CyHi The Prynce - Amen (Intro) Lyrics

Turbulence is the price you pay
For flyin high
Through all the hell and high water you kept us
You brought us to this point
Regardless of what we had to deal with
Because you love us so much
Now bless each and every one of us
Keep all of us
In your love and care

From where the gangstas die young and the rats die faster
So, when my shooter spread this Mac
Live shatter 'round, 'round
Like, "who gives a fuck if Black Lives Matter?"
Wash the blood off his hands and then get baptized after
I'm the new testament, the last five chapters
And God said he would come back by rapture
The Lord even lets me lie about the pastures
So, I never told the truth to the plain clothes
This is flashbacks of bullet holes in my Durango
Better have a raincoat if we ever see them bastards
Mix the pink sleeping pills with the powder in the sifter
Steppin' on the dope like an Alpha Phi Alpha
My bitch screamin' (skee-wee)
We all about the Cream and Wheat
Taylor made nigga, everything ain't what it seem to be
Triple beam dreams, niggas Martin Luther King a key
Me and Ye' feel like Jay and Memphis Bleek to me
The only difference is that it cost a little more to speak to me
'Cause around here it cost 100 for a meet and greet
Varsity in two sports, my reputation preceded me
But the trunk PAC 10, so I never played collegiately
BIG 12-gauge to WAC a nigga in the SEC
And that's a second, my mind's a MAC-11
I might not hit nothing, but ya'll know that I was present
See me and a bear in the woods, then help the bear then
Huh, my life is Leonardo in The Revenant
Listenin' to lead playin' I ain't talkin' Zeppelin
Boston George before we got the blow
I'm out here Johnny Depp'n
The only thing that police 'gon find on me is a weapon
Blessings, never believe in luck
Read the signs at the lake, it told you, "don't feed the ducks", so keep it up (huh)
And you'll be back to sellin' Cuties
In the hood you get shot or you go out like Fela Kuti

Let the church say Amen
Let this urge every man
From the curb to the pen
From a bird to a ten
'Til bullets burn through your skin
To a hearse from a Benz
Let the church say Amen
Every curse, every sin
Every smirk, every grin
Every verse, every friend
Follow every word in this hymn
'Til the Earth's very end
Let the church say Amen

Fist fights with a murderer
I had to let him win, 'cause if I didn't, he the type to come back and murder ya''
Take ya' somewhere and bury ya'
I was barely seventeen, rollin' with some killas' that was 30 plus
Shoulda' left these niggas earlier (huh)
But I was broke as fuck in the streets, I was tryin' to get me a burger, bro
Plus the bag they was servin' us
I would break a quarter pound to seven grams, off a Vick I could get dirty bucks
Fuck being conservative, I was tryna' serve it up
Stir it up, rather sell a bird then be a burglar
A third of us, ridin' 'round tryin' find a purchaser
With my lil' Spanish chick usually as my interpreter
For some years I haven't heard from her
That was my lil' sweetie pie, can't believe I deserted her
She used to let me hide my weed in the furniture
But I had to leave, 'cause only good deed she was worthy of
The story of a journeyer, who made it out the wilderness
No feelings 'cause I met a lot of villains on my pilgrimage
God told me, "son, never settle like the pilgrims did"
So, I bought a convertible
I don't know where the ceiling is
I'm here to restore the pillages of villages
I brought enough food for thought to feed a million kids
How a young nigga come up with this brilliant shit
"Who you think built the pyramids?"

May the church say Amen
Let this urge every man
From the curb to the pen
From a bird to a ten
'Til bullets burn through your skin
To a hearse from a Benz
Let the church say Amen
Every curse, every sin
Every smirk, every grin
Every verse, every friend
Follow every word in this hymn
'Til the Earth's very end
May the church say Amen

Thou (one!) shall not, see a cell block and not have no paper stashed so he could bail out
Never (two!) sell rocks on a Sunday, yeah I know the streets is cold but nigga Hell's hot
All this (three!) spiritual warfare's got me shell-shocked
Ye should never tell just to avoid a jail cot
(Four!) And this is for you male thots, roommates should help with the bills if you livin' at your female's spot
(Five!) Thou shall not steal, not even from the rich
But the plug you tryna' run up on should front a brick
(Six!) Thou shall not kill, 'cause everyone exists for a reason
But I still keep a hundred sticks
(Seven!) Promise this, ye will always be truthful
Never pick sides, ye should always think neutral
(Eight!) The next commandment I'm 'bout to bring is crucial
Thou shall never misuse friends, ye should make themselves useful
(Nine!) Thou shall not seek nobody else approval
Ye who is frugal, being broke is youthful
(Ten!) But even Adam was at Christian Louboutin and bought Eve a pair, ye shall always be fruitful
(Eleven!) And we keep banana clips, devil we rebuke you
You can only be the chosen one if you choose to
(Twelve!) Take care of ya' family and your crew too
And may thou life be beautiful, Amen

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CyHi The Prynce Amen (Intro) Comments
  1. Burgess Williams

    Prolly the hardest 1st bar I ever heard no cap

  2. Rhian Martin

    Shyt🔥🔥🔥🔥da real still out there. Hip hop lives

  3. Rebel Zoe 1804

    Rap in its purest form

  4. timbo

    Raw.... as... fuck...

  5. Sasha Katsura

    Gosh, how did I not know about this album for 2 years? I wish somebody told me about it. This is definitely my favorite track, including "God Bless Your Heart," and they will be on my phone for many years for sure. Thank you so much! I am now looking forward to listening to the next album.

  6. Chris H

    Top five albums ever!!!!!

  7. DJ Kenny RecK

    This album posted on my special number 11/17/17 thats a Holy Day! Jesus & God's numbers!!!!

  8. quira thomas

    Fire fire fire 🔥 yy

  9. David Sinclair

    This guy is one of the greatest hip hop lyricists ever

  10. Similac Aristide

    Album version is better

  11. gmack jones

    May the Lord bless your journey!

  12. Eddie Robinson

    Steppin on the dope like a Alpha Phi Alpha. My bih yellin skeeeweee. All about the cream of wheat.

  13. Sean Castro

    This is real rap music🙏🙏

  14. Monyenou aka MO GROOVY

    This into tho!! 🙏🏿

  15. Punohu Keala

    Fire realest MC

  16. PurebreedFLA

    Blessed ✊🏾✊🏾

  17. Del3rd WitDaFacts

    Wicked Caucasians switched the word AMAN to AMEN because they figured out that biblically there was a difference between MEN and MAN and realized they were Men and not (hue)MAN...know the difference.

  18. Denuwan Panapiti

    This whole album is a barfest. 🔥🔥🔥 Cyhi forreal underrated

  19. Jar Jar Binks

    “Two bullets burn through your skin, to a hurst from a Benz.”
    Cyhi you’re legendary.

  20. matthew smith

    I feel guilty I slept on bro.

    He’s a true lyricist.

    marcus howard

    Oh yeah he a beast boi

    matthew smith

    marcus howard it’s a nice difference for a change

  21. Nate Germany

    🤔Can we get a Cyhi J Cole collabo or mix tape🔥🔥🔥

  22. rick ford

    Classic, and I see some real haters who know they can’t compare giving thumbs down, it’s funny because like nas say( I hated to once) ,

  23. alvin jones


  24. BigCuba Ortiz

    Amen 🙏

  25. MyHonestyOffends

    Best rap album of 2017



  27. Rewbenn Hernandez

    “I’m fine, don’t”

  28. Brian Aguilar

    Cyhi a fake want a be priest no dope on Sundays well that sounds like he'll because Saturday is the 7th. But y'all ain't get water from the well

  29. Brian Aguilar

    How you preach with a fake. Priest outfit how you explain God can't see the light come out the outlet they off set like migos all I say is bye like adios amigos don't explain a plane mc in amazed with out the dream so don't expect me to fly to the extreme

  30. Oso legend

    Cyhi the best rapper in the game. These the type bars you gotta keep playing over to dissect.

    whodat be?

    Ok.. 😫😏

  31. Rafiel hilario

    He smoked this.

  32. John Pierce

    2019 till here fireeeeeee

  33. Tay Jones


  34. Tyler Carney

    Most underrated rapper of all time

  35. Don Soulo

    top 5 lyricist(imo):
    Royce da 5'9
    king los
    cyhi da prynce
    elzhi/Lupe fiasco( can't ever keep Lupe out)
    honorable mentions: kdot, ab soul, Wayne, em, reign man

  36. J Smooth

    Drop another album for us, Cy Hi!... Your album is pretty much the only album I listen to!... 🔥

  37. Seth Keleher

    This album has been one of my favorites of the past year. I listen to this song daily. Cyhi knows man. 👊🙏

  38. Elton Barnaby

    This is absolutely fantastic!!!!

  39. Jeremy Miller

    My favorite intro, deeeeezamn

  40. Jeremy Miller

    My favorite rapper, damn.

  41. Jeremy Miller

    My favorite rapper, damn.

  42. GeeUniteUs

    Pure Dopeness

  43. Tony Brown

    So glad i discovered him today

  44. Omal deveaux

    Album is a classic 🔥🔥🔥

  45. Xcel804 Williams

    wtf why I'm I just finding out about him this shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 real rap with a grit n sauce not none of all tht singing migo shit not saying they bad but I don't know how they get more radio play then he does

  46. necio hunt

    All i can say is wowwwww!

  47. Corynthius

    That ending with the commandments was so much damn fire its unreal

  48. noswineplease 777

    Real males should help w the bills if u livin at a females spot

  49. Ray Symon3

    Here from Krit Heavy Is The 👑 Tour!!! Z6ne Shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. Tyler Carney

    Best intro ever??

  51. Ephraim Smith

    This album going be a classic and ppl don't even kno who he is or listen. Lost folks. His word play will make u pause and rewind the track a few times.

  52. Lamar Walker

    Turbulence is the price you pay for flying high. Keep flying.


    Best album ever

  54. Charles Nnochiri

    That is how to start an album.

  55. Dewayne Thigpen

    GOOD MUSIC !!!!

  56. bobby cole

    this whole song is flames, but the third verse..ohhh mannn

  57. mac rolen

    This song deserves a grammy

  58. Hans-L Official

    Damn man , this album is so fire

  59. Travis brady

    This song should have more views

  60. Michael Joyner


  61. Ryan Schindler

    This guys good, real good. ASAP Rock (not ASAP Rocky)is the only other guy that flows like this with the lyrical mastery.

  62. Abraham Menéndez


  63. Shannon Bazluke

    All about the cream o wheat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. job rar

    came here thru joe budden

  65. Philly 215

    This albums crazy, but got forgotten in a month at tops? Smh

  66. Empathy Official

    CYHI if your reading this. Please start working on your next project immediately. This is pure beauty, pure art, pure Hip-Hop. LIKE THIS SO HE READS IT

  67. Fuddyduddie1

    Save this as a timeline because you know the fake fans will be here soon. Hit like if you know his last mixtape/album was also a classic.

  68. Lil Rebel

    Cyhi official...tell em I said dat!!!

  69. scwrath

    He dropped a classic on my bday💪

  70. Danny G

    best song tbh

  71. Sean G

    If you don't feel Cyhi bars then you need to turn in your hip hop card. Bro is the 👊 line king

  72. Sean G

    Bought the album twice, once one Google play and once on amazon. Might buy it on iTunes too. Cyhi has given his fans a ton free music over the years. I didn't even have to think twice cuz I knew this would be fire. #NoDopeOnSunday.

  73. Devonte Walton


  74. OHYEAA

    "rather sell a bird then be a blurgerer"

  75. Gurdharm

    Charlamgne and Joe Budden Directed me here, There is Hope!! "My Life is Leonardo in the Revenant!!!"

  76. Blank Face


  77. MCBustinNutin

    Fuck yes one of my favorites on the new album for sure, been a big fan Of Cyhi for years, this song is epic. " My life is Leonardo in the Revenant, Listening to lead play and I ain't talkin zeppelin " If anyone has time and feels like listening to 100% Original production of music and lyrics from scratch please Google "Bustin Nutin Dick Dragon" My Album is available for purchase now.  Been writing for 16 years.

  78. TRIGGA Hippiesaboriginal

    "who you think build the pyramids. "🌋💰⭐

  79. TRIGGA Hippiesaboriginal

    grow with it,then confirm, Classic.

  80. Richie Yarber

    Brilliantly blended street lore and spiritualism from the perspective of a real street dude. Lyricist, deliverer, storyteller, etc...this cat certainly brings back that special feeling hip hop doesn't seem to have anymore. Chills on my arms during this shit playing....whoa!


    Richie Yarber bruh same, shit made me emotional lmao.

  81. Rock Arauzo


  82. Kiume Afrika

    This is the intro... fire! Will definitely listen to the whole joint! And I just peeped this brother maybe three weeks ago... my lost to listen to REAL hip-hop before now. Damn! Goosebumps! Will definitely purchase the cd!

    Much respect from the StL!

    Marc Regal

    Kiume Afrika oh you need to get the mixtape Black Hystori 1, then 2.

  83. JV734

    This whole album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏good music literally

  84. Reality Check

    This sounds different from the album version

    Similac Aristide

    Reality Check I prefer the album version

  85. Luis Gonzalez

    THANK YOU!!! Finally some real HIP HOP!!!

  86. mac rolen

    Cyhi is the last of a dying breed...

    Iam God

    He birthed a new breed...J I D / EARTHGANG

  87. Colossal Dreams

    Best album out right now!🔥

  88. Dancing Diablo

    This is the intro??? OH MY GAHD...

  89. NG Monte

    Them double entendres🔥🔥🔥

  90. Keith Beacham

    This shit brought tears to my eyes.


    Keith Beacham bruh same.

  91. Keith Beacham

    Oh my fucking god. Dope!

  92. Asiatic7

    Eastside of the A got something to say!!

  93. Montae Smith

    Blessings never believe in luck read the signs at the lake it told u dont feed duck so keep it up

  94. Jmars1984 wall

    Cyhi, j cole, k-dot and lucas joyner just to name a few hip hop is back

    Cory Cavins

    Jmars1984 wall Royce 5'9.... Hip hop never left.

  95. Jordan Fryar

    My life is Leonardo in the revenant
    Listening to lead playin and I ain’t talking zeppelin , Boston George before the Blow, I’m out here Johnny Depp’n🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 good gaaaaawd

  96. Eric Culley

    "So when my shooter spray this mac lives shatter" phhhewwwwww