Curren$y - Search Party Lyrics

Sucka ass niggas keep stealing
The real ones keep building more shit
Clown shit that I'm not feeling
Too much, cut that bullshit, snuff they dealings
Mainstream got it all fucked up
You want the real dope then you gotta come to us
Underground niggas papered up
Fuck that award show
Get 'em tickets to my bitch like "yeah I'll go"
I gotta get these bars wrote, that raw coke
Musical key loads, boat loads, car loads
Hollywood celebrity types and hood stars know
You're existence is hanging in the balance bro
Residuals is critical, we need them stacks kid
Wake up to them bowls, no cereal
Plane materials is how I flow
If I write about it then believe it's what I know
That's why it comes so easy to me
You see literally I flow like a river current
While them other niggas fronting, finna say fuck it
Star write screen plays
Swear my life like a movie in so many ways
Aw man

I'ma kill a niggas spirit when I pull up in this
The kid cruising by without going into the event
Crew members in attendance so I'm represented well
I was in the studio with that triple beam scale
New beamers, swerve 'em in the rain, make 'em fishtail
Reckless, though I mean well
My intentions were good, but my niggas too hood
You was talking down on the set and it got back to 'em
Now my dog highly upset, I gotta watch what he doing
Cuz if he catch you slipping he might do something stupid
I worked to hard for this to see my niggas lose and being foolish
I was aware the snakes was there when I moved in
But that money make it easier for home improvements
Make sure that you trust your shooters
The closest ones to ya be the ones that'll do ya
I ain't have to tell ya

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Curren$y Search Party Comments
  1. jittsworldtatts

    SPITTA TOP 5 #consistent 💯🔥

  2. Gryphon Gold & co.

    Love how spitta let the beat play on for a while after, enjoyed that 🤙

  3. Dr. Chris

    Lyrics and beat go hand to hand.. This song has that wow factor always playback, appreciate life forreal with this one

  4. XCocoaCutieX

    This is why I love Curren$y, his music is so official. Still on rotation 4 years later...

    Dr. Chris

    So chill make u appreciate life in a way dope song

  5. Yunusa Nyako

    Skii beats

  6. God's Armor

    Does anybody know what he sampled on this?

  7. Jamel Ello

    That's Right let it ride 4 a min🤐

  8. Pretty Nikki

    My go to song.. No matter what..Driving slow

  9. Sergio Alvarado

    Dayum, This That Real Rap Music.!💯🤙👌🛩

  10. AtlantaKing

    Love this shit

  11. Chad Dezara

    The version of this song on the trilogy release sounds different from this one. Sounds off key

    Tyreek Smith

    Exactly! Shit here sounds terrible compared to the other one

  12. jamari thomas


  13. Joshua Keys

    So damn jazzy bruh

  14. Jalen S.

    I swear ive burned pounds to this joint right here and just sat there with high thoughts and reflected on my life.. rest in peace to my nigga nick... Gone but not forgotten.. We love you bro

  15. trenell woods

    all curren$y music is the shit

    Chad Dezara

    as his biggest fan, i'm here to say F A L S E

    Trenell Woods

    The Chad Show obviously you're not the biggest fan

    Chad Dezara

    Trenell Woods all his music isn't dope tho. some of his songs dont sound good to me. period. nobody's full body of work will always be good.

    AY The Official

    Tupac and Mac Dre... Nuff said. L.

  16. carl mahome

    I spent my college life studying to Pilot Talk 2, Currensy has the best, most laid back beats

  17. thetayster

    Such a feel good song, perfect to spark up to

  18. Zabu

    on dogs when I first heard this one I played it like 20 times so when you're in the car you definitely gotta push repeat

  19. Anil John

    La dada dada ehhssnjss

  20. Jagger Naught

    you already know this stay in rotation in the whip!! that Sunday afternoon cruising music just appreciatin' all things good in life

  21. Decio Manhica

    give them tickets to my bitches like yall go

  22. Rondre Horne

    make sure that you trust yo shooter, the closest ones to ya be the ones that'll do ya!!

  23. Grunge

    I salute ski for this one, this shit so relaxing

  24. Roland Nash

    My absolute Favorite track on Pilot talk III

    Pretty Nikki

    Roland Nash Mines to.. Riding to this ALWAYS

  25. Rico Melenciano

    He didn't ride this beat like I expected him too. I fuxk with Spitta but he attacked this beat to hard. This is some mellow shit. Off beat on this one. Maybe it's just me

    B Wheels

    Nah bruh you ain't the only 1...he should have been laid back on this one.

    Rico Melenciano

    @Brandon Wheeler Fam I thought the engineer fucked up on the mix.

    Luke A. Laconi

    Rico Melenciano very true. He could have had a more mellow verse, but can't have it all haha. Nonetheless, still a dope album two years later.

    Marcus Fayson

    The official version is off key...

  26. Ebs Rok

    this live must be great

  27. Joao Simao

    you aint have to tell me, been known the recipe !

  28. Chela Johnson

    My summer anthem

  29. Robert Myrick

    Impala shit

  30. Hot Dog

    Wish the album was produced by ski only

    The Lost Soul King

    The selection of the beats made me think he did but guess not


    Damright just wit ski on the boards.

    Charlie Brown

    @Shavuel Wale You're all sleeping on Joey Fatts. Good thing none of you are executive producers.

    Hot Dog

    @god is pretend the nigga weak as fuck. I want to hear Spitta+Madlib or Spitta+Alchemist again. Fuck these wack niggas

    William Moore

    @Shavuel Wale that curren$y and alchemist shit was extra dope

  31. cos0ne

    One of the greatest spitta beats ever created

    47most SOON

    Indeed Piccolo.

  32. artral simon

    Ski beats

  33. alpojr21

    This beat right here!!!! Feels like you in a condo on baloney early in the morning

    Tony Blowmo

    alpojr21 on a Sunday


    Yea I stay on that baloney

  34. Rondell Bennett

    Closes ones to you be the 1's who do you!!!