Curren$y - Outro Lyrics

Yup, right back at it
Still smoking
It was good dippin' with y'all man, I can't lie
We all got high, we all laughed, we all cried
Don't tell nobody, if they weren't here, fuck em'
One time for the lifers
Also, let me let you know, 2009 is on the way fo' sho'
Smoke one for the whole Taylor Gang
Everything in motion fo' sho'
Month after month
And we still gon' bring through what you want
Audio kilo's in the trunk
Check it out, I was dippin' the other day in my 65
I was in my Eastside 65 on them gold 13's
But I was way on the West Bank
And I ran into my homeboy
I hadn't seen him in a minute
But we got volume's and volume's and classics when it comes to this rap shit
If you've been fucking with me, like you say you fuck with me
So when I say Street Wiz, you should know
That you in high class company
I could talk about it, or I could just let him get in here

[Street Wiz:]
One, two, two into the three
Street Wizzy still up in my fresh JET
High, rollin' to the Cali best you can breathe
See me steady surfing on the beach in [?]
All of my [?], say pardon my 23's
I been up butter running, I'm fresh and I'm hella clean
Put on that pedal shit, imagine that coke freeze
All 'bout the money grips, I'm sipping that purple lean
I could make money flip, you know I'm a trap king
Still in my two step, I'm still with this rap swing
City of Compton

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