Damian Marley - Time Travel Lyrics

Moonwalking, time travel
New day, more truth unravel
Mars landing, space gravel
Mankind still a fight and squabble
iPod, King James Bible
Slingshot onto long cal. rifle
Tower of Babel, Tower of Eiffel
Twelve month a year, but thirteen disciple
Saddam, Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Idi Amin
Call Of Duty, drone bombin'
Stealth bomber, more famine
Biometrics, eye scannin'
Airport body search and swabbing
More police harassment and naggin'
More stick-up and random bank robbin'
Sufferation, plus swagging
Equal one big conflict we're having
Chain grabba, hijackin'
Nowadays is computer hackin'
ID thief and credit card scammin'
Social network, blogging an spammin'
Hi-def TV, surround sound pannin'
Next generation, FIFA and Madden

More problem, more panic
Suddenly now more planet
More places man can inhabit
Colonize and breed up like rabbit
Contaminate and spread dirty habit
Cross-populate and thief them knowledge
I said it right back in the college
Meanwhile we call 'em savage

What will the future bring for me?
'Cause global warming feels so cold
What will the future bring?
What will the future bring?
What will the future bring for me?
If my little son is seven years old
What will the future bring for him?
What will the future bring?

What's real life?
What's virtual?
What's fiction?
What's factual?
Who's partial?
Who's neutral?
What's not real?
What's natural?
Who's actin'?
Who's actual?
What's cheap talk?
What's action?
What's ours?
What's fraction?
What's plus or subtraction?
Aquarius, then Pisces
Al Qaeda, then ISIS
Stock markets in crisis
Government raise tax and prices
Countless warships on the high seas
Gang war and the streets full of sirens
Like Wi-Fi at the high speed
Shot a shell, like grains of rices
Mother bawl, I beg them why please
Man a fall, head a roll like lychees
One and all, get cold like night breeze
Man at arms

What will the future bring?
If half of the animals face extinction
What will the future bring for us?
What will the future bring?
What will the future bring?
No more ancient scrolls to give direction
What will the future bring for me?
What will the future bring?

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Damian Marley Time Travel Comments
  1. pankaj kapoor

    count ur blessings man ........

  2. ankur kapoor


  3. ankur kapoor

    Soo good truth

  4. ankur kapoor

    I wish this will viral world wide Damian bro I wish it all songs went viral across the world with me in and it should be U know why it is it duty man ...

    ankur kapoor

    Ask to the government of all countries.. ready them... Ur father set up Jamaica U set up world bro do it if it's possible in India I will help U in language..

    ankur kapoor

    And yes thanx to help me to meet the master everytime everywhere thank U he blessed U... Bro

  5. Serogole Ntsoane

    Jnr Gong is the truth!

  6. Kyle Man

    Life is but an illusion

  7. Big Sea Twaka

    This song needs a video in 2019 or 2020 !! #GONGZILLA

  8. Natty abera

    Good weyy

  9. Tetiana Sachkova

    Veľmi dobré texty.Ja už viem ako to všetko treba napraviť.Na svete 🌎

  10. Tetiana Sachkova

    Hudba 🎶 dobrá... Spev 2

  11. Andrew Bayan

    Ooooohhhh ssssssshhhhhhhhhheeeettttt

  12. Jason D. Healer Lynch

    The entire Stony Hill album is fire

  13. Shevon Marks

    The most lyrical Marley

  14. Pro Gamers

    Out of 7 billion people on 68k people have heard it and 15 people disliked this video too. Shaking my head in shame if they understood the meaning of this song and still disliked this video

  15. Jam M13

    Its “sell it right back ina college” not “i said it right back” 🙂

  16. Iluvfastcars 254

    What will the future bring for me?

  17. Irfaan Rahim

    Rastafari and reggae are da truth
    Jah bless!

  18. Amer Omar

    I wish this song goes viral. But we end up with Kiki and Drake... Bs

  19. Maria Mckie

    Beautiful lyrics

  20. lucy141laible

    amzing lyrics man its real music

  21. rasta Beenie


  22. Gydheone Wagner

    Outstanding song and lyrics as well!!! God Bless the Marley's family!!!

  23. John Blaze

    Moon walking, time travel
    New day more truth unravel
    Mars landing, space gravel
    Mankind still a fight and squabble


    12 month's a year but 13 disciples 🤔🧠 not normal

  25. Gavin Wong

    *equal one big conflict we're having *sell it right back inna college

  26. The Hammer

    It's 2030 and this song is still relevant

  27. Christophe Rys

    This Is THe song of THe centurion

    sanders herring

    daniela do not believe it

  28. Julie Goodwin

    “Colonise & breed up like rabbit,
    Contaminate & spread dirty habit”
    These are my favourite lyrics, so TRUE. ❤️💛💚 Jah Rastafari. 🕉🔥🌬

  29. Dawud Yelton

    off this song alone, who can follow along...

  30. Swin Goodboy

    Nice SOng

  31. Kaniel Elwin

    Best song ever!!!

  32. Julie Goodwin

    Who’s actin’? Who’s actual? ❤️💛💚✊🏽🔥


    Hi again lol :)

  33. GavyZ Rebel

    "airport body search and SWABBING"

    Gitonga Mukira

    what does he mean with this please

  34. Caleb Winston

    Had to listen to this twice .I recommend all his / their music

    Kaniel Elwin

    Caleb Winston me too!

    Julie Goodwin

    Caleb Winston ,,,,only twice ?? 😊😊❤️💛💚

    Caleb Winston

    Julie Goodwin .truthfully all the time

    Julie Goodwin

    Caleb Winston ,,,I knew it wasn’t just twice 😊I love love this song, I will get to see him perform one day, my favourite artist ✊🏽❤️💛💚🔥🦁 his Distant Relatives album with Nas is excellent too, song Patience ❤️got me into him

  35. Caleb Winston

    Real music .All the new rapper need to take a seat and listen and learn

    Maria Mckie

    Because he is from legendary song writer and singer. Legends are born not made.


    Caleb Winston true. i don't listen to rappers but jr Gong.