Curren$y - The 560 SL Lyrics

[Chorus - Curren$y:]
560 SL, big paper on the low like a coke sale
Heard they're tryna stop it but oh well
Big paper on the low like a coke sale
560 SL, heard they're tryna stop it but oh well

Skyline, condo high rise
Roof top pool, let them birds swang dive
Disrespect the apple of your eye
Thinking she was a prize
She a pie and everybody gets a slice
Cut, slumped in the 240 SX
And they ain't even know it was us
Surprised by the time they realize you was getting with the deal
Fuckin' with the motherfukers, homie this is real
Michael [?], camera pan, glimpse into the life that I live
It's just rap but it's looking like that king pin shit, so they set traps
Tell 'em throw that salt back on the spice rack
Bosses take and give careers back
Orphans looking for their real dads
Oh how many rap sons I have
Laughing as I hit the gas, then I lit the gas

[Chorus - Curren$y]

560 SL, $70, pump one at the shell
Who else could it possible be?
Done so well you know it had to be me
Capital G, tee tops on the grand national
At the business conference via satellite
Couldn't make it in cause I had a wild night
Fill me in on what I'm missing, get them checks right
The streets gon' love with what I do with mine on site
Super sport, pumped on the black tops in the cut
Ballin' out, holding that smoke in
As the world go round, prices go up
As the tips go down, they duplicate, we innovate sounds
That's why I never play my new shit round them clowns
King shit, Rolex crowns, we chopping paper in here
Don't know what you talking bout right now
We sittin' in this

[Chorus - Curren$y]

[Wiz Khalifa:]
I'm finished answering question on personal shit
I'm tired of niggas running up on me asking for verses and shit
Been too many places where they act like we ain't supposed to be there
They don't respect us, still we start cursing and shit
I might need a hearse for my 5th
My verses so tight that I have to write them cursive and spit
I might need a nurse I'm that sick
I might need a girl who don't care about purses and shit
I might be the best of my time, my team record perfect
Can't achieve less you workin'
I done came a long way, came a long way
These boys ain't never seen it, I heard it
That's why they show me love and respect when they see me in person
Show you how to be a boss insteaf of being a burden
Spread love, that's the player way
Got your main bitch in my Mercedes rolling up
Thought I told you I'ma shine fool
Pocket full of money, keep them pistols in the [?]
Get my

[Chorus x2 - Curren$y]

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Curren$y The 560 SL Comments
  1. RedSnow

    there is this one song by him that i used to listen to when i was younger im in my 20s now nd i cant find the song idk the lyrics to the son either all ik is that shit went hard af

  2. Justin Johnson

    Clam your here before a million card with a like 🔥

  3. Niko Williams

    They don’t respect us till we start cursing and shi 🤬
    Song is so underrated.

  4. Niko Williams

    They don’t respect us till we start cursing and shi 🤬
    Song is so underrated.

  5. whizzbangbang

    Spitta Andretti!

  6. Shut Up Lets Talk

    so annoyed this isn't available on Spotify

  7. New Dope


  8. Jets Set 5.0

    It's just a blessing to hear stuff like this that nobody knows about or will ever know how Good the underground is. they're sleep mane

  9. Chauncey Gray

    Jet life for life this song is lit always c money love it. 😎🤗

  10. Keisha Raye

    I love this dude 💯🙋🏾‍♀️

  11. Keyszer Soze

    Big Paper on the low like a coke sale ⚖️

  12. Evan R

    2019 and I'm still with it. Timeless fly music. It's Jet Life to the next life. 💨🔥💦✈

  13. Cleveland Cleaves

    Curren$y da 🐐

  14. gettin paper

    Real ones come back to this 💪

  15. James B

    play at 1.25x speed if you know whats good for ya

  16. shmeeg B

    Taught me how to be a boss instead of being a burden

  17. Daron Boyd

    Dope track

  18. naruto Sixpaths

    He’s my homie

  19. Khalil Gayles

    It's goin' down in New Orleans tonight...#2009Tour

  20. Nisha Kumar

    2019 still burnin wit PT3

  21. Abstruse Visions

    Wiz and curren$y the best mix next to weed and water

  22. Wayne Maloney

    Those who disliked this must have fat thumbs

  23. Trock N

    Curren$y be flowing but underrated tho

    Miyagi FatGhost

    Nah he where he wanna be UNDERGROUND LEGEND bro in full control if all his music and actions!!! The Real Deal!!!

  24. TaylorGangFool

    2019 still jammin. Wassup Taylor gang?!?!?!?! Gang gangggggg.

    John Dough

    2020 here my boi

  25. Jets Set 5.0

    If wiz ever dies This the song ima come back to to pay my respects 🛫🛫🛫👌 this is his hardest verse in my opinion.

  26. Ryan Smeader

    Wiz Khalifa’s last good verse

  27. King David

    This beat so damn fire.

  28. S J

    Laughin as I hit the gas, then I hiT the GAS

    Miyagi FatGhost

    Beautifully written....Curren$y tha 🐐

  29. will armour

    Bosses take and give careers back. Honestly true...

    Miyagi FatGhost

    But the line after:
    Orphans looking for their real dads 🤔🙊🤯💀
    Oh how many Rap Sons I have(Sooo True)

  30. Carlos Tellez

    Wiz dont let curren$y show him up. That verse was 🔥

  31. Jetik slikk

    Best bangers are spitta && wiz
    Like throw back oldies

  32. X Foundation

    smoke to this beat---green that is

  33. Kool zoe Jit

    Still one of my fave tracks to go back to!

  34. Justin venuto

    This that low eye rider shit

  35. The Avalanche Channel

    One of the dopest tracks on this album

  36. Sharieff Massey

    Fuckin masterpiece by far the best verse I ever heard Wiz spit

  37. Nowhere S

    Did a remix of this chek it out on my channel !

  38. Marquis Williams

    Can’t go wrong with curre$y

  39. Joseluis Serrato

    Spitta mad love

  40. Zerrick Sinclair

    Is it me or do spitta an wiz take shots at each other n this joint🤔 only the true fans would understand..think abt it,
    Spitta: disrespect the apple of your eye, thinking she was a prize (amber rose)she a pie everybody get a slice.
    Wiz: I'm sick of answering questions abt personal shit(amber), teach my son how to b a boss instead of a burden" referring too curren$y not being invited too the awards🤔🤔just something to think about.


    Hell nawl ..they brothers, ain nun of that going on my g. Life✈


    $pitta Been Talkin That Pimp Shit If The Shoe Fits Wear It Type Style

    Miyagi FatGhost

    Yeah u reaching but at least we know you LISTENING

  41. Ducan FlexTV


  42. david townsend

    Wiz lapped him

  43. Top Ten

    The best duo in hip hop.

  44. George Banks

    Wiz be spitttin fire when him and currensy link

  45. Sambo

    Wiz and spitta best duo!!

  46. Darth Sixith

    2018 and still slappin this...Jetlife 🌬🛫✈️🛩🛬

  47. Alex

    Thought I told you ima shine fool

  48. Josh Batiste


  49. Aaron Jones

    100% Cuz.

  50. brettmongoloid

    presidential shit

  51. Joseph Onuonga

    Joseph Onuonga

  52. Sergio De La Cruz

    Dopest track ive heard !

  53. GamerGee

    whats the sampled used?


    GamerGee Kingsway Music Library - Brown Moses 🔥


    +ar04azr thanks a lot

  54. Tisha Steen

    cmg dpgc roc mafia music def jam records

  55. Trippy Forever

    Who's getting high rn? 🔥

  56. David Obed

    That moment when you realize, you had the same idea in 2012 and could have made this song too.

  57. David Obed

    I love the 560SL. I had the idea before this song came out.

  58. 420 Monster

    As soon as Wiz is about to start, that's when i change the track. Fuck a Wiz and his khalifa!

  59. Tre

    Pilot Talk 3 ran 2015 for me. What a great ass album

  60. Jay x TRAVAGANZA

    I gotta problem with this beat...too fire!

  61. Diego A

    Nothing like classics from true stoners

  62. El John

    what is this song sampled from it's beautiful

  63. Will10

    bars for life

  64. Brionte M

    "throw that salt back on the spice rack" lol.. #thereal

  65. YO Dawg

    yo that pie verse was fucking dope

  66. GETn2UNED

    Swear I risk getting a speeding ticket when I play this. 🚘💨🚔🌁🌃🚗🚓

    Artt The Blower

    GETn2UNED can you give me sum cool $pitta tunes that i can play in the car with a female in there ?


    How High ft lloyd
    She don't wanna man
    These bitches
    Power Button
    the list goes on haha

  67. Alex Mojarro

    smoke some ya bbiisscchh 😯🚬🔥🌲

  68. Mikey Junior Ballesteros


  69. Core Creations

    Spread love, that's that player way... Wiz.. and Spitta was on some shit with this one. #HowFly3 #PilotTalkIII

  70. Dr. Rochelle Massingill

    rrrwarwrdwwwdwdd. m

  71. Jimmy Boner

    Show you how to be a boss instead of bien a burden 📝

  72. Charles Jones

    "Tell em to throw that salt back on the spice rack!!!"

  73. Merc500


  74. Jay Lazarus

    This Pimp music brings tears to my eyes. Its just too raw.

    Mod Smalls

    Jay Lazarus Had 2 like this twice gz

  75. Ron Bryant

    smoke music

  76. 813RiC

    Wiz went in on this

  77. 813RiC

    i fucks with it

  78. Rad Cowley

    fucking magic


    Slumped in a 240sx and they didnt even know it was us

    Chris Daoust

    If you ain't got a 240sx missing out in life.

  80. cfnovak1

    Jet life to the next life.

    Jets Set 5.0

    cfnovak1 jets

  81. Joe Powers (Liquid Fox)

    "T Tops on the grand national at the business conference via satellite, couldnt make it in because I had a wild night" swear Spitta be sayin the most next level shit

  82. boy1durrrr

    Most slept on rapper...jets fool

  83. Matt Vliet

    This is the shit. C$-Wiz Gonna mow you down, berdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr

  84. Demetrice Williams

    The first :50 seconds of this song is unbelievable my gosh.

    shawn pimpin

    Shit was perfect

    Demetrice Williams

    Imagine listening to that for a hour straight, absolutely relaxing and chill

    lenzo Jr

    I feel you on that

    Kendrick Newman-Murrell

    Plus everything between ths last :50 seconds.

  85. Brandon Chambers

    F the 43 who didn't like this song.

  86. Coleman McFarland

    This track is completely outta control.

  87. Mind Rippa

    smokin to this😏😏😏🌲🌲🌲🌲

  88. Meangirl_ Ñ3LLÄ

    fuck man when wiz and currensy come together u know it going tobe so fucking hard

  89. thando cezula

    "Disrespect the apple of your eye
    Thinking she was a prize
    She a pie and everybody gets a slice"


    +thando cezula Cut, slumped in that 240 SX. And they ain't even know it was us.


    Line fucked me up

    Miyagi FatGhost

    Line was Sooo smooth then you think about it like 🙊🤯😭✈️Life4LIFEEEE!!!!

    Ali WayTV

    Straight don shit 💯

  90. Marcus

    illest dude in the game ... curren$y the hot spitta!!!

  91. Dorian

    cover art fire as fuuuck

  92. Justin Girard

    40 people just don't belong here on Earth

  93. Hrich420

    "Heard they tryna stop us but sooo." spitta you the dopest.

  94. Lucid Soundz