Damian Marley - Holiday Lyrics

A break from sufferation
You find a way to cope
When your belly full of? hope
On the brink of your salvation
From police intimidation
The lamb dem ah no manger
Protect them from the danger
The world need renovation

Saddam throat cut off and the oil price take off dollars thing go soft and the youth dem nuh laugh and all them drop off and cash plus lock off and the biggest mac 11 dey a? warf the little island full ah boss whey nah pay de staff and world war kick off and more life a loss we make more price a cost we make more rifle pass wham to the 40 acre and jackass

Now me say love and inity ah whey we need upon the street
Tell the mp and the youth them tolerance ah reach a peak
When ah find bullet fi? buss and say cya find no food fe eat
Baby mother dey a yard and want a soap fe wash de sheet
So they rise up them machine dem man dem put them pon repeat
Those without will have to get up and go look it pon the street
And a conquering lion whey no come here so they get defeat
Give them a break

I tell yuh
I know and I believe it man
One day we'll surely make it then
Have faith I and I redeemers have come
I tell yuh
I know and I believe it yea
One day we'll surely make it and
Have faith I and? I redeemers have come

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