CyHi The Prynce - No Dope On Sundays Lyrics

"The call has gone out, responses have come, and we bless God for our brother who's given God his life
Is there anything you'd like to say [?]
(Lord saved an angel, watch over my own...)
I came not to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance. Luke 5:32. They say gangsters don't pray... I beg to differ
We pray every night. We pray every night to make it out of these struggles
We pray all the time to make it out of this hell that we stuck in (CyHi)
Real gangsters don't wanna be in the streets...

[CyHi the Prynce:]
Yeah, no dope on Sundays
That's only if you really out here getting money
No dope on Sundays
You know the trap back boomin' Monday
But no dope on Sundays
When you out here dirty, this the day you do laundry
No dope on Sundays
But any other day it's rain, sleet or sunny

Nah, I ain't a street nigga, just a nigga in the street
Any other day than Sunday I can get you what you need
I'm talking like a couple kiss, want a mil, come fuck with me
Pounds of kush, come hustle these, the cars we push is luxury
Oh I heard you want the lean, now that's not my cup of tea
But I can pull a few strings, let me work my puppetry
Anything from crack to puppy food
Why you think I bank with Chase, I'm everywhere the money move
My Hyundai crews making plays, my operation running smooth
Brought a tool just in case these niggas in a grumpy mood
Oh I heard they 'bout that gunplay, cool we 'bout that gunplay too
My rendezvous made the front page news, I like my hundreds blue
Chucking Jews, taking strippers out of town on honeymoons
Leave they kids with they grandma so they go to Sunday school
My nigga hit my phone and said he need a hundred cool
I said "Let me hit my folks, but you know the only rule"

Yeah, no dope on Sundays
That's only if you really out here getting money
No dope on Sundays
You know the trap back boomin' Monday
No dope on Sundays
When you out here dirty, this the day you do laundry
No dope on Sundays
But any other day it's rain, sleet or sunny

I been in the streets since 16, ya dig?
How many zips in a elbow is 16, ya dig?
Niggas seem to forget how much clean I done hid
Remember sneaking in the club with the thing-a-ma-jig
My OG pulled up on the scene in a wig
When you running from the feds, you can't be seen by the pigs
Y'all don't know all the things I seen and I did
Being in the dope game was never my dream as a kid
But I got better plans though, ain't nowhere I can't go
Trip to Amsterdam, I tell a grandma netherland hoes
Boy I'm living off my art like I'm selling Van Goghs
I'm all about the cream, I got Method Man goals
My dawgs just left the bando so hater, never stand close
Before my partner up the Sig and leave you second-hand smoked
I'ma rain on ya, so let the weatherman know
In all the ghettos of America all the way to Redan Road

No dope on Sundays

Lex Luger on the beat so what the fuck you think

I work the graveyard shift, that's how we made our chips
Bunch of AR clips, I pulled his KR, dip
When a young nigga die, we live our day the darkest
Boosie Badazz, I'm down to catch a fade if y'all lit

We was the type to shoot a nigga dead and pray that y'all live
So we can swing by your house and come and spray at 'all crib
Had the trap on Cleveland Ave by the K-Mart, bitch
I brought them bags to the hood and made 'em slang our shit
In Atlanta y'all don't know how good my face card is
Turned the racetrack on Bouldercrest to a baseball field
It's safe to say it's all real but my scars is all healed
'Cause I been stabbed in the back more times than Paul Pierce
But enough about my past, it's time to save our kids
So our sons will never have to live the way we all did
If you trap a nigga, trap to send your daughter off to college
If you trap a nigga, trap to get your mother out the projects
If you trap a nigga, trap to get yo' people out the streets
Oh you trapping just to be trapping? Oh you trapping for these freaks?
But if you a real trap nigga, do me one favor
And tell all my partners in Decatur
No dope on Sundays

I work the graveyard shift, that's how we made our chips
Bunch of AR clips, I pulled his KR, dip
When a young nigga die, we live our day the darkest
Boosie Badazz, I'm down to catch a fade if y'all lit

[Pusha T:]
Started out trapping tryna get the new Bo's
Then I realized what I did for them hoes
When recognized what you did to your nose
I couldn't justify what I did to my bro
Fed an addiction, I just let it snow
Failed my religion, I couldn't let it go
Fell in addiction, I just chased the glow
See you don't need the drums when you just talking what you know
See what I seen, nigga snitching on the low
Niggas coming home, niggas out here acting like you owe
The truth is you love 'em but they putting on a show
You gotta cash 'em out and validate to everyone they know
Times changing, it's hard for some to grow
And the conversations are no longer "Man, we 'bout to blow"
I wanna see you back up on your feet and that's fa' sho'
The whole city know I've done enough so there's no mo'

[CyHi the Prynce:]
I work the graveyard shift, that's how we made our chips
Bunch of AR clips, I pulled his KR, dip
When a young nigga die, we live our day the darkest
Boosie Badazz, I'm down to catch a fade if y'all lit

[Pusha T:]
I'm glad you gave me this shit with like no drums
I just wanted to, like, I was tryna make it as conversational as possible 'cause it's just conversation
CyHi The Prynce, my nigga for life. Push

[CyHi The Prynce:]
But Peter said unto him, "Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money". Acts 8:20

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CyHi The Prynce No Dope On Sundays Comments
  1. Burgess Williams

    Prolly the hardest 1st bar I ever heard no cap

  2. Rhian Martin

    Shyt🔥🔥🔥🔥da real still out there. Hip hop lives

  3. Rebel Zoe 1804

    Rap in its purest form

  4. timbo

    Raw.... as... fuck...

  5. Sasha Katsura

    Gosh, how did I not know about this album for 2 years? I wish somebody told me about it. This is definitely my favorite track, including "God Bless Your Heart," and they will be on my phone for many years for sure. Thank you so much! I am now looking forward to listening to the next album.

  6. Chris H

    Top five albums ever!!!!!

  7. DJ Kenny RecK

    This album posted on my special number 11/17/17 thats a Holy Day! Jesus & God's numbers!!!!

  8. quira thomas

    Fire fire fire 🔥 yy

  9. David Sinclair

    This guy is one of the greatest hip hop lyricists ever

  10. Similac Aristide

    Album version is better

  11. gmack jones

    May the Lord bless your journey!

  12. Eddie Robinson

    Steppin on the dope like a Alpha Phi Alpha. My bih yellin skeeeweee. All about the cream of wheat.

  13. Sean Castro

    This is real rap music🙏🙏

  14. Monyenou aka MO GROOVY

    This into tho!! 🙏🏿

  15. Punohu Keala

    Fire realest MC

  16. PurebreedFLA

    Blessed ✊🏾✊🏾

  17. Del3rd WitDaFacts

    Wicked Caucasians switched the word AMAN to AMEN because they figured out that biblically there was a difference between MEN and MAN and realized they were Men and not (hue)MAN...know the difference.

  18. Denuwan Panapiti

    This whole album is a barfest. 🔥🔥🔥 Cyhi forreal underrated

  19. Jar Jar Binks

    “Two bullets burn through your skin, to a hurst from a Benz.”
    Cyhi you’re legendary.

  20. matthew smith

    I feel guilty I slept on bro.

    He’s a true lyricist.

    marcus howard

    Oh yeah he a beast boi

    matthew smith

    marcus howard it’s a nice difference for a change

  21. Nate Germany

    🤔Can we get a Cyhi J Cole collabo or mix tape🔥🔥🔥

  22. rick ford

    Classic, and I see some real haters who know they can’t compare giving thumbs down, it’s funny because like nas say( I hated to once) ,

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  24. BigCuba Ortiz

    Amen 🙏

  25. MyHonestyOffends

    Best rap album of 2017



  27. Rewbenn Hernandez

    “I’m fine, don’t”

  28. Brian Aguilar

    Cyhi a fake want a be priest no dope on Sundays well that sounds like he'll because Saturday is the 7th. But y'all ain't get water from the well

  29. Brian Aguilar

    How you preach with a fake. Priest outfit how you explain God can't see the light come out the outlet they off set like migos all I say is bye like adios amigos don't explain a plane mc in amazed with out the dream so don't expect me to fly to the extreme

  30. Oso legend

    Cyhi the best rapper in the game. These the type bars you gotta keep playing over to dissect.

    whodat be?

    Ok.. 😫😏

  31. Rafiel hilario

    He smoked this.

  32. John Pierce

    2019 till here fireeeeeee

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  34. Tyler Carney

    Most underrated rapper of all time

  35. Don Soulo

    top 5 lyricist(imo):
    Royce da 5'9
    king los
    cyhi da prynce
    elzhi/Lupe fiasco( can't ever keep Lupe out)
    honorable mentions: kdot, ab soul, Wayne, em, reign man

  36. J Smooth

    Drop another album for us, Cy Hi!... Your album is pretty much the only album I listen to!... 🔥

  37. Seth Keleher

    This album has been one of my favorites of the past year. I listen to this song daily. Cyhi knows man. 👊🙏

  38. Elton Barnaby

    This is absolutely fantastic!!!!

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    My favorite intro, deeeeezamn

  40. Jeremy Miller

    My favorite rapper, damn.

  41. Jeremy Miller

    My favorite rapper, damn.

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    Pure Dopeness

  43. Tony Brown

    So glad i discovered him today

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    Album is a classic 🔥🔥🔥

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    wtf why I'm I just finding out about him this shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 real rap with a grit n sauce not none of all tht singing migo shit not saying they bad but I don't know how they get more radio play then he does

  46. necio hunt

    All i can say is wowwwww!

  47. Corynthius

    That ending with the commandments was so much damn fire its unreal

  48. noswineplease 777

    Real males should help w the bills if u livin at a females spot

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    This album going be a classic and ppl don't even kno who he is or listen. Lost folks. His word play will make u pause and rewind the track a few times.

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    Turbulence is the price you pay for flying high. Keep flying.


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  66. Empathy Official

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  72. Sean G

    Bought the album twice, once one Google play and once on amazon. Might buy it on iTunes too. Cyhi has given his fans a ton free music over the years. I didn't even have to think twice cuz I knew this would be fire. #NoDopeOnSunday.

  73. Devonte Walton


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  79. TRIGGA Hippiesaboriginal

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  80. Richie Yarber

    Brilliantly blended street lore and spiritualism from the perspective of a real street dude. Lyricist, deliverer, storyteller, etc...this cat certainly brings back that special feeling hip hop doesn't seem to have anymore. Chills on my arms during this shit playing....whoa!


    Richie Yarber bruh same, shit made me emotional lmao.

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    This is the intro... fire! Will definitely listen to the whole joint! And I just peeped this brother maybe three weeks ago... my lost to listen to REAL hip-hop before now. Damn! Goosebumps! Will definitely purchase the cd!

    Much respect from the StL!

    Marc Regal

    Kiume Afrika oh you need to get the mixtape Black Hystori 1, then 2.

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    Iam God

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