Damned, The - Beauty Of The Beast Lyrics

Flickering, the shadows fall across my eyes
Across the walls
Time engulfs me once more
I'm in the place and I'm enthralled
This mists that creep, the hound that howls
The lightning illuminates the towers

Is it only I can see
The beauty of the beast?
(Your magic never ceased)

With quickening pulse what lies behind the door
A curious step retreats once more
The creature with a darkened soul
A story of the Damned unfolds
Bela, Boris, Basil, Lon, Lorre, Vincent, now all gone
Looming pallid on the screen

The beauty of the beast
Your magic never ceased

And now though a curtain has been drawn
You go on forever as before...

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Damned, The Beauty Of The Beast Comments
  1. Diane Dziubela

    Can anyone tell me is that Boris Karloff at 1:01? Does anyone know what movie?I'm wondering the Dark House?

  2. Mike Shaffner

    Every Halloween timë Fav...

  3. Celtic Warrior

    This is first time listening and viewing for me and just makes me feel sorry for the beast. He is surely misunderstood!

  4. Guy Dulac

    The lightening illuminates the towers... xxx

  5. Igor Venturini

    Seriously, you need to make a list of the movies you took the images from. This is absolutely brilliant!

    Katerine King

    I agree!

    Morbius Fitzgerald

    I can somewhat help with that. The ones I recognized were The Phantom Of The Opera (1925) (or 1929, depending on how you see it, its the same film but the 1929 one was the re-release with a changed opening and ending, the 1925 one is lost so we can never see the original ending unless someone's sitting on an original copy somewhere), The Black Cat (1935), Dracula (1931), Young Frankenstein (1971) (Haven't seen it), The Raven (1935), Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959), Frankenstein (1931), House Of Wax (1953), The Wolfman (1941) (I haven't seen that one), The Hunchback Of Notre Damme (1927) (Haven't seen it, but as is the case with many of the ones here I haven't seen, which is all the ones I've noted, it just has imagery thats iconic enough that I recognize it within seconds), I'm not too sure but I also think M (1931) is in this lot BUT I could be mistaken as it has Peter Lorre in it looking pretty similar in this video that he did in that movie. Although that was a movie about a child killer so I don't think the editor could've added this in with the intent of it being "the Beauty of the Beast".

    There were a couple of Lon Chaney Sr ones I missed such as the one with the clown and the one with the vampire - although that is a movie that is, for all intents and purposes lost so all thats shown in this video of that last one is still images.

    Morbius Fitzgerald

    To add on my last comment, the "Lon Chaney vampire one" is called London After Midnight and if you look hard enough, you can still "experience" the film via reading the script. Its a shame it was lost, honestly, its a riveting read. The other I now recognise is The Abominable Dr Phibes (1971). Sorry I can't be more helpful but...thats about three quarters of this video done.

  6. Steve Duffin

    Wonderful! The best thing ever! Thank you whoever made this. The Damned & old horror movies. What could be better?

  7. Laurent GRIFFON

    Tout simplement sublime ! Non seulement les images d'accompagnement mais surtout cette chanson incroyablement prenante comme l'est aussi l'album du groupe (Grave Disorder paru en août 2001)  dont elle est issue.

  8. Vermillion 303

    This is a beautiful song, and a BEAUTIFULLY made video, that sums up perfectly the love of old creepy horror films.

  9. MrCannockred

    Love this song and the album I agree is the best since Strawberries, great video with some amazing clips !!

  10. xDeadlyScavengerx

    Can you tell me which are the names of the films on your video?? They're amazing!!

  11. deliusism1

    There are several film versions of the Phantom of the Opera.The one shown here is the oldest,with Lon Chaney in the title role.It's colorized here.

  12. deliusism1

    3 years on YouTube,and still one of my very favorite videos ever.This is on one of my playlists,and I still listen to it at least every other week.I'm craving more of this brilliant work.

  13. Flook68

    But can Dave Vanian PLEASE find something to sing about other than shadows? :)


    Nope. The shadows are supreme.

  14. Flook68

    Nice video effort. Dave probably appreciates it.

  15. Skeleton Crew Xlll

    whats the movie with the house lighting up at 1:59 called???

  16. Skeleton Crew Xlll

    beautiful =...)

  17. HayleyKES

    I love this song, and I love all the clips of Lon Chaney Sr. Great combination and great video!

  18. samhain66

    @deliusism1 Hi, thanks for the kind words. The track is from the Grave Disorder Album from 2001. Its a great album possibly the Damned's best since Strawberries. Its well worth checking it out it !


    Better than Phantasmagoria?

  19. deliusism1

    This is easily one of the very best videos I've ever seen on YouTube!Thank you so much for putting all that effort into this, and for introducing me to a great song from one of my old favorite bands.This sounds like old school Damned in it's overall character, but I know it must be from the new band.What album is this from?

  20. Sazzle Tee

    @Dreadwing17 same here.

  21. MikaTamni

    Thanks for the video man.

  22. Eric Basile

    Phantom of the Opera Lon Chaney, that scene was in color.

  23. WarLord369

    does anyone know what film is the one with the red suit and skull head on 3:00

  24. Breanna Yaeger

    Love love love this song!

  25. samhain66

    Laugh Clown Laugh starring Lon Chaney Snr .,

  26. typhusbuffet

    Does any good fellow know the name of the film with the madly conducting clown?


  27. Sensible Animation

    can't beat the damned :)

  28. julie dave


  29. joeydeadcat

    Nonono, it's Beauty OF The Beast.

    Well done, nonetheless! Was hoping someone would put a video to this track!

  30. Eric Basile

    Very nice, I love that song.