Damian Marley - R.O.A.R. Lyrics

Big up the lion dem weh roar fi a cause
Defend your community at all cost
Never yet run, stand your ground to the last
Real outlaw, people love we, because

No old woman purse can't get grab of
No juvenile 'pon the road after dark
No visitors can get rob inna the park
Else bwoy will finish before dem start
No shotta can gi' no juvenile gun
No stinginess when the site money run
No lickkle shop can get bruk inna the slum
All who perpetrator haffi pack up and run
No man do more dem share of kegs
One voice a talk just like Simeon says
No man no thief when the Ackee Tree bear
It mek war bruk out and it happen each year

No man no frowns when a man a mek food
Kings at the road, yes a dem a get rude
No shot no buss when a man a keep treat
No man no disturb the children peace
No car no bruk when you hear dancehall keep
The last man weh try, burn up like rizzla sheet
Dem hear say me soon come, tell dem me reach
No man no talk when the general speak, 'cause

Me and unno...

Dem go rob the chiney man and that a disrespect
And a gwaan like dem a don an' still a money nah mek
And a gwaan like dem a captain a the damn ship wreck
Soon the nuff a dem a suffer damn twist neck
Tek it, mek an example, so the thing set
All violators know what come next
Misbehaving, trouble meking, yo, we won't accept
Certain bwoy fi disappear 'pon a magic carpet
All, nuisance get weh dem fi get
People live peaceful, no need to fret, 'cause

A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep
Kids in bed and counting sheep
And when they wake up inna the morning, they'll living sweet
Enterprise operation, ruff up well neat
Back to business, everything on beat

No man to more than dem share of greens
No man no frowns when no fish nah steam
No man no frowns when the pot waan clean
No man no drink out the don spurline
No man go road weh the big man said
No man no greedy a nah bruk bread
No man no go 'round the royal laws
All disloyal, get nail 'pon cross

Me and unno...

A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep
A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep

A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep
A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep

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Damian Marley R.O.A.R. Comments
  1. recidive 380

    He s a God and king

  2. cleopatra wilson

    I wanna marry him 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. THendjY G


  4. Bill Bleakney

    Bob's legacy lives on through his children . Thank Jah!

  5. Raphael Hameed

    0:09 Extension Mark...

  6. Tyler Mar ie


  7. Joel Johnson

    Dem hear seh mi soon come; tell dem seh mi reach...

  8. Tyler Mar ie

    So beautiful my hero GONG TO THE ZILLA BIG FAT TUNAS

  9. MomentousDirectors

    Lady dancing should be all around billboards with a majestic hair like that

  10. Tyler Mar ie

    Gong to the zilla💣❤️💛💚🔰

  11. Christine Ries

    Super 👍 🔥🔥🇯🇲

  12. Marinspartan 1035


  13. Raphael Hameed

    Extension Mark--0:09

  14. Florence Delemer

    Roulement de tambour
    La classe



  16. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Ever Up straight ! ☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌🏾🎶🥰😁🥰🎶

  17. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Nah change Nah time simple ! Ever Up
    straight every time To The Top ! ☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😁✌🏾🎶

  18. zweli mdlalose

    Jr Gong got an impeccable flow

  19. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Ever Up! Straight !☝️☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌🏾😁

  20. Josmar Ariel

    Hooot panamá act 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🔥🔥🥃

  21. margarita


  22. Alexandre Ramos Da Costa

    God bless you brother I've now nearly 50 years old and had started hearing reaggy music from your father and now I enjoy your music your father would be proud of you God bless you brother

  23. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    One Love! Ever Up straight ! ☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎶✌🏾😁

  24. Márcia Passos

    Um Vídeo feito com pouco recursos mais ficou ótimo!

  25. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Ever Up straight To The Top !☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎶✌🏾😁

  26. Matty80822

    when im old i know im going to misremember the tom stawyer name as tom sawyer

  27. Lorenzo Rapari


  28. DriftSquadGaming

    Describe this song in 1 word. Legendary

  29. Nevie Sticks

    They sprinkled a whole container of baby power on homegirl and said "okay ACTION!"

  30. Nevie Sticks

    Sometimes im in this mood, sometimes im in a Top Ten mood lol

  31. walter wurst

    Aduonum MMienu MMXX Jamaika

  32. Lukas Bellik

    💯 Eternal

  33. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Ever up ! Straight To the Top Nah sell out simple understand wha mi say!

  34. Blissful Will sun

    Love and light ❤️💛💚🖤⚫️👊🏾🙌🏽👍🏽☝🏽

  35. David Meulendyk

    Honestly I really feel that Damian marley music calms me down... I really appreciate that..and I wish the youth would listen more to his words because if can help my anger than it can help all of us! Thanks Damian from your friend in the great white north!! Suga

  36. Karsten Loewe

    Last man standing! Big Up!

  37. Peti Camargo

    auxilio están violando a muchas personas cantantes malos como daddy Yanke y abusan de macumba hacen girar con bebés en los brazos para robarme a la imanja
    tienen a mí hermano

  38. Peter McGannon

    Revolutionary warfare

  39. Woosh

    Who’s here from gradeAunderA

  40. semere weldegebriel

    I'm from Ethiopia and I respect reggea music and I respect Marley family

  41. Gary Coughlan

    Hell Yeah D ... My playlist …… Gee 666

  42. Jo Aine


  43. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Ever up straight To The Top simple thing tho!☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌🏾🥰🎶😁✌🏾

  44. عبدالله السلولي

    Oh weeed 🙋🏻‍♂️.

  45. Vanessa Bejarano Rey


  46. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Real music timeless any time any place! Anywhere! Is The right time for me simple ! Good vibe in my mind Nah have limited appeal fi true!☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☝️☝️😁

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    2019 anyone 😭❤🔥

  48. LongLive The Demokratie

    REMIX David 2000 . Christ 1000 %

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    Dust is good (coal is most bad). Hartz (non-alcaloid) is good as, antisept- and antibiotic-verbs, as blood-freezer ones. - Most important IS ALUM-Crystal (real-one  -  not corrupted) cause it freeze the demon and give time to eliminate it.

  50. Caleb G

    Im a Hip Hop fiend but Damien is the true son of music, the son of Bob, the son of God.

    Proud Ethiopian/Jamaican

  51. Hiran Hamawand


  52. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Love it straight to The Top simple tho in my opinion!☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰☝️✌🏾

  53. Joserastajam Supreme

    Love ras one lion jajajaj ras one love

  54. ÄràBē KÀläSh.47

    Bob Marley deve estar com muito orgulho de sua reencarnação.!!! 💙 🇧🇷 ❤️☪️✡️✝️


    aRAbE KalAsH.47 fala irmão se liga no que lancei no meu canal "Voo"

    ÄràBē KÀläSh.47

    @LUCAS SANG suav na nave 🚀, já sou inscrito, tá naskièras o Flow q tu criaste . Parabéns pelo trabalho!

  55. Robert E

    I love you thank you Damian From Robert Ebeid

  56. Alejandro Hernandez Lopez

    Que chimba desde colombia fumando marihuana

  57. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Love still stronger than a hateful heart straight up!☝️☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰🎶😌😁✌🏾

  58. channel clarke


  59. Abdullah Mohammed

    Send me your email address ASAP

  60. Sean Pellerin

    can somebody tell me what the significance of "nail pon cross" is in this song. I know it is the name of one of his other songs.

  61. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    To the top Every time! Never doubt that!☝️☝️☝️🔥🔥🔥❤️😀🥰🎶👌

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  66. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    I think to be able too create something is beautiful and I love self expression in it many forms ! It is truly a blessing from Jah I believe!☝️❤️🥰🔥🎶😘✌🏾

  67. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Sweet as hunny too me Ever up! Love it 🔥❤️☝️😁✌🏾

  68. Peter Obi Ezeudo

    Damian Marley you’re the best

  69. Tyler Mar ie


  70. Hola Meiji

    from thailand yeahhhhhh🙌🔥🔥🔥🙌thx&love Damian 💚💛❤️

  71. Ms01haywood

    okay. what mek you Rich cos we struggling to knoe even if mean you may struggle hard fi your secret

  72. Marlon Stephens

    Royalty surrounds

  73. Tyler Mar ie

    Wrote to him every day for 2 years welcome to jamrock

  74. Tyler Mar ie

    He's so beautiful my hero, after Oahu after I left the island the Earth's caldera trembled the hour his soul left it i could feel the earth shake he came under Neath me I could hear my classmate ABCDE calling me to wake up for class he came under me he said *don't go" the trained me for the vices pathetic degradation fuck wtf pathetic day I'd downgrade to the vices pathetic virtual incubus got the fuck for free Chee 2005 HAWAII an style the sticker decal he put on in the end flipinos only faggot boys or whatever the dope is programsand to I'm so lucky how I got to learn about oofing spoiled I love my pedo no remorse

  75. Robert E

    Blessed one Nation crops

  76. Robert E

    Vinlie jd

  77. Matheus Oliveira

    SLV pros BR


    Just the voice and a pair of drums to make a master piece!

  79. Black Moonflower


  80. Samet

    "All disloyal get nail pon cross."

  81. Laura Nielsen

    that hair must have its own zoo :D

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    Big up for truth seekers👆

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  85. caballerodetormento

    The model is on fire she's hot

  86. Aaron Monroe

    Everybody get Rob in Jamaica, what makes the Chinee man immune from it? When Chinee rob from black, Damian silent. This is who yall get your knowledge from?

  87. STARS Fashion Art Love

    This slaps big up! 💖💛💚

  88. mike kipkorir

    One love,still believe na pan africanism,loud and clear

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    patroling da streets while i man a sleep! fe the needs that are met BIGUP UNU SELF ! dredd . ting i man wish fe de world. JAH!!!!! yes me lion

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  91. Arianna Catalano

    We called this in italy "BOMBA"



  93. LionessOrder

    LION reasonings

  94. Natasha Gonzalez

    I named both of my sons after Bob's sons...Julian and Damian.

  95. Brian Burke