Curren$y - One More For Max Lyrics

You know we was going to hold Max down at all times right?
Don't sleep

They still got Max locked though
I keep the Wave flame thorough the speakers in my drop
Cut my sweatpants into shorts
My fresh Polo socks gleaming bright white
Against my corduroy house shoes
Sitting in the crib watching the news
But my homeboy still calling me outside
Wonder when could I out grow this
But I'm an OG now, I got young ones I got to show them
So the vicious cycle is now in motion
Live for it, die for it, all we know is
Steady growing, raking dough in
Preparing, encase the vultures coming for it
But still going forward
Never looking back
You could get tripped up like that
When you running to them stacks
Phone calls from my loved ones locked up told me that

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