Curren$y - Life I Chose Lyrics

Botched hits, failed attempts
Though we never died, suckers better hide
Or regret they tried
Fumbled, 4th and one
On the goal line, I'm 'fin to take it back that 99
96 flow shift, Impala with the cherry wine
Bitches trying to sip, don't get to drunk to ride
Might call up on you bitch you know there is a time
We might need you for a mission
I weigh your living on line, cause they see us getting it
Wonder if its mafia tied, scheduled one lyrics keep 'em high
Surveillance at the marina, they ain't think I seen 'em but I spied
They tried to tail us home from the arena
Hoping that would lead 'em to a lead
We waving as we pass off, peace
Boss fool, people that you got to talk to before you run up on me
Doors you got to be walked through by OG's
Triple OG's, like 1000, listening to Ice T with a frozen Long Island
Trying to get right quick like right now-ish

This is the life I chose, yeah
And this the life I'm living
No matter how it goes, I gotta deal with the cards I'm given
That's why I don't fuck around, don't fuck around, don't fuck around
Cause you know I'll make it down, I'll make it down, I'll make it down

Paper straight but I keep it in the closet
Furs on the coat rack, rollies in the pockets
My girl mom wanted her to marry a doctor
Disappointed in her choice until I picked her up in from the airport in that Rolls Royce
What could you say, the cost to be the boss been paid
I lost some but in the end I won
When its all done they say I was the one
Don't apologize though, I ain't worried bout it
Knew I was ill-er than those niggas the whole time
You smell the difference in my gas when I roll by
I could probably teach a a class
So much work, I make it seem effortless
Everyday sweats I'm in still fresher then peppermints
These niggas better chill before I start rapping for real
Independent hustler, then I got a major deal
Released barges of raw at will and I will, nigga

[Chorus x2]

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Curren$y Life I Chose Comments

    Maybach Muzik 5

  2. Eric Malcarov

    🔥 Boss4Real

  3. say Izzy

    I like this song💯💯💯🎤🎶🎧

  4. Wizcompton_jdm


  5. ChrisTheGoat340

    A lot of people don't know that this is Attack on Titan Inspired but I caught on from Day 1 Respect to $pitta


    This & Alert that's the outro plz Curren$y gotta do something to the Inuyasha themes

  6. Mr. T Bean

    This is Spittas best album in my opinion.

    I can relate to this one.

  7. Big C

    My favorite track from Curren$y

  8. Famfromdachi

    Still nice 02/17/19

    uga honkey

    Weekend at burnies was too good man. still in the car to this day

  9. Roy Hickman

    2018 I still love this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Calvin Lockett

    Tonya T is bumping this in Leavenworth is everyday outstanding my favorite song the best song he has ever made that background beat is cold blooded he did that it makes you want to just hit the highway and ride with this playing on repeat over and over again I freaking love currency

  11. B Wheels

    That boy spazz on here!

  12. bill stewart

    Still bumping in 2018

  13. Christian Adamo

    His 2 verses in this are dope as fuckkk

  14. TheGreatLaker

    Who still bumpin this in 2017? 💥🔥💯

  15. Niko Williams

    should be the intro to a HBO series. maybe "The Wire 2017"

  16. Royal Rosei

  17. Derrick Wright

    What could you say the cost to be the Boss been paid Dame dat verse killed the whole song Jets Fool ✈✈✈✈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💰

  18. jasmine gonzalez

    junt got 12 dislikes. hahaha what

  19. Mikey Junior Ballesteros


  20. Mikey Junior Ballesteros


  21. SoulBrother

    Woah, i thought this song would be way more popular and have millions of views. This song is so amazing. It deserves a music video..

    Jay Townsend

    Much Respect my brotha, I'm not bios cus I was on it, but this vibe definitely deserved more attention.

    Ciapha Gray

    Jay Townsend u killed that shit bro! never get tired of that hook! I can relate so much

  22. Spirit of Yusuke 008

    The chorus in the background is from dune the movie. Nice sample there from an epic theme

  23. Spirit of Yusuke 008

    The chorus in the background is from dune the movie. Nice sample there from an epic theme

  24. Abdiel L.

    another Classic album from spitta. Pilot Talk at its finest. all 3 were eaqually 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Lucas Blake

    my shit

  26. XUNIT

    HAPPY NEW YEARS 2016.Still playing this song.

    2jzandy s

    Well still gonna be playing it in 10 years..

  27. VikingvTrojan02

    WHO IN THEE FLYING FUCK GAVE THIS 3 DISLIKES? If you ain't bout that JETlife stay on BUS life songs cuz this aint what you deserve lol


    lmao @ BUS life

  28. Gordy Finley

    Like how he fly this beat. JET £IFE!

  29. miya481

    Is it me or does this sound like a Fab song?

  30. Torian Richardson

    This song is amazing

  31. Raphael Carvalho de Moraes

    LoL .... DOPE

  32. yoshluv7

    Love it!!!!  The coldest one ever!!!!!

  33. Mondezie Boi

    Jet life! Word to Andretti!

  34. Ayt Een

    wheres the instrumental


    +Ayt Een For real

  35. jonte ausler

    J. Townsend did that!

  36. moveabrick barry

    This is s classic. J Townsend on the hook though 🔥👌🏿

    Jay Townsend

    Thanks my brotha! #respect

    Liam McRae

    @Jay Townsend killed that!

  37. Real Conspiracy Wow!

    +WHITE__NIGHTMC Your right listen to Curren$y Life I choose with J Towesend and he will let you know what he means to have illumanti after you.

    DeVon Ambitious

    That comment brought me here too check out my page

  38. Tyler Montalvo

    Too smooth spitta is so cold on the mic. #jetlife

  39. Curtis Branch


  40. Robbie Regal

    This is truly the reason spitta is able to drive around n.o still. Its like he never left

    Brian Torres

    @Robbie Regal facts

    Robbie Regal

    @Brian Torres truly check my music fam

  41. Rondell Bennett

    I love my nigga curren$y , the way his beats bee got that nice jazzy flow


    Hell yeah