CyHi The Prynce - Don't Know Why Lyrics

[CyHi The Prynce:]
Don't nobody know why
Nobody knows why
Young niggas still dyin' in the streets
And don't nobody know why
Nobody knows why
Don't nobody know why
Young niggas still dyin' in the streets
And don't nobody know why

.38 snub hugger, jealousy is a mothafucka
Swear these niggas would kill their blood brother
All for the love of the money and gangs, plus the drug hustle
But let me say this before the judge judge us
Why must the thug suffer?
We already gettin' it out the mud puddle
Then on top of that, the flood struck us
So before them boys cuff us
And we lose our life to these blood suckers
Rather meet the Migos at the Fuddruckers
Back when I had a plug on the lil' guys
Served it while the kush dry
Bought two, but took five
We call that payin' hood tithes
I'm from a place where the good die
Young, turn boys to men
It's so hard to say your goodbyes
Man, this shit done took lives
If you die, would your hood ride?
The only time you got the goosebumps was at a book drive
Posin' for my mugshot, make sure you get my good side
I'm just a headcase, even took me to Scared Straight
Left the house at 16, I felt I was deadweight
But to the streets, I was fresh bait
So I'm ridin' through the 6 with my SK
Hey, tryin' not to meet my death day
They killed my partner and left him dead by the expressway

And don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Young niggas still dyin' in the streets
And don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Young niggas still dyin' in the streets
And don't nobody know why

We have lost a lot of beautiful souls to the struggle
To all my fallen soldiers, we miss you
I brought a few of my east side homies to relay my condolences
The legendary Jagged Edge

[Jagged Edge:]
'Pac told us Brenda had a baby
Crooked ass cops tryna send him to his grave early
Sister's like, "Thanks for my child"
Crooked ass feds tryna give a nigga long time
No love for that Black skin, still on replay
System's mad and corruption keeps us in place
Ah, when we gon' have our day?
When the sun gonna shine down on our way?

[CyHi The Prynce:]
Huh, panhandler, hand-to-hand gambler
Scam amateur, seven gram scrambler
Had a Monte Carlo, Tahoe and a tan Challenger
Hit rock bottom, I swear you can't take this shit for granted, bruh
So I see everything panoramic, cuz
One wrong move, that'll take you off the planet, cuz
So I move around with the broom like a janitor
Pomegranate cannabis, called a play and ran it up
Automatic hammers tucked on every transaction
FedEx the package or I might just Amtrak it
Back and forth to Michigan, I want my grams, wrap it
Them niggas who tried to write me off can't even pay their taxes
49er, I was told to "mind your business, nigga"
I seen some shit Jehova ain't even witness, nigga
'96 Explorer, got so many stash spots
I told the cop, "You'll never find it like a Sasquatch"
A good lawyer lower cases if your cap's locked
So I showed up in court, me and Matlock
Hah, beat the case and did the ragtop
This for all my niggas who didn't make it out the trap spot

[Jagged Edge:]
Don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Young niggas still dyin' in these streets
Don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Young niggas still dyin' in these streets
Don't nobody know why

[CyHi The Prynce:]
Huh, we were just some small timers
Went to jail, nothin' major, we was all minors
They tried to tie one of us to the gun
But it's funny 'cause now all my niggas eatin' off china
Keep a stick for the haters tryna chalk line us
It was like hide and go seek, but don't let the law find us
I forgot more than you ever learned
So when you speak on my name, put me up there with the all timers
What you know about meetin' your connect at a small diner?
Talkin' murder over waffles and corned beef hash
On a clear, black night like Warren G had
He was droppin' off some bags on the corner, he had
Some youngin' ran up on him, he had on a ski mask
My OG shot him through the door, left him on the street bad
Then he asked me for the check, but not an actual check
For those who not in the streets, just know that means cash
I'm from where a zone is a zipper, and your tone is your trigger
Where your wife is your bitch, and your homies' your niggas
In my city, I'm legend, on my corner, I'm Chipper
Runnin' from the red dogs, we holla Clifford
I had all the red broads and all the strippers
We broke every fed law that's in the system
I had the dream walkin' out the county in burgundy slippers
And right before I was about to hug my sister
Ay, fuck nigga

Don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Young brothers still dyin'
Young brothers still dyin'
Don't nobody know why
Don't nobody know why
Young brothers still dyin'
Young brothers still dyin'

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CyHi The Prynce Don't Know Why Comments
  1. Francisco Barros


  2. Kalan Robinson

    “I done forgot more than you ever learned so when you speak on my name, put me up there wit the all timers.” (Alzheimers). Just caught on to that 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Kendrick

    This song is too hard.. Pac smilin right now

  4. BodyBy2Much Vasquez

    The only time you got the goosebumps was at the book drive.. 😏👌🏽🔥

  5. Outta Control Europe

    What a song🔥🔥

  6. Isiac Artison

    When nipsey was killed I played this atleast 20 times crying like hell

  7. Tone Loc


  8. Del3rd WitDaFacts

    It's because Negroes(Israelites) haven't came back to following The Most Highs's not rocket science.

  9. Themaskedtalker

    The way Jagged Edge got into the track and how Brandon’s raspy voice compliments the beat and the theme🔥🔥🔥

  10. Jarrett Woolfolk

    Listening to this after they took Nipsey. Smh. Rest in Paradise Cuz

  11. SanJuanCreole

    2pac RIP
    One of the iLLest samples of all time.

  12. Trizae 26

    I'm late and 🎤dont nobody knoww whyyyy🎶

  13. Gregory Harris

    I'm from a place where the Good Die young Boyz II Men a man it's so so how to say your goodbyes that took lies if you hood ride..real talk

  14. Robert Rixey


  15. Makk Wayne

    Bacc n forth to Michigan, I want my Grands Rapid🔥🔥🔥

  16. Quee Smyth

    One of My Favorite tracks on the Album🎼🎵🎶🔥💯

  17. demetrius burgest


  18. Ricardo Sandoval

    No dope on sundays

  19. dramacydal h

    I couldn't help but notice your pain.

  20. Macintosh Mechi

    J.E. Ga Boy!!!!!


    This is a masterpiece @CyHi

  22. Tyree Douglas

    Don't forget Jim Jones diary. Cy version best though

  23. Wendell Knowles

    Big tune!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Tyler Laninga

    Fuckin shout out Grand Rapids!!

  25. Hunnit Maine

    On A Clear Black Night, Like Warren G Had 🔥

  26. DarkNinja x

    Don't nobody know why

  27. James Barger

    "I've seen so much that even Jehovah can't witness"..this dude spits bars

  28. Mike Robert

    Always appeals to the soul. CyHi

  29. Kendrick

    The Hardest Song on the Album.. That Pac Sample is too fire

  30. Jerry Butler

    So Much Pain...pretty cool version of the original Pac song

  31. Vijay Viswanathan

    The most impressive flow that I've heard in a hot minute

  32. Ezale

    Right before I hug my sister....

  33. Mr SoTaylormade

    Damn Real Talk i shed tears to dis Hur Shit touched my heart like Pac, Pac would deff b proud of dis record Dat Pain Sample tho . RIP Lil Tory. RIP Makaveli Da Don (Tupac Shakur)

  34. Mekhi Nasir

    Amazing !!....r/s

  35. Aaron elliott

    Only time u got goosebumps was at a bookdrive......... 100

  36. Josiah Boddie

    Posing for my mug shot make sure you get my good side 😔

  37. LRrealest

    Never disappoints. Y'all check out Cyhi - Start a War

  38. GoodMorningRatchets

    back and forth to Michigan I want my grands rapid


    Grew up on that  Earl Klugh " Living Inside Your Love" sample. Zimbabwe loves you CYHI.

  40. ask yo auntie about me

    I'm finna cry

  41. Clint Eastwood

    I haven't been on the cyhi bandwagon that long. Listened to him about 2 years ago, first song was forever followed by Huey, I was hooked, but there wasn't much to be hooked too. I can't imagine what it was like for cyhi fans in the beggining waiting near a decade for an album drop. This album is perfection. I want him to be recognised but at the same time I don't. I feel he's too good for what's popular these days.

    seth grillo

    Ben yeah he is talented I can't wait to see another album by him my 2 favorite songs by a long shot is don't no why and free

    smash dre

    Dude been my favorite since ivy league lol him releasing this album was a blessing


    Yeah but good music needs to be recognized as well and he's from Georgia I think. All these Atlanta trap niggas blowing up but a lot of them aren't lyrical and have no bars. Need something different in the masses sometimes

  42. Cherie Monique Hillman

    Cyhis so smart and underated

  43. Cherie Monique Hillman

    Dont nobody know whyyyy

  44. tabitha davis

    Ohana 🤗

  45. CAP Potts

    he sampled tupac

  46. kALIPH Heightz

    Sample was been made famous by PAC ...above the rim #Goat

    kALIPH Heightz

    Real music heads knew that

  47. Dank KIDD

    I’m glad to be one of the chosen few to call myself a cyhi fan since day 1


    Dank KIDD since 2009 when I use to get my weed from him

  48. Shaka The King

    Cyhi, thank you for being such a blessing.

  49. Conor McTapout aka 0-1 aka 0 Title Defenses

    Bruh this shit way overrated

  50. Marva Alexander

    2Pac would be proud

  51. Sean G

    Omg so many bars! Buying this album bruh 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Sean G

    Cyhi the most underrated. Glad I've been around for his whole career. Real rap🔥🔥🔥

  53. Sean G

    Only time you got goosebumps was at a book drive.🙏🔥

  54. dreamfaith7

    Love this

  55. Marva Alexander

    this guy is fire

  56. TRIGGA Hippiesaboriginal

    true art! Exceptional ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  57. Jeremy Diesel

    Don't nobody know why

  58. Jeremy Diesel

    He got Jagged Edge for this, that's lit!!!

  59. mark stockdale

    On time

  60. favorsl

    Cyhi and Krit on tour together!!!! Glad I already got my tickets!! My 2 favorites!


    favorsl going to see them in March

    Azell Pompous

    Damn im mad i missed it!

  61. Sir Drake VI

    My fav on tape 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔙🔛🔝🔜

  62. Ramelle Dawson

    best rapper to ever touch a microphone hands down

  63. Jah

    ¡BARZ storytelling BARZ!

  64. Jason

    3:04 the beat drop!! Lol

  65. Jason

    Best track so far on the album

  66. Lulumbi Njeleka

    The joebudden podcast sent me here. Damn Cy... Fuego!


    Lulumbi Njeleka budden be breaking shit.
    you heard Sean Smith haven yet?

  67. LIVE ISH

    If this same song was done by lil dukeey or xxxtamponcion it would have 10 million views....

  68. sabelo mavimbela

    Touched by da Great CyHi

  69. L T A

    Those lost 2 mins THAT MAN LEFT EARTH

  70. orionpax85

    Dope!!! From GA #Bankhead

  71. Mike Jones

    Pain 2pac sample

  72. Anthony bowman

    Man come on brah!🔥🔥 the A in good hands with cyhi💪🏾... A 3 stacks and TI go head and anoint this man🔥🔥🔥😁


    Anthony bowman facts

  73. orionpax85

    Legendary JE. I luv my city. ATL til I die.

  74. T S

    No love for that black skin, still on replay
    Systematic corruption keeps us in place
    Damn...when we gone have our day??
    When the sun gonna shine down on our way!?!?!!

  75. Quimane Harvey

    R.I.P. To my cousin Lil Will. Tomorrow a Thug Holiday. Happy birthday. Rest up my dude. Until we meet again

  76. Quimane Harvey

    Feel that pain forsure

  77. Sideshow Bo

    Not a J Cole sample...But a 2pac sample...

    Sideshow Bo

    Salim Uhuru i belive thats the original...2pac sampled it right?

    Azell Pompous

    @Sideshow Bo tupac - so much pain

  78. Orlando Martinez

    This kid is dope !!!

  79. Introvert_Ryan

    This a banger🔥🔥🔥

  80. Keep it Real CrossFit

    2Pac, Pain!

  81. C.A.A

    "Your pain its runs deep. Share it with me"

    Christian Zilla

    Get Money Guts i couldn't help but notice your pain..

  82. Dre Black

    "96' Explorer got so many stash spots, I told the cops you'll never find it like a Sasquatch" 🔥🔥🔥


    Shit was hard af

  83. Eli Evans

    “The only time you got a ‘Goosebumps’ was at a book drive. The book called Goosebumps. He cleverly related it to real life occurrences. Man, this is Pre Album of the year of 2018. It’s so 🔥🔥🔥🔥 its already in 2018. Big KRIT, G herbo, dropped some nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥 this year too.

    Frank Aleman

    ELIJAH Music also that was back in the 90s when kids used to buy the goosebumps novels at book drives,it was popular. It's crazy he can reference and remember that in the first place.

  84. Lyonel Dalien

    Cyhi is one of the dopest..dead or alive! Props from Germany..

  85. UNo UNo

    I done forgot more than you ever when you speak on my name... put me up there with the all timers (Alzheimers)...

    Charles Miller

    UNo UNo I didn't catch that lol colddddd

    Spacely Hendrix

    Omfgggggg he cold af


    So many missed this bar


    The best in the world

  86. Ryan Hamilton

    I think cyhi the most slept on in good music smh he better than Sean and push in my honest opinion

    FastMoney Willie

    Ryan Hamilton Sean yeah Push .... don't disrespect da G

    International Jones

    yea bro i think cyhi got push

    Hustlaz Muzik

    Sorry but yea it's not even close!!

  87. Yuma Beats

    Same Sample J cole used in "See World"!

    kALIPH Heightz

    2pac did it 1st


    2Pac - Pain

    Christopher Mezidor

    Lil b used that same sample

    M Moses

    How about above the rim Tupac had this first check out the soundtrack...


    Yuma Beats this on is more lyrical

  88. Twaun Smith

    Man was I wrong for thinking nobody but Pac would be able to paint the perfect picture of the struggle over this beat.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Isiac Artison

    We all had to learn Chief

  89. Cole Stefaniak

    This song is a masterpiece.

    DJ Versatility

    "Like the slave owners gun" cyhi...

  90. Yea Right

    What is that sample? Why can't I think of what this is from and the other song it was used in... it's in the tip of my tongue someone help me out

    Twaun Smith

    Bill L I don’t know the original sample but I do know that it was used on Tupac - So much pain and I think J Cole used it aswell.

  91. Goku vs Everybody

    Most slept on Atlanta rapper here before 1k

  92. YOUNG P

    Bars man

  93. Andre Person

    This one of those albums make u wish u had a car if u don't just so u can put it on track 1 and let it play all the way through as u cruise


    Andre Person i got the whole system, album sound like Heaven

  94. Jon Coda

    Oh my!!!

  95. jGotti Gunnz

    🔥🔥🔥 but This is beyond him it’s sad he’ll never get the credit smh

    Stacks G

    jGotti Gunnz I used to think that way He has core fan base across the world!! Can't deny his talent bro Barz over names true art!!

  96. Gino Whitsett

    Tupac pain beat wooewww big UPS I love ya music brother keep smashin these weak dancing meaningless rappers that ain't talking about shit but bullshit

  97. Bob Silverstein

    So much pain

  98. Kirk Davis

    Sample one of my favorite 2pac song So much pain. Respect ✊