    Best Single in 1981.

    Christopher Hull

    so good

  35. William O'Toole

    Not much better than this

  36. Cupid Stunt

    RIP Bryn Merrick, Gutted


    +Cupid Stunt I know. That cocky little Welsh bastard had so much style and i thought the bugger would live forever. I still can't believe it.

  37. Alex Plumb

    Criminal how this never went top 10. With a better record label and promotion it could have been a smash. A great E.P .


    @Alex Plumb many a great e.p. in exactly the same boat, takes nothing away from them though

    Paddy Campbell

    Record Label & Promotion has Fuck-all to do with it...


    ... That's what Makes the Charts go round...

  38. hellochicago2

    Always loved Disco Man, but I just realised they must have nicked the tune from Family, (Hippie Band!) and their 1968 song "Peace of Mind". Crazy, Man...

    Mike Reiss

    There are lots of examples of bands ripping off other bands. These days it doesn't matter if the song is well known or not. It's relatively easy to find out because of things like youtube to find out if a band is ripping you off. Back then it was not as easy. 


    +Mike Reiss Especially while craftily throwing everyone off the scent by pretending to hate the thing they were ripping off. Just read a very good book on this subject called "Pop Goes to Court".

    Elsa Wilkins

    +hellochicago2 captain actually talks about that in one of their live performances. apparently it was Rats idea.


    +Elsa Wilkins ah well that's interesting to know.

    Kris Scanlon

    yep just saw it from 2014 capt says so.

  39. homer j. Sanchez

    sensible's a wanker..........one of your best raymond, love you guys to death, say allo to Dave and Chris, when is the full reunion happening?  will be there drinking me snake bites and thrashing up a storm........remember the flashman society...........;)


    splendid song   yes

  41. Chrysostomos Nicolaou

    An all time favorite from probably the best ep ever released...


    Rivals Smash It Up easy rock wise, but Limit Club is my favourite here. Shame they never did a 10 song lp in '81 cos the EP was IMMENSE.

    Aiden Gowdy

    Kelly14UK I agree big time


    Thanks. @Aiden Gowdy

  42. Kelly14UK

    Always wished there was a Friday 13th ALBUM.

  43. Simon Taylor

    Dave vanian pure class


    Dedicated to Joe Strummer, Toyah Wilcox and all the other Disco Men !!!

  45. Wendy Brooke


  46. 16stork90

    surely one of the top ten british bands of all time ffs,seen them as a wee punk(got sneaked into a gig in edinburgh wi my brother and his mates when i was 12 lol got pissed on two cans o woodpecker cider!)the pistols may have started it but the damned gave us a right fuckin laugh,,and i laugh at yir marlyn mansons etc,,,it was the damned that in my mind were leading lights in what we now call "goth"and sensibles comic pop was a fuckin act o genius,,

    Knight of the Realm

    I think they are amongst the top 1

  47. Kelly Green

    Disco man...

  48. ShadSimm

    He who wins is he who dares...

  49. strumbolli

    Just a bit the fella before him was pretty good too.

  50. Daisy Taylor

    gray is a lad on that bass

  51. Hugh Jgunt

    yes, your dads, he loved it!

  52. Hugh Jgunt

    i stole mine from WH Smiths 10 days after seeing the damned for the first time! haha

  53. teamvmg

    Friday the 13th TOMORROW! play it loud

  54. aivopark

    I bought this record, when it came out. I am a legend !

  55. Rab A

    What a fucking song...in my eye far better that New Rose (not that it's a crap song), still have the Friday 13th E.P on 7" up in the loft...Limit Club is also a quality tune!!

  56. TheMrFlitz

    My fav band ever by far! my Dad got me into them when i was a kid, now I cant get enuf! seen em live a few times in the last couple of years. love it!!

  57. Ryan

    Goddamn, the more I listen to these guys, the more I love them.

  58. aivopark

    What a great ep. Ease and fury as only the Damned can deliver !!

  59. mark leith


  60. xrayspect

    disco man est une chanson qui me trote dans la tête depuis une semaine
    this is rock and roll

  61. Rhinoincas

    went to see them on sat,day in whitby,not seen them for years,totally diffarant now of course,still loved it,but what i would give to feel the energy,the power and the buzz of the crowd the first time i saw them in 1979...they just kick the shit out of the place.and all with a smile and a swagger...

  62. postyesterdayman

    I love this version but I have to say that I like the version w/ Captain singing the best!



  63. Hugh Jgunt

    @billybadbrakes indeed my friend, i fucking love this tune, i've just been to a funeral and yet this tune cures all sadness!

  64. itou yuuta

    vanian ver
    very gooooood!!!!!

  65. Louise Wilson

    I Love This Song :D