Damien Jurado - Wyoming Birds Lyrics

All of us were songbirds
Sunlight in the room
Sorrow replaced our joyous tune
We must have tried to fly a thousand times

I want back my old life
A wind to carry me home
Birds need skies to fly in
Wyoming, please be kind and let me go

All of us were dreamers
Making our amends
Life becomes what we pretend
Songbirds looking for a place to land

Deserts in design
Hands reach out to catch us
Our turn to shine
So divine

Heaven rests inside you
Fires now refine
Every bird and angel
Free to fly

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Damien Jurado Wyoming Birds Comments
  1. Johnny SVNO

    Good song

  2. Kieran Banister

    Does anybody have a guitar tab for this song? I am desperate to learn it it's unreal.

  3. Such

    Hello #UN#, how are you? LOVED the video and your channel. Keep it up!!!

  4. lucilwinchester

    Sad And Beautiful,as always.

  5. vallymax

    Perfect, once again.