Curren$y - Pot Jar Lyrics

Parlayed the Caymans
Flew to vegas just in time for the weigh-in
Fight night, MGM, vaporizer blazing
Valet for the classics, trucks with armored glasses
Franchise players on a momentous occasion
Announce the fact we made it, tip a c-note to the waiters
Send a bottle to your table, it's a celebration
Rolling presidential, inauguration stones clearer than an HD station
And you hating
If you'd have had one that's nice I'd have told you congratulations
I stole home base while you was tying your laces
Your bitch gave out the dugout
Smoked out the clubhouse
Welcome to the majors

[Chorus - Curren$y:]
Niggas hoping I get knocked off
In the studio making them drop offs
Ducking them hip-hop cop cars
Sometimes I find answers in the bottom of my pot jar
Sometimes I find answers in the bottom of my pot jar

Certified dope on three coasts
Bread healthy, wheat toast
Tryna see the fam wealthy, the fam help me
Held me down when I needed it
Held me up when I couldn't reach it
Flashlight when I couldn't see shit
Saying my prayers, smoking my weed
Listening to Roy Ayers
With more pull in my city than the mayor
Smart not scared
Highed up but aware and prepared
If them fools from over there ever came round here
But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it
(Audio drug lord with this music)


Don't nothing move but the decimal
Everyday above ground is a chest move
Don't let the little things stress you
If you can go without killing a nigga, you successful
Low key, like I'm riding with a whole key
But I'm just chasing these cookies with this OG
I don't do first halfs, I need the whole fee
You want Jada, Kiss, or you want the whole me? (which one)
And I don't be popping bubbles
If I ain't house shopping I'm at the dealer copping doubles
Ain't where I wanna be, but I'm not far
Answers at the bottom of my pot jar (light one)


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Curren$y Pot Jar Comments
  1. Phillip Kirk

    Jet life

  2. Iron Lion

    Sumtimes eye find answers at the bottom of my pot jar

  3. Curt Jones

    isnt the sample from one of the audio dopes

  4. Jimmy Cruz

    9th wonder sounds ?

  5. SuperCake 22

    "Ain't where I wanna be but I'm not far,
    Answers at the bottom of my pot jar"

  6. Henry Madden


  7. K Jonezy

    Preciate ya Spitta n Jada 🎵

  8. Ali WayTV

    U hating, ? If you had one as nice I’d told u congratulations 🤯🥶🔥🔥🤙🏾

  9. Eugene Fuquay

    Jet Life shit..Light One

  10. TyShaun Bland

    Am I here in 2019 solo?

  11. Rick F

    Haven't listened to this in too long!

  12. Ernesto Jerezaguilar

    Just. Enjoy. This. Shit jets nigga where haven't we've been yet

  13. Clinton Allen

    Love dis track

  14. Mr Franklin

    "don't let the little things stress u, if u can go without killing a nigga u sucessful."

    Thank you jadakiss.

  15. ANTBALL187

    yo bitch gave out the dugout smoke, out the clubhouse. Welcome to the Majors.

  16. The ForeignMusicVenue

    Fuckin classic the whole tape

  17. Raul Gonzalez

    Someone could tell me that says the last of the woman's voice ???

    Raul Gonzalez

    I do not know so much the English language

  18. Octavia Abner

    Jet life 2019

  19. I am yxu yxu see

    Yeah that's right, you ain't the only one looking for answers.

  20. steven pena

    One of my favorite laid back beats ever from one of the best that ever did it 💣💥🔥😤💯

  21. Elijah Wan


  22. Gunslinger205

    This sample is 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Jaykwann Tv

    Still loving this one, its so special

  24. Solomn Grundy

    My dude said" You want Jada,Kiss or the old the old me" dam smh

  25. Vincent Carrizales

    Fresno smokes and maintains to this. Roers. Brayden. Nicolas for life and forever....559k 420k

  26. Primro gaming Asmr

    Jadakiss killed it

  27. Cam morley420

    Dope track still and it's 2018😕

  28. Ginger Brown

    love it heat

  29. Alex Zapata

    Charles ans - No pienso llorar :v

  30. Henry El Capo


  31. 47most SOON

    This comment section is ancient, where my Jets at?

    Young SKAM

    47most SOON 🤙🏾

    zach powers

    47most SOON fly society just enjoy this shit

    Aaron Duncan

    right here got Friday off getting fried today smoking on my 5th joint now 🍁🔥💨😑

    Lee Brown

    Look up

  32. James Brown

    Tight track wit a tight beat. That boi Curren$y stay on his grizzy and that why i fucks wit him. Go figure he fucks with niggaz grinding just as hard like Kiss and Styles P...

  33. mellymsla


  34. Thomas mcclintock

    Can some one make an instrumental to this

  35. Thomas mcclintock

    Still bumping 2017

  36. K Smith

  37. Jonah ware

    and ppl say that today's music is trash smh

    Ginger Brown

    Jonah ware.. well most of it is trash today

    Jay Saenz

    Do you know how old this song is ?

  38. Sauk City Kid Yeah

    Jadakiss and raekwon should collaborate shit would be fire put pusha push on it and its over

  39. Angelicka Vargas

    no pienso llorar 😄

    Ed LAIR

    tu si saves morra

  40. Robert Cook

    this song smooth as fuck

    Ginger Brown

    Robert Cook ❤

  41. TH VIDAL

    name of sample ?

    Curt Jones

    Renee Geyer And I love him

  42. AtlantaKing

    jada chasing them cookies with that OG. lol

  43. Jose Lopez


  44. Smoovebul Scooby

    Don't let the little things stress you if u can go without killin a nigga u successful 💯💯

    Miguel Otero

    Smoovebul Scooby one of the realest lines ever

  45. Dustin Finley

    Kiss verse was too short for me.

  46. Abragram Stinkin

    Let's get it.
    meaning get that job, get that girl/guy whichever you like.

  47. JAMAL perez

    burn one #2017

  48. sean johnson

    Curren$y is the first rapper I wanna buy and support. I just want this dude to get the most money he possibly can.

    Jet Life to the next life

  49. Mikey Junior Ballesteros


  50. Mikey Junior Ballesteros

    . . 2WeNTY-7-TEEN STILL PLAYING ! ! ! ! ! . .

  51. Recovery Family

    "And ion be poppin bubbles, if I'm not house shoppin I'm at the dealer coppin doubles." Jada babyy

  52. Zakaria Hysoka

    how come i've been sleeping on this dope track !

  53. mario ochoa

    Jada snapped on this and spitta never disappoints

  54. thando cezula

    "Low key like Im riding with a whole key"

    BugsBunny 313

    house keys. lol

    Ginger Brown

    thando cezula 😂😅

  55. Themostamazinguy

    Here's to one year! Jet life forevah

  56. Steven Hernandez

    gaaawwhd that sample tho!!👍

  57. Matt Smith

    glad i saw a currenSy track with Jada ft'd or I might not of listened to his work. Heard him featured on stuff but his stuffs better than when he rhymes on another's track.

    Cyrus Radcliff

    +Rickards Red Matt Smith tripping

    Ginger Brown

    Yashpal Sirgool.. lol

    Ginger Brown

    Matt Smith.. bye matt smith

  58. Deniz Aksoy

    currensy amazing this song

  59. Inferno Setfire

    Niggas hoping I get knocked off
    In the studio making them drop offs
    Ducking them hip-hop cop cars
    Sometimes I find answers in the bottom of my pot jar
    Sometimes I find answers in the bottom of my pot jar

  60. Inferno Setfire

    Fight night, MGM, vaporizer blazin'
    Valet for the classics, trucks with armored glasses
    Franchise players on a momentous occasion
    Announce the fact we made it, tip a c-note to the waiters
    Send a bottle to your table, it's a celebration

  61. ABM Bam

    this dude drop nun but heat

  62. Rob Welch

    EH HAH!!!

  63. Martin King

    Jada shouldve had a longer verse or at least two. I still gotta give em both props

  64. Jstckz Star-lite

    This track is litt👌

    Ginger Brown

    Jstckz Star-lite ❤

  65. cougheebrotha21

    Renee Geyer sample , my mom used to jam that....salute Spittah

  66. Melca trace

    hey guys, can you tell me what sample is used ? thx

    W W

    Some Renee Geyer song

    Compton Crowsta

    Bobby Womack "And I Love Her".....

  67. Wakanda Savage 9000 AF

    Shiiid I cant lie I can hear Ghostface on this track to.

  68. tswagg504

    Jada said "everyday above ground is a chess move".....with that, I'm out lol....the hood Shakespeare.

    Mr. T Bean

    Line to live by

    Ginger Brown

    47most SOON 😇

    Jamin T. Jaddua


    Jamin T. Jaddua

    rj Napier HARD

    Jamin T. Jaddua

    Blacck Thom Most definitely


    Can you please check out my music i am broke

    Ginger Brown

    JAY GREEN hiii

  70. lilbrothinking

    the whole pilot talk is fire i dont understand why his fan base is not big it should be on the level of biggy or 2 pac in my opinion at least on the least wiz he better than wiz

    Action Packed

    +lilbrothinking He isn't big cause he is not out there in the media like these other immoral artists.

    Noel sanchez

    but him making shit loads of music with a smaller fan base is what makes him legendary.

    Vincente Mora

    lilbrothinking cuz alot of people dont fuck with real music nowadays

    Josiah Ethridge

    Only the real know this shit

    XxTREZYxX 870


  71. allante castle

    There needs to be a visual for this that would be fire

  72. Cenk Cafer

    sometimes i find answers in the bottom of my pot jar.......

  73. Brandon Khan

    I hit like before I even heard the track

  74. Karla Galv

    New Curren$y Mixtape 420 :)

  75. Audio Stock

    New Curren$y Mixtape
    Happy 420 :)

  76. PRIZE830

    Hats crazy you listen to this even though you talk shit but anyways you just given JETLIFE more views. If you dont like it stay off his shit JETLIFE BITCHES

  77. Rodney O,wilson

    My fav song on da album so far...

    Ginger Brown

    Rodney O,wilson ❤

    DJ TheBoss21

    Ginger Brown allllllllllllll I knowwwwwwwwww

  78. Walter Price

    Dont let the little things stress you, if you can go a day without killing a nigga then youre successful- kiss goes in

  79. wenerchod

    Whack as fuck

    Cenk Cafer

    @wenerchod dont be so narrow minded man

    Donald Gee

    No way its wack you lost your dam mind


    @wenerchod lol Jet Life to the Next Life.... bye hater

  80. CB Fall

    Cool song & great beat!

  81. Chris Demetrius

    "Everyday above ground is a chess move"


    +Chris J what does that mean?


    Means if you're not making moves your wasting time. For him he's saying everyday he makes moves, well thought out calculated moves, like chess. It's not checkers, you know like some people just play petty games.

    Problem Child AKA The Truth

    Michael Jordan (survival of the fittest)

  82. Robert Settles

    L la la

  83. TBig Da Don

    Spitta did it again, it got a wu tang feel to it. Much love bro

  84. Averagestoner

    Let's roll to this one!

  85. Sean Friedman


  86. Audible Hustle

    Riff Raff's verse on the project was SOOOO damn trash and I actually gave him an honest ear on this one. Not sure about Wiz's verse.. what yal think?

    Also, check out that "Selah by "Synik and Rod McCoy". Good smoke music, great story telling, all around throwback solid southern vibes.

    jon marquez

    Wiz's verse was whack as shit & in response to your spam i don't plan on listening cus it's also probably whack as shit

    Audible Hustle

    lmao, that's word bruh. but yeah, Wiz came a little lackluster on that track.

    Dom Susana

    @Rod McCoy i thought wiz came hard. i think curren$y's music makes any features step their flow up. people always critiquing rappers' flow. listen to spitta on smokie robinson to now - J.ust E.njoy T.his S.hit

    Audible Hustle

    been listening to spitta for a grip bro. and sure... PPL criticize everything, its natural. Lol - totally respect your opinion though bro. I'm a music fan. I think Wiz could of smashed a lil more proper though. As I'm a fan of both emcees.

    Dom Susana

    i feel u. all artists progress though. wiz flow way different on star power

  87. Samson Calahan

    this the one

  88. Robbie Regal

    My dawg spitta man this my fav on the tape. Mad emo trippy

    Check my channel for dope tunes n such too

  89. Smooth Le’ Wolfe

    I understand it just had to happen at some point, but it's kinda wack yall leaked the album on YouTube already...This shyt is like a good secret, let the big homie eat a lil bit man lol!! #Jet

    DJ Rakk

    @***** I seen Curren$y in about 3 different houses and a Drop top Ferrari hell be aight lmao.

    Osaren Price


    W W

    +Wolfgang TheHigherPilot it wasn't $100, that was for the pack which included the album and a bunch of shit that they sold on the website

    Wolfgang TheHigherPilot

    @weed allweek yea that's wat I'm sayin 100$


    +Anthony Wright He released the album for free on purpose. You only have to buy it if you want the extra stuff like the poster and whatnot.

  90. Abragramstinkin

    Fuggin right

  91. Task Loko

    God dam this song gets off 🔥🙌