Cutting Crew - Life In A Dangerous Time Lyrics

Put it down to the fighting
Put it down to the fools who play in the game
I'm picking up second sight
I'm picking up tired ways

But you better believe it
Oh you better believe before it's too late
I'm feeling like letting go
Of living in a dangerous time

It must've been lonely, it must've been cold
It must've been something
Life in a dangerous time
Is there life in a dangerous time?

Coming out of the shadows
Coming out of the darkness into the light
It's bright enough to show the way
Enough to face another day

It's a curious feeling
It's a feeling of reaching up to the sky
I'll never think of letting go
Of living in a dangerous time

It must've been lonely...

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Cutting Crew Life In A Dangerous Time Comments
  1. Elisangela Ferreira

    Quantas lembranças boas de tempos que não voltam mais infelizmente 🌹

  2. Dep Dicius

    And they thought that times were dangerous

  3. Jesse Smith-Garcia

    Truly a badass song.

  4. Jonger81

    “Dickface won”

  5. Elisabeth Sauer

    Last album I bought 3 or 4 years ago...

  6. Sul Muhammad

    When music gave your soul good memories. Cant get nostalgic today listening to the garbage they play now

  7. goldendredger

    White water summer. Allot of it was filmed in the feather river canyon on Hwy 70 in N. California. About 10 minutes from my home! VW bus scenes and railroad bridges, campground all right here. Pretty cool to see. We blast our motorcycles up 70 regularly!

  8. Derek Knowles

    No I mean that right way

  9. Pablo Pamplona

    Sensacional este solo do kevin macmichael aos 3:30

  10. Andrew Toone

    "Hey! What are you doing? I caught those!"
    "No, you didn't! Not the right way, you didn't!"
    "Oh, you mean, YOUR way?!"
    "No! I mean, the RIGHT way. You're a smart kid, Alan. But you let me down this time. You let yourself down."


    Best dang movie ever. It's tied with 'The Legend of Billie Jean' for my favorite.

  11. Andrew Toone

    "Now clean the rest of the fish. We'll finish loading up the canoe."
    "No! No way!"
    "You'll do it. And you're gonna stay here until it's finished."

  12. Mark Hawthorne

    80s Rock great son!!!2019

  13. The Noise Channel

    Only 78,000 views? Vic's gonna be really pissed, ya know that right?!

  14. Jeff Keith

    Vick the dick.

  15. Misti Ezell

    Vick sure was a d%ck!!!

  16. Rancorous

    The solo really grasps the emotional feel of the song. Especially at 3:59 it really has the vibe of internal struggle. Very fitting for the part of the movie it was in.


    Música fenomenal. E ainda deram deslikes...

  18. Edwin Bitsoe UNFORGETTABLE YEAR........!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Africa Claiborne

    White winter summer brought me here ❤ saw it when i was about 7 or 8 then grew up im 19 years old and love it just as much probably more cause I understand the song Life at a dangerous time ❤

  20. MsNotzi

    Ahhh...takes me back to the time when me, my sister and my cousins would watch "White Water Summer" every summer in Syracuse...and they'd all compare me to Alan because I was afraid of everything. 😂😂 Thanks for uploading.


    Great area, upstate NY i mean. The best camping and hiking trips ever, just an amazing place to be a kid in those days!


    The only real camping we did up there was go to a summer day camp sometime circa '88 when I was 7 yrs. old, and a few summers later we decided to "go camping" by sleeping in a tent in the backyard. Still, I get your meaning. I loved going up there every summer.

  21. Edwin Bitsoe

    [email protected] the rate this WORLD is facing,this TUNE tells it ALL......!!!!!!!!


    You better believe it brother!

  22. Jesse Smith-Garcia

    Remember seeing this movie as a kid, and the one thing I remember is this badass song...timeless!

  23. Felipe Loureiro dos Santos


  24. Randy W.

    "Uh oh, trouble"

    Popeye Doyle

    Randy W. "I rest my case."

  25. alexandre campos

    no doubt, one of the very best beautiful song that a heard ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Mike p

    this song is fucking awsome

  27. kaitlyn X

    This song will always have a special place in my heart. I was lucky enough to be a teen in the 80s - such a fun time to grow up. I think this song would be amazing in a dubstep remix!!!!

  28. Dragonheart318

    My friends call me "Dickface!"

  29. Kaden Spence

    " no, I don't think it's neat!"

    Popeye Doyle

    Kaden Spence "Hey what are you doing i caught those!!!!"


    @Popeye Doyle "No you didn't. Not the right way."

  30. The Man With no name

    "No one ever great slept in dirt, did you ever see a picture of davinci pitching a tent? No."


    And there is Gadafi - the world's greatest camper!

  31. iverar

    Allen isn't going to clean the fish!

  32. Mike D

    Forget him Mitch! (Kevin Bacon-White Water Summer)


    Ha! That movie fucking rocks! Long live the 80s!

  33. The Man With no name

    "Will just wait for Allen's signal."


    Allen toughs it out on the island and there is no signal!

    The Man With no name

    iverar maybe in the morning you can go find him with Mitch


    We will go and pick him up in the canoe. And when we get back Vic will disappear :)

  34. Alexander The Great

    My favorite track from Cutting Crew. It was heard in the 1987 film 'White Water Summer' starring Kevin Bacon, as well.

  35. Hvac103

    Vick is a dick

  36. Tracy Lee Staton

    White Water Summer! Great film & soundtrack!

  37. Doug Masters

    Good song. Reminds me of Tears for Fears.

  38. Hariss Mavroleon

    Type O Negative could easily cover this song!

  39. TheOsk1e

    I was here 6-23-16!

    Jesser Gates

    I was there 1986 14 years old

  40. Bobby Bello

    What I loved about the Music from the 80s such uplifting stuff when u heard some Songs made u feel like u can do anything

    Ariel Goldfarb

    Yes they are optimistic somehow

  41. topcityres

    Up there is addagawa, they flung him into the stars, he's an enemy of the land, I think we'll take Åland knife.


    +Hail Satan dammit satan! Don't play dumb. I think we'll take Alan's knife. '

    Randy W.

    Vick!!!!....... VICK!!!!!!

    The Man With no name

    Randy W. i dont get it we've looked everywhere.

    Brian Perroni

    topcityres lol

  42. Heidi Guitreau

    THAT movie was 80's gold!!

  43. duncan bravo

    White water summer Bitches!

  44. Tsujanryo

    One of those semi-obscure, almost hidden songs that comes into full view as nothing more than relentlessly badass when we find it again. Or maybe it's just me. I hate that I keep forgetting about it. Gawd this song hits.

    The Frisson is strong with this one!

  45. Angiepremo

    Watching White Water Summer as we speak! Love the 80's!

    Dr. Jigsaw

    +Angiepremo I came here for the very same reason..starz sent me here!

    Roman Ordunez

    great movie, to bad they don't have the soundtrack


    Do you know if the OS was ever released? I was a kid during this time. Can't really find it anywhere.


    @Roman Ordunez I just seen your reply my bad..I guess they never did released the soundtrack. :P

  46. Sa_gamer3411

    white water soundtracks ever!!! Never clean the fish Alan....Never!!!

  47. jakethemuss3

    "Clean the fish Alan."

    Tracy Lee Staton

    Exactly! Love this movie! Great soundtrack too!

    Alice Mitchell

    hell yea!! he will stay on that island until he does!

    Nado Anacleto

    White Water Summer

  48. Sergio C. Chipana

    lo maximo esta cancion, me gusta muchisimo



  50. Jeff Long

    One of the coolest basslines ever!


    I love the bass note that is played right after the chorus when the singer shouts "HUH!"

  51. antonio hector

    buenos  dias musica espesil para un programador especial ..

  52. Gleison Fernando Martins

    Maravilhoso, faz parte da trilha sonora do filme Águas Perigosas! Voltei a década de 80

  53. ronthatus

    The 80s!!!


    The best! :)

  54. An drei

    Guess we'll just wait for Alan's signal

    Kyle Moon

    An drei I laughed so hard man that's awesome you remembered that

  55. Carey Silva

    White water summer

  56. Leslie Cantor

    I love and miss the 80's! Great song! White Water Summer was a well made movie!


    gostei até de mais faz tempo que eu procurava achei em 2009