Curren$y - Sidewalk Show Lyrics

One time for the lifers, two times for the lighters
One is nothing if the other not present in the cypher
Letter never be divided, OG game provided
By the star of the show, not a side kick
My side chick got a side chick
That boo came to clip and slide on my ishh
If I can find time
Diamonds in my Rolex got me temporarily blind
Forgive me for that braggadoious line
I'm not so flashy with mine
But every now and again you gotta remind niggas that I'm really on the grind
Some rappers just say it cause it rhymes
I say it, I plant it and then it's mine
Roll up on me and see with your own eyes
That SLS keep em surprised

James Bond rendition
Don Perrion bottles is frigid
A couple models in here, Bridgette and Bridget
On wise and done lines, I spectated they got naked and played twister
I rolled another broken finger, this one was moist ended
Smoke this for my nigga who no longer with us
Your spirit jump out them T-shirts and pictures
You live on my nigga
It's like them coward ass suckas never killed ya
I'm taking dabs of the OG wax
My girl at the spa getitng a Brazillian
When she get home I'm going swimming in it

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Curren$y Sidewalk Show Comments
  1. Doc

    This one of my fav videos


    Fresh as fuck

  2. lilmanjp

    This video somehow escaped my viewing 3 YEARS AGO.

  3. February Donn15


  4. Jay Hustle

    How does this only have 300k views... ?? ? smh

  5. Zenotagz

  6. vince arellano

    fuck mainstream n underground, he made his own realm.

  7. Fresh Produce

    Shoulda named this one Brunch!

  8. Aaron Williams

    Beat hard as fuk!!!

  9. AtlantaKing

    Real nigga music .

  10. Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    Nas, AZ, Styles P, Prodigy (R.I.P), Havoc, Big Noyd, Busta, Q-Tip, Phife (R.I.P), Black Thought, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharaoh Monch, Bahamadia, Common, Snoop, Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Big Boi, Andre 3000, Rae & Ghost, Meth, Cappadonna, ODB, U-God, Masta Killa, Inspektah Deck, GZA, RZA, Kane, Cube, Dre, MC Eiht, Kam, B-Real, Scarface, Bun B, Pimp C (R.I.P), LL, Jeru Da Damaja, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Latifah, Monie Love, Nikki D, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Special Ed, Chuck D, Masta Ace, Salt-N-Pepa, Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith, Redman, CL Smooth, E-40, Tajai, Opio, Phesto, A-Plus, Casual, Grand Puba, Sadat X, Lord Jamar, Guru, MC Serch, Everlast, Lil Fame, Buckshot, Steele, Tek, Ruck & Rock, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, O.C.,Kendrick Lamar, Jean Grae, Termanology, Ab-Soul, CURREN$Y, Elzhi, BIG K.R.I.T., Skyzoo, Torae, Rustee Jux, Action Bronson, Consequence, Roc Marciano, Planet Asia, Tri-State, Hus Kingpin, Smoovth, Joey Bada$$, Illa J, Rashid Hadee, Neak, Thaione Davis, Dominique Larue, Rapper Big Pooh, Blu, Oddisee, Oh No, El Prez, Ray Bop, Uptown XO, Yu, NIKO IS, Your Old Droog, and Jay Rock.

  11. hello man

    Real Motivation

  12. Daniel Lan

    bape game strong af

  13. AtlantaKing

    I love this shit!!!! spitta !!!

  14. Stark Brick

    pause at 1:52

  15. Diamond Bhaddie

    From a fellow lifer #SpittaAndretti #JetLife

  16. Diamond Bhaddie

    Which James brown song was sampled I must know

  17. Sway Felix

    yo any one know where dat smokeshop at tho?

  18. Gaither Lourdez

    Lllllllllllloooooooooolllllllllllllll, I tapped this video by mistake, didn't see what I tapped on, saw the long socks and the all whites when the video started and I knew it was spitta. llooll omg!!

  19. Aaron Williams

    dope song but is that a bathing ape sweat suit he has on?


    hes been known to where that style here n there

  20. jmoore254

    This man never ceases to amaze me with dope ass music. This is why he will stay in my top 5. #JetLIfetotheNextLife

  21. Reggie Camofliyge

    wen they get they ID's and could come in im going swimmin in it.JETS

  22. Kazuking

    lemme cop the hoodie

  23. Clark Ragay

    People like Spitta make the world a better place.

  24. Tommy Wilson Jr

    1 time for the lifers
    2 times for the lighters

  25. Derrick Robinson

    real nigga radio

  26. Jeffery Barbee

    Damn I wish spitta was out back in high school when I was big chief'n 😩😩😳

  27. Sidney Johnson

    Seeing this shit on a 4k tv is amazing. Go head spitta

  28. Chris Arce

    Sample anybody?!


    +Chris Arce Shuggie otis - Things We Like to Do

  29. MVR B. Free

    This is basically breakfast pt. 2 lol. Still love it tho. ✈✈✈

  30. City Pea

    Much love to the N.O. from the Mississippi coast Spitta going harder than ever!




    BRAZIL !!!

  32. artral simon

    ski beatzzzzzzz!

  33. ahmonmcclennon

    coolest rapper out

  34. QualityKush


  35. MrMonroe77

    Man this is legendary.Classic real hip hop...Camera work is nice..Hands down he got the underground on lock..

  36. Lenier Davis

    inspiring! plz give me a chance everyone out there reading this, i have real talent listen to my music i promise no disappointments, i hate to beg for listens and be that guy thirsty for attention but my music must be heard i work to hard on my craft to those of the people who will actually listen thanks and appreciated

  37. ProcessReese

    Real lyrics here people don't rap like this

  38. Marshall Bolden Jr.


  39. flystar27


  40. TIM Plattenburg

    Love this track

  41. The Lean Ranger!

    And then 560 SL comes on✈✈✈✈

  42. Minute27

    no comments on the crane kick ? 
    these jets are new

    Joshua Arango

    Minute27 “Daniel - Son, Crane Kick Whaaa!” Been here with you dog. Just seen the comment now!

  43. alberts1985

    Some strong lit

  44. Mister Smith

    yoooo you dope can we get the all I know vid from you an spitta. thx

  45. Jazz Roberson

    Star of the show not a sidekick

  46. Rextontwofreshish

    Q: What's the rap game, without $pitta and the J.E.T.S.?

    A: An abundance of unfathomable wackness. Like dumping a bag of pre- rolls in some McDs tea.

  47. CaliKidE

    What's the sample?

    Jarrett Allen

    Shuggie Otis- Things We Like To Do

  48. Tony Turner

    That's love

  49. Kalar Davis

    Don't stop rappin' spitta

  50. Quinton Davis

    $pitta definitely a breathe of fresh air to hip hop never switched up never sold out continuously droppin audio dope for the fans $pitta a livin legend...

  51. Lions 88

    theres rap music... then you got Curren$y

  52. Steve Solo

    R.i.p Lil' Snupe...

  53. James Kim

    piff music......

    beat is so souful, duuudee

  54. Daro Lil Pharaoh


  55. Jake Kavaler

    What's the sampleeeeeee I need it

    Jarrett Allen

    Shuggie Otis- Things We Like to Do

  56. Sour Lemo

    Young Spitta a killer

  57. lilbrothinking

    this niga is talking about lil snupe

  58. lilbrothinking

    wtf did anybody know the reason for this video this shit is deep


    Real Gz

  60. Jazz Roberson

    This the underground sound and nothing is above it .

  61. TurkJets504

    Hold it down big bro.... See you tonight nigga

  62. Ray Orchestra

    This nigga Spitta just be smoking & living life, how can you hate on that?

  63. Cj Guess

    clean as fuck bruh...R.I.P. Lil Snupe...Jetlife!!!!


    Pilot talk on repeat smoking big at the krib on 420....#spitta 

  65. Oliver Garcia

    Sounds like some old Kanye shit 💪🏾

  66. Savoy Beats

    Such a dope video thanks for all the good music bro looking forward to your 4/20 tape

  67. Jeff Rayborn

    My nigga!!! Spitta most definitely on my top 5 list of artist that I like. Flow is so super smooth and man this nigga got good taste 4 beats. It's jet life 2 the next life 4eva bitches!!!!!

  68. Steve Solo

    You see who behind the lens, you already know what time it is. "One time for the Lifers"... #birdseyeview #JetLife #Classic


    if you like Currensy you might like my music, check it out...

    Eric Young

    Imma send u an email lets work


    i checked you out nit that bad bro

    iLLa-J Thompson

    Pretty niiiice

  70. HappyFace Li

    peep the SxS snapback #Le$ #SteakxShrimp

  71. growncal1

    Lil Wayne pushed his album back so he left, karma

  72. awcoman

    "some rappers just say it because it rhymes"

  73. not you

    ULTRA HD lol

  74. Joshua Goodwin


  75. john1120

    Signature pilot talk crane kick @1.17


    @john1120 takes us back to the old spitta days like breakfast, weekend at burnies etc His new shit str88 fire


    @BrandZzKushh the new album aight..but I miss the old pilot talk 1 & 2.

  76. Yah'ellaaamell El Sinsimbarriie

    Stay fly boi.

  77. ThatBoyDarren

    My favorite track off the album. The beat is so soulful.

  78. Helensuzie1


  79. Nate Knows

    My nigga spitta done it again!

  80. Jay Harris

    Rip snupe

  81. Vinco Andretti

    That sample is heaven spitta did his thing as usual

  82. Drink more water

    dat ULTRA HD

  83. SG90s

    He mentioned lil snupe in dis song, Thats love mayne!

  84. It aint Ralph tho.


    And they said the south don't produce LYRICIST?!

    PT1 PT2 PT3 All CLASSIC content.

  85. HDshawti

    Salute Spitta #JetLife  S/0 Fortyfps stepping up that quality. Much love and success.

  86. Lucas

    why there is no feat with Roddy on the album? so disapointed

  87. KiddCarruso

    This is the curren$y we all know an love lol glad PT3 was a banger

  88. Dav Dean Dav Dean

    Landed every note. Kill't it. Hold it down for Louisiana, r.i.p lil snupe

  89. tellemtrev

    Pilot talk 3 album of the year just breathe .. #life

  90. Alejandro Viveros


  91. Real Rapz

    Jet Livin'

  92. Rodney O,wilson

    Dam spitta where u get dat fit from yo?

  93. Justin Gee

    Long Live Snupe

  94. Crookiid McGee

    Jet Life! Jet Life!

  95. 123maDin321

    spitta the king