D12 - B.N.U. Lyrics

Hey... boys and girls and all you dirty heads out there
Lets take a trip to the world of D12
The hardest Boy Band in the world
Straight from, (Detroit Michigan)
Come on follow us, come on

If I could just take you through a day with me and you
Then you'll see what I can do, when I do what I do
And I bet, you will not bother me like you do
Cause you find you would rather spend your time B-N-U
(B N U, B N U, B N U, B N U)

[Mr. Porter:]
You think you know it all, don't you dog all about my life and all
While I'm poppin this Vicodin and drinking all this alcohol
All up in these clubs throwing up like I ain't got em' all
But that's just what you see when you see me hanging with Runyan nem
It's funny when, I'm busting my ass gettin them money nem
You ain't never round helping out but soldiers come to them
Runnin to them, wantin 30 niggas long when
You call me to the door I told 'em leading all your friends
And then they talk behind my back again I'm back to doing smack again
I'll have another baby cause safe sex I ain't praticing
Logic by the sleezy sleeze being fake ain't being me
It's just your misconception of perception when you seeing me


I ain't gotta like you dude, plenty of time to fight you fool
Arrogant? This might be true... smack your bitch - slightly rude
Running from the white and blue for blowing up a bible school
Let me show you what this rifle do, to ill I got a license to
Nice of you to think I'm not, but I'm ill this is true
Poppin pill, shooting guns, going jail - I'll shit on you
Yes I'm [?] touch the wire, fuck and bust a nut in Mya
Kelly didn't touch that girl, then again I'm such a liar
This is me all day, you rubbing me the wrong way
Listen what the song say and pass the fucken Bombay
Andale on the overplay for the underplay
Ondre is more Swift with gunplay, one day
I'm proof next I'm Harry techs I carry on the runway
It's necessary that my sex is very nongay (hey!)
D12 we don't play with them gays (gay...)
Blame it on our momma this the way we was raised!


[Swifty McVay:]
They like to know what I can do, they ain't got the slighest clue
Question my integrity, I mean it nigga who is you
You better be prepared for beef, we don't need a new recruit
We blow a hole inside a nigga bigger than a hulahoop
See I know the business who the hell you talking stupid to?
Fuck you up (fuck you!) have your face looking like a rubix cube
You can walk the hood with me we can take an acid break
All you gotta do is choose, tablet nigga have a drank
Dabble with it rob a bank, (Man this shit and new to you)
What the fuck you niggas think I can shoot as Muslims too
Nigga hey, what about the pretty bitch you call your wife?
I'mma hit it nigga I been sucking titties all my life
Stealing shit and starting fights pissing on yourlawns at night
We hard to get along with stay ornery like Dolamite
Nigga you can be polite, I don't talk to people right
And so does the rest of us, you hating us cause we alike


Hey boys and girls, taking drugs is real cool
Hanging out in the news acting like a damn fool
It's the big guy with the shower cap kicking sicks raps
Talking bout fucking kids in the ass crack
Nevermind Bizarre... you know he's on medication
Smoking weed, drinking brew - third grade education
All in your house, blunt in my mouth
Call you a bitch... and pee on your spouse

Look, I don't like the chitter chatter that's for faggots if it mattered
Then I'd have to splatter rappers just for acting - target pratice
Time for action I'm Kuniva
The wet Vagina finder
So nevermind you rhyming chumps
You might see me behind the pump
And yes it damages I put niggas in bandages
And yes I love my pistol like bizarre loves all his sandwiches
Business is strenuous you fucking with some geniuses
Some many people on my nuts I wonder how my penis is
Girls approach me with bodies like Venus and Serena-esess
I turn 'em down my wife would kill me if she ever seen the shit
I mean the shit, I'm silly man, I'm smart, I'm really ignorant
I'm innocent and guilty at the same time, go and figure it


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D12 B.N.U. Comments
  1. Stephanie Broadwater

    why is this not on spotify :(

    Marcus Brown

    This was released as a bonus song for the my band cd single

  2. ★ ilivill ★

    i was listening to DNight, and im like where the fuck is BNU??? Here it is.. sheiiit Biiitch..